A new dawn


I smiled broadly as I reminisced about my day with Dante. He really outdid himself in this one.

Today had been so fun filled, amazing and beautiful to say the least. Dante took me to so many beautiful sites in Rome and I enjoyed every bit of our tour.

I never kmew Dante had a vast knowledge of Roman history.

He had totally planned everything. He bought us tickets to Roman Colosseum and Roman Forum ahead of our visit. It got me stuperfied.

We landed in italy early this morning so how was he able to do all these in such a short time?

This man was a box of surprises.

The Colosseum was the largest amphitheatre in Rome with an audience capacity of fifty thousand. It was also very historical. Dante told me that this was where the famous gladiatorial combats, animal fights and Romans games were held followed by the bloody, gory and murderous deaths.

I cringed knowing people actually died here some hundreds of years ago and all for sport but it was a very beautiful site.

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Awesome chapter!! Loved his confession to her!! Can’t wait for more!
goodnovel comment avatar
Is this what Alina needed to hear from Dante to see that he has fallen for her

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