The Day I Lost

School is going by as fast I hoped. My gamma classes are advanced but that was never an issue for me as I am an A student. My dad will expect nothing less. Here I am sitting at a lunch table by myself since Jen is taking beta junior classes and I do not associate with anyone else other than her here. I am sitting here eating an apple when suddenly David and Marcus decide to sit at my table. I looked around, wondering why they chose this table. My brother must still be in his classes. David is looking at me with an annoyed look in his eye and Marcus is looking at me with his usual smile and beautiful blue eyes. David makes an annoying sound with his mouth and my eyes trail back to him. I looked him straight in the eye. He was letting off his alpha aura to try to intimidate me, but it was not working. I only assume it's because I don't have my wolf yet. Once he realized I would not lower my head, his eyes widened for a second with what looked like shock and he went back to being annoyed. 

" Move Bitch, you're sitting at our table," he says. 

" I was here first", I told him calmly. I was not trying to be a bitch, but he wouldn't intimate me this easily. Usually, people would just cower and leave, but I am the gamma's daughter. There isn't much he can do to me without my dad finding out. " There are many tables in here, so you can choose from them and leave me in peace". I can hear the gasps from some people around me. Wolves who do not mind their own business.

Marcus starts to laugh, and I swear it's like music to my ears. I cannot help but smile a little and blush. Why is he so damn handsome? 

David, however, is fuming and stands up. Everyone in this café is quiet now and starting at us. I looked him in the eye as I ate my sandwich. 

" How dare you disrespect your alpha, you fat slut. Get the fuck away before I make you", he threatens me, using his alpha voice. Fat Slut? Coming from the man whore? This is rich. I should have chosen this moment to walk away. I did not. 

 I stand up too. 

 " I don't care if you're an alpha, I was here first. I have never done anything to you, and you come to MY TABLE and disrespect me. So how about YOU move to another table and LEAVE ME ALONE. " At this point, I am almost fuming, and he staggers back for a second as if I just pushed him. However, he is an alpha and even as that last word comes out of my mouth, I know I am in trouble. Marcus has not said a word this entire time but keeps looking at me with what looks like pride. 

 David started to growl though making himself look terrifying and I admit I sat down after a little while, afraid but holding my ground. David has already gotten his wolf, so what I just said is messing with his alpha nature. He shakes his head and whispers something to Marcus which wipes the smile off of Marcus' face. Before I can realize what's going on, David is behind me and running down the hall at his speed, which is blind to human eyes, with Marcus right behind him. I kicked and screamed for him to get off me. I started to panic even more since I realized that we had just entered the boy's restroom. 

"Hold Her Down", I heard David growl using his alpha voice. Marcus has no choice but to listen, but he tries to change David's mind over whatever he is about to do. 

"Don't do this, she is the gamma's daughter, " Marcus said. His deep voice makes me slightly calm, but I'm still screaming for help. David shoots him a look that clearly says shut the fuck up. 

" Shut up bitch", David says, and punches me in the stomach. I hunch over but Marcus holds me back upright. David then grips me by the throat, and it feels like he is crushing me.

" You think I care that you’re the gamma's daughter? You think you're better than me whore", He tears my shirt, leaving my bra exposed. " Your nothing but a stupid fucking human who doesn't know her fucking place", he follows with a punch to my face. "Drop her" the alpha commands Marcus, and Marcus lets me go and I fall to the following. I can see blood coming from my nose. He kicks me while I'm on the floor, back-to-back, as I cover my head until I hear Marcus stop him, yelling that's enough and pulling him off me.

 David gets on the ground and pulls my face towards him. " You tell anyone about this, and I'll fucking kill you," he says. He then picks me up and carries me through the empty gym out the back door and tosses me on the ground. I can feel my vision fading as my head hits the concrete and the last thing, I'm able to get out is a small HELP as I look at Marcus, but he gives me a sad look and goes back inside the building with David. Then everything goes black.

I can see the goddess from my dream of last night. I can see her mouthing words, but I can't make them out.

I suddenly opened my eyes, looking around me, and it looked like I was in a bedroom. My bedroom. I look at the clock and I see school is still happening. My body is in so much pain and I can't speak. My throat hurts so much. I see our family doctor Laura at my bed. Once she sees I'm awake, she starts to ask me questions about who did this to me. I remembered David's words and I started crying, shaking my head as I was unable to answer her. 

"Okay, we will try again later," she says. I look at her wanting to know how I got here but unable to ask. Luckily, she knew." Someone from school found you lying on the ground behind the gym. They took you to the school nurse who patched you up and brought you home. I've just let your father know you're awake". I hear dad rushing upstairs and the door flies open with relief on his face. 

"Baby girl, who did this," he says with his eyes flashing black. I can tell he is trying to contain his wolf. 

"She can't talk right now," Dr. Laura says." Her throat was gripped tight enough to damage her vocal cords. it may be a while before she can talk again." 

" Fuck this, I'm contacting Alpha Ned. " My eyes open wide, and I grip his hand and shake my head. Even though I knew the Alpha wouldn't punish his son, I knew David would carry out his promise and kill me. 

" Why not Elena?" My dad booms. I started to tear up and his face softened. " Okay sweetie, but you will find a way to tell me later, okay". I nodded my head. 

" I will be back to check on you," Dr. Laura says. Dad kisses my head and I feel myself falling back to sleep and let I allow the drowsy take me.

I can see the goddess and she is closer now. The meadow is just as beautiful as it was earlier. "Stay strong Elena, remember you are strong, and your time will come. Be patient," she says and turns around and walks away.

" Wait, what do you mean" I yelled after her. I feel like this is a warning, but I couldn't seem to move my feet to get to her as I saw her turn into the largest white wolf I've ever seen, and she looks back at me and howls. 

I was shaken awake by someone who was shouting. It's Laura. 

" Wake up Elena, we are being attacked by rouges," she says, panicking. I dart out of bed still in a lot of pain, but I know I'm not safe. I limp downstairs and I see my father half shifted in his wolf form, fighting off the rouges attempting to come in." Dad" I try to yell but I am still not able to talk. 3 other pack warriors are trying to kill the rouges, but I can tell my dad is taking the most damage since the other 3 pack wolves look like they are about to give out. A rouge gets past and injures Laura. I grab a knife from the kitchen and toss it to kill it. It went straight through the rouge's head. I didn't even know I could do that. My dad leaps back and looks at me and nods a thank you and gets ready to go back to the fight but then looks over to my other side and runs over to kill the rouge I didn't hear sneaking up on my other side. I jumped out the way just in time and my dad caught it mid-air in the throat before it almost got me. However, dad breaking rank on the other side with the 3 warriors caused the rouges to push through. My dad shifted back to human form. 

" Hide Elena," he says. " They are coming for you," he tells me while fighting rouges with this spear. Dr. Laura points to a huge cabinet and I run to it. 

I hide in the cabinet while trying to not cry from how much pain this is all putting me in. I peak out of the cabinet, only to see Dr. Laura being killed from a blow to her head. I can see my mom sitting on the couch like nothing is even going on. Is she not afraid? She catches my eyes, and they widen. " Come on mom" I mouth trying to get her to come in the cabinets with me. She eyes me with a wicked gleam and suddenly I am afraid and confused. A rouge comes from behind her and surprisingly walks past her 

"There is the bitch right there' she says pointing at me. I can see the rouge look at me and growls. He comes at me and luckily dad was there just in time to injure his legs before it got to me. He at my mom in horror as she is smiling at him and suddenly everything happens in slow motion. As he is walking to my mom, the rouge whose legs he injured hopped up on his hands, jumped on my dad's back. My dad held the rouge by its arms and flipped him over his right shoulder, while midair the rouge twisted off dad's head from his body while at the same time my dad tore out its heart. Dad's head rolled to me as it was twisted off. I tried to scream but I could only make a small sound as I stared at my dad's head. I saw my mom's head snap to the side as if she heard someone and ran to the rouges telling them to retreat. 

They did it instantly. However, my focus was on the father's head as his eyes were still open and looking directly at me. The 2 warriors left turned around but were not fast enough as my mom tore out their hearts. I watched the gruesome sight. The rouges took their dead and my mom sprayed some sort of spray before making her claws come out of her left hand. She stepped over my body and picked up my father's head and yanked me out of the cabinet. I tried to fight her off, but I was powerless against it. My body was still sore from earlier and I was helpless. I closed my eyes ready to join my father, but my mother shoved me to the grown instead. She then took her claws and clawed herself across the face as well as her stomach and shoulder and fell beside me putting my father's head right beside me and smirked. Not even 10 seconds later our Pack Alpha Nate came busting down the door with David, Lynx, Marcus's dad Jed, and Marcus. My mom started panting as I tried to get away from her. 

" She... Shifted...And ...killed her dad...the warriors....and scratched me" mom said 

I shook my head and pointed at my mom, trying to tell them she set this up

 They looked at my dad's decapitated head, the guards, my mom, and then back to me and everyone's expression turned into horror. My mom knew I couldn't defend myself due to my throat. It was at the moment I knew no one would ever believe me. I look to Marcus pleading with my eyes to know I didn't do this, but his dad steps in front of him, eyeing me with a nasty glance. I expected the Alpha to kill me without delay, but instead, he said the words that would forever bring my life further into hell


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