Chapter 7 - Strange land

Eliza POV

It's dark. Suffocating, eerily calm, haunting...

I feel many emotions again. There are some I cannot place. But they feel... familiar?

Familiar, but strangely, it's like those are not mine.

I feel my body floating slowly... somewhere. I don't know if it's forward, backward, North, or South. I just feel my body is going somewhere.

I don't know how much time passed but I saw a little light above my head. My body suddenly stops, then something strange happens. It's like my body is vanishing. I look at my hands and they are half seen-through. I can still feel them but these are shimmering away.

I close my eyes, thinking that's my end. I don't feel pain, I'm just disappearing... I won't be missed. Not even by Abigail. Even though I sent her money over the last few years, it didn't go through the last few months. She must have hated me so much, she didn't want to do anything with me.

I sigh, feeling my eyes tearing up, but no tears coming out. Another strange phenomenon here

Hey, everyone! I hope you like my book. I'm still new at this, so just careful with the critics. :) Soon, I post an author's note about my schedule and some other piece of information. Also, I had to split this part into 2 chapters, because there is a lot going on. Tomorrow I will post the next one! If you like it please, leave a review and gems! :) Cheers!

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