Zoning Out

She took in deep breaths and tried to calm herself, she finally did and she rushed to the kitchen, joined the other maids, and sighed.

“Hey.” She heard and she turned to see Evelyn.

“Oh, hey Evelyn.”

“Are you okay? I heard you passed out last night during the royal feast.”

“Yeah, am okay. I was just kind of exhausted.”

“Oh, you have to be careful, you were lucky the King was in a good mood yesterday, things could have gone worse.”

“Yeah, thanks.”

“Gather around.” The head maid yelled and they all did.

“If you are personally assigned to clean chambers you should be there now, while others will prepare lunch for the royal family.”

“Yes ma’am.” They chorused and everyone set to work, Ashley and Evelyn carried each cleaning materials and head towards the stairs.

“Whose chambers were you assigned to clean?” Evelyn asked as they walked.




“How come? No one gets to enter his chambers.”

“I don't know.” She shrugged.

“Just be careful, he hurt people a lot at any slig
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