Get Ready For War

"Hey, you want some ice cream?" Damien asked, strolling into Hazel's room casually.

"Sure" Hazel let out a smile.

"There you go"

"Thank you" Hazel beamed with smiles and scooped some of the ice cream into her mouth.

"Good?" Damien asked.

"Yeah, really good"

"But there is something not so good right now" Axel said, his face taking a serious look.

"And what is that?"

"I have been hiding this from you for a few days now but I do think that you should know about it now" Axel replied and Hazel readjusted in her seat, ready to listen to what seemed serious.

"Alpha Donald of the Dark Wolf Pack died"

Hazel's eyes widened in surprise and shock but she took it calmly. That was the man who had wanted her dead anyways and she was sure that he was also the one who had convinced Axel to get rid of her.

"I see" she mumbled.

"It is actually none of my business" she shrugged her shoulders like she cared less.

"Perhaps that is not much of your business but it becomes your business when it is going aro
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You mean Damien??

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