Chapter 446 Brendan Brighthall’s Ex-Wife

“Wake up, babe, we are gonna be filthy rich!”

Lily froze and then scoffed. “So, how serious should your delusion be before I bring you to a shrink? I’m growing really tired of your sh*t.”

“No, this is serious!” Blake cried hastily. “Lily, do you know who I met today in the hospital?”

That caught Lily’s attention. “Yeah?”

“Brendan Brighthall’s ex-wife! Charlene McKinney!”

Lily was incredulous. “You what!?”

She was the one who had bought Blake’s information from a broker, so she had read it before and knew who Charlene was. “Are you for real? Charlene’s supposed to be serving her sentence in prison!”

“That’s exactly why this is our big scoop!” Blake could not contain his zeal. “Think, babe. Instead of being in prison, his ex-wife appears in the same hospital he’s staying in. The only possible solution here is that the Brighthalls abused their power and wealth to bail Charlene out! They flouted the law and let a murderer out. H*ll, he was still getting all cozy with the murderer!
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