My grandma was pleasantly surprised. She came closer to me and held my hands, "this isn't a coincidence my child. I know you eventually have to accept one of them as your mate but for now, you can work with all three of them and get them to put an end to their feud with one other.

Once you have achieved that, you can find out who our enemy is." I immediately recalled my encounter with the three awesome men this morning. The way I felt when all three stood in front of me is something I would never be able to explain. How could I work with all three of them?

I was only eighteen, I never asked to be a werewolf and I never asked to be anyone's mate or live my life in fear. All I had ever wanted was to live the rest of my life with Jason. If my body had not changed, we would have still been together.

Those three men were not only way older than me but were out of my league. Trying to believe that this all made sense would be tantamount to living in a fool's paradise.

I freed my hands from
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