Chapter 3: Am I not Enough?

***Nora's POV***

2 years ago.

“You will never be enough!!” my father screamed. “To the pack and the rest of the world, you will always be a weakling. No matter how hard you try to train, your status will forever remain the same. The weak daughter of Alpha Benedict Blackwood,” he yelled and smirked.

I clenched my jaw on hearing his hurtful words.

“Where exactly are you going with this father?” I tried to maintain a calm and strong demeanor even though my heart was breaking. He is always trying to break me or lower me to nothing.

“You know where I am going with this Nora!! Accept and go on a date with Mason. He has been trying to get you to go on a date with him for years,” he said.

“But what has that got to do with me running the pack, father? Besides, I am waiting for my mate. I can’t be with any other man” I replied, gritting my teeth.

“You think you are high and might now, right? Only a man can be an Alpha. The pack needs someone strong like Mason. Have you ever heard of a female holding such a high position in the supernatural world? Huh!!. Mason is of Alpha blood and he would be a perfect Alpha for the pack. Not some little girl who thinks she can do what men can do” he growled at me in anger.

“ The Moon goddess is also a woman,” I growled. “ The creator of the werewolf race is also a woman. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself, father? Women are more than you think. We are strong and courageous. We can withstand almost anything. “I sigh “I have been trying hard for years just to get your approval. But it seems you will never change your mindset about women. You can never accept me as the Alpha of this pack. I am so done with you. I am done with you and your criticism. Get out of my office now.” I roared, pressing hard on my fist.

“I am not done talking. Mason wants you to meet him for lunch,” he muttered.

“Tell him to go to hell!! Leave now….”I growled. My alpha voice boomed and resonated in the four corners of the room.

I was close to shifting and tearing my own father apart. He was so infuriating and his behavior towards me was unacceptable.

“We will finish this later” he uttered and left the office.

The moment I heard the close. I gulped down the lump that had formed in my throat.

My body trembled and my legs became weak. I allowed myself to drop to the ground. And the tears I have held since the beginning of this conversation trickled down my face.

“Ooh, babe” was the voice of my best friend Elyssa, and multiple footsteps filled my ears.

“ Go away,” I said in a cranky tone.

I turned my face in the opposite direction and covered my face with my hair. I didn’t want her or anyone to see me crying. I don’t want them to think I am still weak. I have worked hard over the years to build the image of a strong dominant Alpha and I don’t want them to see me as anything less than that.

“How can we leave you alone like this?” Lilly, my gamma, replied in a weak voice and sat by me on the floor.

“Friends are there to support each other even at their weakest. You have always been our shield and strength. It’s time for us to return the favor”, Josh, my delta added, and sat on the floor.

I smile sadly, still not sparing them a glance.

“We heard your father’s loud voice downstairs,” Dave uttered.

“Am I inadequate to the pack? Do you want a male instead of a female Alpha? I am not enough?” I queried in a small voice as insecurity and self-doubt crept into my mind.

“Don’t listen to anything your father says, Nora,” Elyssa mumbled and placed her warm hand on mine. She is the best beta an Alpha could ask for.

“You're more than enough for the pack. Can’t you see how the pack sings of your praises? You could have punished and banished all the pack members who verbally abused you. But you did no such thing, you rather build the pack with love and strength. We are who we are today because of your good leadership“, Josh added.

I nodded and sniffed.

“I think your father is jealous of your achievements over the years. You became a ruthless Alpha and well known in less than a year. I believe he is scared of what you will become if you stay as an Alpha.” Dave spoke.

“Nora!! You are the only Alpha we need. As Dave said, he was jealous. For 30 years of his reign, he couldn’t achieve half of what you have achieved. You know men and their ego,” Lilly uttered.

I sigh.

They are probably right. My father is jealous of my achievement and he is scared of what I could become in the near future. That is why he is hell-bent on making Mason the Alpha.

“So, Alpha, clean your face” she handed me a box of tissues. “ Let us go to our hideout and have some fun. I will prepare your favorite chocolate drink and cookies.” Elyssa rumbled, attempting to uplift my spirit.

She knew I had a thing for chocolate and cookies. They always lighten my day and make me feel better.

“As if she can prepare it,” Josh whispered underneath his breath.

We laughed.

Everybody knows that Elyssa can’t cook or boil water.

“I heard that “she whined, “ I have started learning the basics of cooking.”

“Really now??” I asked, laughing.


“Learning my ass!! All you do is to sit in the kitchen and eat while the omegas cook”, Lilly pointed out.

“That is part of the learning process,” she defended and whined, pouting her lips.

We burst out laughing.

“Aww guys, thank you. What would I do without you? ” I said, smiling.

"The question is, what will we do without you, " Dave stated. "You are the best."

My heart fluttered at his comment.

"Yes, she is! She is the best Alpha in the world,” they said in unison.

I giggled

“ Shall we go now?” Lilly asked.

“You guys go ahead. I will meet you there. I want to go for a run,” I informed him.

“ Okay, don’t take too long, Alpha” Dave mumbled.

I nodded.

I ran into the forest at full speed. I was so mad that my father still looks down on me after so many years. I have worked so hard to make the lives of the pack members better. I have employed 90% of the pack's population in the company and businesses. I have built across the country. Something my father never did for the pack. I have also increased our riches four times the amount he left behind at the end of his years of service. What does he still want from me? Can that so-called Alpha’s son achieve what I have done?

Haven’t I been a good daughter? I felt like screaming so loudly in the silent forest.

“You have been more than perfect, Nora. Don’t take his words to heart?” Nelly my wolf made an appearance.

“But I can’t help myself, Nelly; after all, I am human. I feel like I need to do more. I need to improve more. I don’t want the pack to doubt me as they did in the past.” I said through the mind link as my insecurity came back to my mind.

“Who are you, Nora?” Nelly asked.

I furrowed my brows and the wind blew my black hair.

“What kind of question is that? Don’t you know who I am?” I answered with a question.

“Answer the damn question,” Nelly said in irritation.

“Geess…relax.. I am Nora Blackwood” I replied, increasing my pace. I didn’t bother shifting into my wolf since I was also fast in my human form.

“No, that is not who you are.” I frowned, not following “ that is who you used to be. Now you are Alpha Nora Blackwood. One of the most achieved and respected young Alpha's. No one can take that from you. Not even your father or Mason,” Nelly growled.

I felt calm and reassured by my wolf’s words. She is totally right. I am no longer who I used to be years ago. Now I am the alpha female whose name demands respect, whose aura makes other Alphas bow.

After running for a few hours, I went back to the pack house to put my plans into action. One thing my haters do not know is that their words and criticism fuel me to become a better version of myself. Their hateful comments boost me with the strength I need to become stronger and mightier.

“You’re back.” Elyssa splinted to me with a mug in her hand. “ Have your chocolate drink…freshly made. Just how you like it”

“ Thank you”, I smiled and took the mug from her hand.

“mmm…this is really good. Did you prepare this?” I asked in surprise.

“As if…”Dave chuckled.

Elyssa turned and glared at him, gritting her teeth.

“Our dear Elyssa watched as Lilly made the drink.” Josh chipped in.

“At least I watched,” she mumbled.

I giggled, looking at her annoyed expression.

“Mind link your mate to come here now, lily”, I ordered and took another sip of the chocolate drink.

“Yes, Lady Boss” she saluted.

I chuckled.

“Alpha… wanted to see me.” Vincent came running in,

“Efficient as always.” I smiled at the project manager of all my businesses in the States. ”sit”

“I want to take my business internationally”, I announced.

“ That is huge, Alpha.” Josh said with his eyes wide open,

“When did you come up with this plan of yours”, Elyssa questioned.

“A few hours ago when I went for a run,” I informed him.

They nodded.

“This will be good for our company, Alpha, since people in the international market know our company,” Vincent said in an approving tone. Not that I needed his approval in handling my businesses.

“Good, let’s go over the plan,” I said and took him through all the plans I wanted to put in place for this project.

“So now you need to travel and oversee the entire project, Vincent”, I informed him.

“No problem at all, Alpha. I will get it done. I know this project of ours will be a success”, he stated.

I smiled and sipped my drink. My thoughts went back to my father.

If he gets to know my company is going international, he will throw a hissy fit. I bet he will lose his mind and his shit.

I laughed at the thought.

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great job making your father and anyone else angry because you know how to handle pack money

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