Matt had refused to say anything about what Carter had said and what he had answered him and just said I would understand soon. Dad had been asleep when we got home, so we went straight to bed.

When I wake up, the house is quiet, and I look at the time and see it is already 9 in the morning. This makes me wonder because usually, dad would have had us out running like we do every morning. Before going downstairs, I get out of bed and find my sweatpants and hoodie.

Halfway down the stairs, I hear dad and Matt talk.

“She knows something is up, dad.”

“What do you mean?”

“Carter came to us on our way home and told us not to come back and stay at Blood Moon, where she would be safe. I don’t think he meant any harm, though, but just wanted to help.”

“Carter is a good boy. He never liked the way his dad acted enter his mother’s death.”

“Yes, but now Liv is suspicious. I don’t think she actually knows what is going on with Alpha. But it’s clear she has been feeling uncomfortable.” Matt says.

“I will talk to her when we have left here and are safely in Blood Moon.”

There is no answer to dad’s words, and after that and they begin to talk about other stuff. I know something is going on, and this something has something to do with me. After a little I move again and enter the kitchen, seeing both of them sitting by the table where breakfast is served.

“Morning, Muffin. Did you sleep well?” My dad asks

“Yes, we not going running?” I ask him, and he shakes his head.

“I thought a day off was okay, so we have time to pack so we can leave in the morning.”

“Okay, dad,” I say without showing he is hiding something.

After breakfast, I go back to my room, find my biggest travel bag, and pack almost all my clothes in it. And in my smaller bag, I pack my personal stuff and a few items I have from my mom. I have a feeling that I will not be coming back here, so I want to be sure I have all the most important things packed.

After I am done, I walk downstairs again to find dad. I find him in the kitchen talking on his phone, so I sit down and wait for him to finish.

“That’s great, thank you. We will see you all tomorrow, probably in the late afternoon.” Dad says before hanging up.

“That was your grandma. She can’t wait to see you and Matt. Did you finish packing?” He asks.

“Yes, all packed and ready,” I confirm.

“Great. Then rest here at home today so you won’t be too tired to travel.” He tells me, and I nod my head. I know that in those words was a hidden message. Don’t go outside today.

“Okay, dad.”

I was so bored being here at home, so I wore my air pods and turned on my music app, and before I knew it, I was singing along. Dad didn’t leave the house either, and Matt was also home.



I was sitting in my office when someone knocked on my door. I told whomever it was to come in. The door opened, and my Beta Luca came inside the office.

“I talked with the Jones, they talked with their son-in-law, and he will try to get them here by tomorrow.” He informed me.

“Okay, get a house ready. See, if not, there is one close by the Jones family.” I tell him.

“Will do. I also informed the warriors doing patrols for the next few days, just to be on the safe side.”

“Thank you, that’s a good idea.” This is why he is my Beta, he always thinks ahead, and I don’t have to tell or remind him of things. And also he is my best friend.

We do a little small talking and talk about what to expect. A few days ago, I had a visit from Nina and Michael Jones, two highly respected members of my pack. They told me about how their Son-in-law had contacted them, asking for help. He told them that his pack Alpha was showing an unhealthy interest in his underage daughter, which worried him a lot, especially when his Alpha called him to the office. Offering him the role of being the pack head warrior if he would willingly give him his daughter to make his mate.

The Alpha had lost his mate years ago, and now he had set his eyes on this young girl. Not only was she not eighteen, and she was a month away from her birthday. Not only is the Alpha in his 40s, but that is in no way acceptable to try to force someone to become their mate. So I had told them they were all welcome here without thinking much about it.

For some reason, my wolf was restless with this news. But his being restless is not something new. I don’t let him out as often as I should. Because I know he frightens most of my packmembers. So I usually only let him out when I know most packmembers are sleeping.

While Luca and I were talking, the door opened again, and before I knew it, I had my little Rose jumping up to sit on my lap. She is three years old now and turning four in 10 days.

“Hello, daddy.” She says happily.

“Hello, my little Rose. Are you ready for dinner?”

“Yes, daddy.”

We walk to the big dining room where packmembers can choose to come and eat. After dinner, I took her up to my floor, and we spent time playing and later watching Beauty and the beast. She fell asleep before it was done, and after making sure she was sleeping deeply, I left the house to go on a little run. So I would have a good night’s sleep myself.

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