“‘Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Spirit Airlines, flight A321, with nonstop service to Las Vegas, Nevada,’” the pilot’s deep voice droned throughout the cabin. “‘We’ll be pulling away from the gate shortly, and it looks like smooth flying all the way to Vegas. So, settle in, get comfortable and please watch the following video about the safety features of this aircraft.’”

Victor put his head back and closed his eyes. He was about to spend the next two hours and twenty-three minutes sitting next to Navy. Since hiring her, Victor had attempted to keep his distance, for fear of reaching out and touching the hair that looked so luxuriously soft, or the smooth skin that beckoned to him.

They hadn’t discussed what had happened in his hot tub, both honoring their unspoken agreement to forget it happened, Victor supposed. But how could he forget her smooth skin, the noises she’d made when he turned her on...

‘Jesus, this is going to be the longest flight of my
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Bella Jersey
I don’t like him being late but he is coming
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kelley collins
yeah...running out of patience...nvm

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