Next morning, Val shakes me awake.

“Time for patrol.”

“What about breakfast?”

“We can eat on the job,” she says.

She seems to be in a hurry.

I dress quickly and grab my weapons, then we’re off and out.

It’s a beautiful morning.

Val takes the lead.

She is silent, her eyes scanning the horizon.

She marching briskly, heading in a direction we don't normally take.

Soon, we're climbing a hill. It's not steep, but the terrain in unfamiliar and I have to watch my footing.

“Why are we going up here?” I ask.

“It’s safer,” she says.

"If you think the rogues won't bother us up here, I think you're wrong.”

Val throws me a quick glance. "I mean it's safer from the pack."

I look at her as we continue on upwards. She’s up to something and it's giving me a weird feeling inside.

We wind our way through the bramble.

It feels like we’re moving in circles.

“Are you sure this is the right way?” I ask Val.


“But that looks like the same bush we were just at.”

Val doesn’t answer
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