A Lycan and his Omega

A Lycan and his Omega

By:  Sonel500  Ongoing
Language: English
29 ratings
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"You know how this ends,” He snarled, his own eyes flickering across my face before they met mine again “Now I`m going to kill you.”

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Where’s the original story
2022-09-27 03:58:06
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Mav Crescini
The story seems to have changed because I have completed reading this (purchased chapters) months ago. Can you tell me what happened, dear author? I loved the original story line. Though I have not checked the whole book yet, but what I’ve seen so far is really different from what I’ve read before.
2022-02-15 19:03:53
default avatar
Enjoying it so far but wish it was finished...
2021-12-08 05:40:30
user avatar
One of the funniest most charming Heroines I have had the pleasure of reading. Witty, pithy writing and unpredictable and unique story line. Honestly you will fall in love with Elise along with everyone else.
2021-11-13 06:30:02
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Onize Moore
Love the book, a little grammar but still enjoyable. Please tell me it's "The End." because it still says the chapter is on going.
2021-10-16 00:12:25
user avatar
Shone'sha Mebane
Awesome book
2021-10-13 05:55:01
default avatar
Ella Rose
loved the book
2021-10-13 01:57:21
user avatar
Lisa Schmidt
enjoyed reading
2021-10-09 21:33:58
user avatar
Misty Corona
Awesome story!
2021-10-02 14:32:10
user avatar
Tressa Wainright
I want more !! I hope it is not over !!! I love the 2 of them together!!
2021-10-02 07:09:49
user avatar
Nombasa Maqubela
Enjoyable book
2021-09-21 02:54:46
user avatar
when will this book have enough ratings?it's a really nice book
2021-09-19 19:36:40
user avatar
Staci Quinn
what is the rest is it still going to go with this book or something non related I'm confused
2021-09-18 13:14:20
default avatar
Is this a ongoing book need to be completed?
2021-09-17 21:48:51
user avatar
Irene Essien
Love this book
2021-09-17 09:45:21
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80 Chapters
Darkness, despair, and agony await you. His life had become nothing more than a series of curses and confinement in a prison he had constructed for himself. Every day was a new horror in its own right. Every day, he would drown in a sea of blood, drowning in the blood of all the innocents whose blood he had spilt in the past. I'm trapped in a nightmare of sights and sad memories, with no way out or respite. He earned everything: the misery, the self-loathing, the torment, the loneliness. It was at that point that he experienced an unknown feeling other than self-hatred, agony, and torment for the first time. He soon let out a loud, pained, and powerful scream that resounded throughout the whole forest as he was overcome by profound anguish. That sliver of humanity that he had been clinging to in the hope of one day being able to gaze into the eyes of his soulmate was rapidly snipped. All that was left was THE Beast, who was falling further
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Chapter 1
Unlike thousands that we had lost in the war that dark day, I was not given the option to be dead. I think I would choose to die if I was given the chance. At the very least it would have been an honorable ending to my short life. I would rather have such an end than sacrificing myself at the expense of the liberation of my kingdom. A ruler who willingly gives their life to their subjects in cases of distress. That’s what my father had taught me before he sent me off to my demise. My father believed in our liberation. He believed that we, as a Kingdom, would be free one way or another and he could not let his one and only offspring his only successor to fall on the warzone. I did understand where he was coming from, he worried for the future of his country, he worried for his only daughter’s life. That’s why he had fallen ill, that’s why our enemies had taken advantage of my father’s state. A widow with a young daughter and a land-full of subjects looking for his ord
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Chapter 2
“Oh, your majesty. You had always had a way with your words, haven't you? I wonder whom you had inherited this trait from? The king had known very well what he was getting himself into when he stroked a deal with me, multiple times at that. Now, is there anything you would request for me, my princess? I have been wondering why your men had been looking for me across the land. I do not think it would be for discussing your father's ill state, now would it?” “Well, my father may not have any favors to ask of you, but I, on the other hand, have found myself at your mercy,” I said while carefully trying to read The Sorceress’s face. I locked eyes with Jasmine and nodded to her to indicate for them to leave the welcoming room so that I could talk to the Sorceress in private. I could see the Sorceress face gleaming with amusement, resembling so much satisfaction at a brand new opportunity of taking advantage of my family once more had risen before her. So I told her, I tol
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Chapter 3
I had to be strategic with the way I had to leave the Palace for the Lycan Cave. I wanted to be discreet about my ways, I could not let my father worry even further than he already did. I did not want my father’s henchmen to hear my plans and try to hijack them, leaving me back to my starting point, only more humiliated, and perhaps assassinated. I found myself contemplating in front of my reflection in the mirror as I tied my cape around my neck. What was Ia ruler meant to do if they wanted to save their country? “Are you sure if you would like to go alone, Your Majesty?” Jasmine asked, “I would be happy to accompany you.” “No need,” I waved my hand to gesture to brush her off. I needed to do this all by myself, I had already been feeling quite embarrassed, to begin with. A dangerous thing sometimes, the pride that is, but I am my father’s daughter, and I had already gone beyond my ways to ask for help, which was very uncharacteristic of me. I called
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Chapter 4
I hopped off of Violet as the thorned entrance of the cave laid before me. This cave was known to Devour the bravest of the soldiers, it was known to break even the toughest witches. This cave was where the wicked had been enslaved over the course of many returns. Many had believed that it was nothing more than a folks’ tale, but standing in front of it, it was very obvious that every war won over the dreaded and the Sorceress had been engraved on the walls of this cave. It was simply the memorial for our survival, and the cage for the Unholy. I wondered about every man standing before me at the gates of hell on Earth. Were they as desperate as I was? Or were they filled with half of the terror I was feeling? Entered my head towards violet whose wines were only getting louder and louder as she tried so hard to bury her face between her front legs as if that could have saved her from the negativity losing out of the cave. I could see that she wanted to run awa
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Chapter 5
“Who is it that is disturbing me?” The cave roared. “Viviana,” I mumbled while trying to not allow fear creep in my voice. “Say my name,” whistled the wind, “ Say my name and beg for my Mercy.” I quickly dropped on my knees, clasping my hands together, intervening my fingers together, starting to beg the Lycan Beast for their help to get my country back. All the pent-up emotions, such as desperation, helplessness, and the tears that had poured out of me as I allowed the tears that I had been holding back successfully washed my face down. I was in that cave for one reason and one reason only, I wanted to save my country, I wanted to say my father, and I was willing to do anything for it. “Please the almighty, please, please,” I repeated through my hiccups, “ I had trouble so far for your mercy oh, I had to walk all over my pride just for your help. Please help me, please.” Rise from your niece princess, ordered the o
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Chapter 6
It is an interesting feeling, the feeling of desperation. It was a weirder feeling to feel relief after a situation that one deemed is unsolvable. I rushed back to my Palace to get ready for the war, To fight alongside my men, just like the Lycan Beast had instructed me to do so. There are not many instances where I felt so excited, where I felt show to the brim with anticipation. As a Lycan Beast had promised me that he will assist the war we are having amongst our neighbors, I could not help but get it tiniest bit of worry. and yet, I had tried my best to eliminate those unsettling thoughts and surrender to the process as for once I did not have to struggle all by myself due to my proud nature. My worries had been rooted in not knowing how the Lycan BEast was going to help me and my country, but I had already agreed to pay any price that he would set for me in exchange for his favor. Frankly, I had no conditions to be able to bargain the Almighty Beast. I rode my h
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Chapter 7
After a while, just as I was finishing up getting ready to ride my horse to the war zone, I heard a knock on all my gold-plated doors. I order whoever knocking to enter, only to be in eye contact with Jasmine. I wanted to admit that she was right, I wanted to admit that I was indeed stupid. I just did not know where to start or how to start talking. Lucky for me, Jasmine saved me from my thoughts and asked “so, have you made your decision already? “ “I did,” I responded, “As much as I hate to admit that I need help, I need help, Jasmine. I need your help.” “I will be ready in a heartbeat,” Jasmine said with a smile on her face and left my room to get ready herself for the fight. On our way to the war grounds, I could not help but wonder why the Lycan Beast wanted me to be at the war zone to be able to help me. Maybe he wanted for me to witness his favor with my own eyes, maybehe wanted to show me how he kept his promises. Or maybe, just maybe, he want
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Chapter 8
I blinked slowly to indicate I was, indeed, lost. “Excuse me?” “I was asking if you had understood what our strategy had been so far, Your majesty. How would you like to proceed, now that you are here?” So this must have what it felt like to be in charge of thousands of people. As I had to think on my feet, I replied, “We shall continue the planned strategy for me to observe the performance. We can regroup and restrategize after the initial attack. The strategies tend to unravel differently on paper and in real life, as you must know a lot better than I do, General.” “We still need your input, Your Majesty, after all, you are here representing our Head of State, Your Father the King.” “I am not representing the Head of State, General, I am the Head of State, interim now, permanent eventually. I invite you to remeöber who you are talking to. Proceed with your strategy and later we can deliberate further.” And with that, we got out of the commanding
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Chapter 9
A roar had risen from within me: “I made your wish come true, now I will reap my payment.” I could feel all of the hair at the back of my neck rising, I knew that I was done for, one way or another. I turned to Jasmine in worry, “Did you hear that?” she shook her head. “I order you to appear before me, tonight. I can not promise what were to happen if you back off our deal.” I turned back to my handmaiden, whose face was now painted with concern. “He is summoning me,” I said, choking, “He is summoning me to reap his due.” “So soon?” “Apparently,”I collapsed on my knees. “I do not think I can do this, Jasmine. I feek like I am way over my head.” “You do not have to do this all by yourself, Your Majesty. We can come with you, we can join you. If you would not want me you can always get some guards with you. Your safety comes first.” I refused as I wiped my tears into my sleeve. “I started this on my own, I will end it on my own.” I r
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