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A heart pounding tale about a childhood promise to a mythical creature. Emerald must navigate the waters of the new relationship she had created as a child. She must hold back her fear to understand this beast of legend, even love him. Matthew has never taken care a of a woman before. In a clumsy act to make her behave he instils fear in her towards him, an act he comes to regret. He must tame himself before her, so she can see who he truly is beneath all that power; A man who loves her.

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24 Chapters
A Child’s Promise.“Run, run Emerald” they taunted her, as their voices drew close, Emerald's heart pounded in her chest, she needed to escape her cousins who were chasing her with a whip, she could not let them catch her, gods knew she couldn't survive the terrible things they did to her this time, it wasn't the first time she had suffered at their hands and because she wasn't the favorite granddaughter of the Monquress, her grandmother let it happen.Her breathing was ragged, as she ran further into the forest, she could feel herself becoming weaker with each step she took, a shout of panic escaped her lips as she hit her right toe on a stone and she plummeted to the ground with a loud thud from the corners of her eyes she spotted her eldest cousin with a wicked smirk on his face, trembling she looked for an escape route, but there was none as three other of her cousins had encircled her, she couldn't fight them off she was just a little girl and small gaunt fist couldn't do much da
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Finding Her HusbandEmerald, buzzing with a mix of excitement and trepidation, couldn’t wait to share the day’s events with her best friend, Emily. Emily was an investigative journalist who had been her friend since middle school, they had been inseparable ever since despite the fact that they were opposites of each other. She dialed Emily’s number, her fingers tapping anxiously on her bag while waiting at the bus stop.“Emily, I am dead, come and collect my corpse.” Emerald blurted out as soon as Emily answered.“It is not a good time to die, the economy has not been good on coffin prices,” Emily answered.“Can’t you at least worry if the mortuary is too cold for your friend’s body first?” Emerald asked.“Okay, spill the tea, Em, who killed you?”“Mark Hartley and my big mouth joined hands and plotted this murder,” Emerald cried.“ Is this about the big project?” Emily’s voice crackled with curiosity on the other end of the line.“Partly, Mark assumes I’m married and wants my husband
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Lies Meet AudacityA few days passed since Emerald had heard from her Grandmother. She had never thought her life would clash with her lies before. She had always thought Matthew reeves was such a faraway person. Apart from dealing with Mark Hartley, she did not need to interact with his world. As such, she is never worried that she will crash into someone and have to defend her lies. After all, if it was so easy for the two worlds to clash, she would have found out about being Mrs. Reeves long ago. But a single leak can sink a boat.The Skyline Hotel, an epitome of elegance and grandeur, stood tall against the cityscape. As Emerald exited a meeting, the bustling energy of the city faded into a refined ambiance washed into the hotel lobby. The plush carpets under the foot and the muted chatter of those in the lobby were quite the sight for night time.Emerald focused on her thoughts barely noticing the familiar figure awaiting her near the lobby entrance. Mark Hartley, stood there wit
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Meeting Her Husband.Saturday night came early; Emily and Emerald had decided to attend the IM Group annual charity ball. It was an important day, not only for IM Group, but for Emerald as well. She was going to meet her so-called husband tonight. After leaving the hotel last time, she was getting impatient. They decided that this event would be the best place, as they were sure he would be here.Emily and Emerald, standing at the entrance, exchanged a glance laden with uncertainty. The weight of the fabricated narrative surrounding Emerald’s supposed marriage to Matthew Reeves hung in the air, It was both their reason for coming and their ticket inside.“Look at this, I said you would marry well. Look how proud you are making this mother,” Emily mused,her eyes scanning the well-dressed crowd entering the venue.Emerald, laughed nodding in agreement. “I found this son in law just for you mother, The villagers would never be able to mock you again,”“Now, seriously, don't lose your coo
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Chapter 5
THE PARTY When Emerald heard his words, she paused for a second. “It seems I missed my own wedding, You are not offended, right?” she asked sarcastically. “You seem offended that you are Mrs. Reeves.” Emerald, her composure intact, replied with a hint of defiance, “Yes, I’m Emerald Jackson. But what I don’t understand is why am I also Mrs. Reeves?” A subtle smile played on Matthew’s lips as he took a moment before responding, “And why did you not refuse the claims? It seems you’ve been content with the arrangement.” The exchange carried a palpable tension, each word a step deeper into the unraveling mystery. To his words, Emerald slightly choked“I am not the one that started this, why should I be the one that ends it? Besides, you even managed to let someone I want to work with find out. Are you not glad I did not expose you?” she asked. Emerald, determined to confront the situation head-on, retorted “I never agreed to this. I need to know why you’ve been spreading this false
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Chapter 6
ENCOUNTERING WOLVES She could feel cold air tearing through her lungs with every step, as well as the growls. It sounded like wolves. She was from a small town by the mountains. Even with her ears barely working. “ A wolf? Is this a city or a national park?” She could definitely recognize the growl of a wolf. She found it impossible that such wild animals would be out in the city. Maybe she was wrong, maybe she had too much to drink. She soon felt that running on the open road was too risky. She dashed into an alley and continued without stopping, just when she thought she could not run anymore, she tripped over something and fell almost head first into the concrete. She struggled to get up, only to notice that it was not something, it was someone. She suppressed the urge to scream despite her almost bursting heart and looked down to find a person. Even in the dark, she could still make out the form of a man’s broad shoulders covered in a dark coat. It was Matthew Reeves. “Oh
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Chapter 7
HE IS AWAKE“The Lost Ones blocked my way, but how can those things be my equal? There was something else there. They followed its orders. I heard it whisper and the shadow locked me in. I could not get out. It was then I was attacked,” he recounted his accident.“By wolves? Your wounds...” Doctor Hunter started to say.“Werewolves,” he answered.“There are werewolves who would work with The Lost Ones?” Doctor Hunter asked in a half growl and half shout. “Trapped in the shadow, I was ambushed. I know a werewolf when I see one. Even then, how did they manage to drug me?” he asked and Doctor Hunter walked closer to his bed where he laid.“I also want to know that. Mathew, You obviously cannot be drugged, but I found something in your system and you were out as though you were drugged. Your injuries were not enough to weaken you that way. Could there be a new drug on the market?” he said to Matthew.“It felt like a drug, something injected into the air. But that is not the issue. Emera
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Chapter 8
The First Kiss“The way you say it, someone would have thought that I pretended to be your wife, not that you lied that you are married to me,” Emerald said as she walked in.“I never lied,” Mathew said and she scoffed and walked over.“Since you are awake. You can deal with the hospital matters. As for our deal. We need to talk it out,” she said.“What is there to discuss?” he asked, “We are married.”she always had a feeling his words meant something more when she heard it and it bothered her greatly.“So, you need me to act as your wife at certain times and you will help me with the Mark Hartley issue right?” she asked.“I will help you with the Mark Hartley issue,” he answered and she wondered why he did not answer the first half of that question.“Alright, then. I will be leaving,” she turned to leave. When she first came over, she had a lot of words to say. But those words disappeared the more she stared at his handsome face. “I need to go, I have work to do. Since you are all
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Chapter 9
A WerewolfMatthew had already made up his mind on some things and had called his secretary the night before to start the process of buying Emerald’s magazine. He was no more content with just watching her from a distance.He had always been possessive towards her but this time. He was unable to hold back his need to possess her anymore. He wanted her. He did not care about the consequences of her entering his world.He drove over to her work place the next day. He usually did not control companies himself, but wanted to be closer to her, so he took on the job of CEO.The moment Matthew drove to her office, he heard the sound of her familiar heartbeat, smelled her familiar scent as he entered the elevator with his assistants, and the elevator climbed all the way to her floor. The smell got even stronger as they moved up, this let him know he was getting closer to her. The elevator doors opened, and it did not take him more than a second to lock eyes with her.The moment she saw his
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Chapter 10
To Obey His Wife“Why won’t you believe me? Why would I kill you?” Matthew asked.“So that your secret does not get out,” she said.“Is that what you are worried about? Not that you are my wife?” he asked and her tears fell like rain.“If you think about it, no one would believe you if you told anyone, so…” Matthew tried finding words to convince her, but her cries only got louder.“You are lying, you are taking me back to kill,” she cried loudly. She could no more keep up her brave front as all her tall walls collapsed and she cried like a child. Her crying bothered him so much, it felt as though his chest was about to explode from the pain. His legs came down on the brakes and he immediately turned to her.“I swear I won’t kill you to keep my secret, okay? Stop crying,” he told her. “How am I supposed to believe you?” she cried even harder. He had said so many words, yet, no matter how much he said, her tears came down like rain. He was so frustrated that he got out of the car, s
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