A Sacred Place

A Sacred Place

By:  Rees J Jones  Completed
Language: English
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Sera Nightingale loves her younger adopted sister Emma however after she meets her father for the first time she must battle with the fact she is the same 'monster' that once destroyed her sister's life. Before Sera can even stop to breathe, Emma disappears. Her heritage causes civil war and she almost rejects her own mate. In the end, will she choose to be by her sister's side or follow her heart to experience true love?

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Steffie Ridpath
Such a great start. I am hanging on the authors every word! xxx
2021-02-04 09:12:45
56 Chapters
Freya’s P.O.VWalking at a slow pace I enjoyed the crunching sounds of freshly fallen leaves on the forest floor. The morning dew still lingered. The air was crisp, allowing the soft earthy scents of soil to entice a calming sensation within me.  I enjoyed taking little walks around the depths of the forest, just taking some time to myself. I began humming softly, a peaceful smile formed on my face as I broke out of the tree line. I paused, feeling the soft breeze nudge against my back as I faced the dirt road that separated my land from the neighbouring town. For a moment, I consi
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Chapter 1 - Secrets
Emma’s P.O.V I sat cross-legged against my favorite sturdy apple tree. I had my head leaning back against it enjoying the afternoon sun. The sounds of the dense forestry from behind me calmed my nerves. Today would hopefully be the last day living in the middle of nowhere. The closest town was an hour and a half walk and mother was against getting a car so we did not get the chance to go very often. I know it sounds rather lonely but the house had this aura about it. It was like a big hug, always making you feel safe and loved. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the small cabin I had called home for the last 10 years
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Chapter 2 - Frustration
Sera’s P.O.V I paced my bedroom. My anger would not settle. How could mother expect me to meet that monster that was supposed to be my father? I growled at myself gripping my silver hair between my hands. The second thing I had inherited from him. I hated it. I hated what he had done to my mother, what he had done to me. Emma did not know yet what I was thanks to him and I still was not sure if I wanted to tell her my secret. Mother had encouraged me to, many times. Growing up when my anger had erupted I would run from the house scared she would find out I wasn’t normal. One of my biggest fears was that she would find out I was a werewolf. I had wanted a little sister to share in my life for so long, but she wasn’t like me. After mother had explained she had lost her mother and father to a monster of some kind I really di
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Chapter 3 - Forgotten Memories
Erik’s P.O.V The excitement was bubbling all around my pack. The arrival of my only child and mate was in 2 short days. I sat at my desk in my rather empty office. I never saw the point of decorating it after my father handed the tit
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Chapter 4 - Regrets
Freya’s P.O.V Nerves. I was just a big old pile of nerves. I chuckled to myself as I walked towards the road. The road I had found Emma on all those years ago. Glancing back both of my beautiful daughters were in tow, Emma looked exc
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Chapter 5 - Strangers
 Sera’s P.O.V We had been driving for what felt like forever. I had never spent so long in a car before and I was getting frustrated without being able to stretch out my legs. Emma was staring out the window in wonde
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Chapter 6 - Longing
Damon’s P.O.V I pulled up to The Shake coffee stop annoyed that my father had sent me on this errand in his place, I hated being stuck with menial tasks like this.
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Chapter 7 - Coming Clean
Emma’s P.O.V The tension was thick in the air as I glanced around at my family’s faces. Sera had her head down, anger and regret washing off her. Mother looked pained and worried but Glen… He looked scary. His once warm
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Chapter 8 - A mothers' touch
Freya’s P.O.V   I held my sweet Emma tightly. I knew she would take the truth of Sera hard, but it had to be done. Ever since the day I had accepted her into my heart I knew it was going to be an issue. I did think we shoul
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Chapter 9 - Mates
Sera’s P.O.V I sat on the edge of the hotel’s pool watching the sunset letting my tears fall freely. It hurt a lot to see Emma’s reaction but I knew deep down that was the way it would always end up going down. Part of me
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