A Scandal With The Vampire

A Scandal With The Vampire

By:  Hannah Uzzy   Ongoing
Language: English
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They made a deal... He would act as her boyfriend to defuse the scandal that went on about her while she wouldn't reveal his vampire identity to everyone. But little did she know that she'd start falling for her fake boyfriend who couldn't reciprocate her feelings for him because he was a vampire that was placed under a curse to kill anyone he falls in love with.

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Hannah Uzzy
2023-11-02 16:56:29
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Hannah Uzzy
2023-11-02 16:55:52
5 Chapters
Chapter One
Darren's Pov My cold heart beat slowly as I neared Ava's grave. I looked around the empty gravesite and I dropped a white bouquet at the foot of the grave. Today marked the twenty fourth year since Ava died and not a day went by where I didn't blame myself for her death.She was the only woman I planned to marry, throughout my eight hundred years of existing as a vampire on earth.She was the only woman who wasn't affected by my curse.I felt hot tears roll down my face as the memory of Ava's painful death flooded through my head like it happened yesterday.I was there. It all happened too fast but I stood and watched my fiance get crushed by a red truck while she tried to help a pregnant lady cross the road. Vampires of my kind were blessed with uncanny abilities to read minds, hypnosis, unfathomable speed and strength. I had all these abilities but I couldn't save the only person I had ever loved.I felt a burning sensation deep in my chest and I clutched my shirt as the burn sprea
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Chapter Two
Sloane's Pov"Tell him I'm not coming with you guys!" I said to the two huge sized bodyguards who stood in my sitting room, adjacent to me. They had their legs and hands spread out as they stood, poised to grab me if I tried to evade them."We have to carry out his instructions. Please cooperate" one of the bodyguards replied me.I weighed my options as I stood on the sofa close to my door, wearing nothing but a yellow short and black baggy t shirt. It was either I followed these men to my dad who sent them to bring me against my will or I made a run for it.I didn't want to see my dad, not today, not ever.I knew what he wanted to tell me and it wasn't good news at all.My name was the most searched name on the internet right now and it was all because I let my greed get the best of me and I disobeyed my dad.Years ago, before my modelling career fully began, I made a promise to my dad to never get into scandals when I became a celebrity and he agreed to letting me become a model.I
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Chapter Three
Sloane's PovI looked up from the hard chest I bumped into and I realised it was a man's.I was also aware that people still took pictures of me. At that moment, the only thing that was on my mind was the avoidance of any more nasty scandals, so I grabbed the man's hand without thinking and I quickly began to walk away from the people who still snapped us.Surprisingly, the man followed me without hesitation and we continued to walk until we reached a lonely spot.I thoroughly looked around before letting go of his hand."Sorry for taking you away like that. I-" I said, looking up at the man, but my sentence was cut off by a shocked gasp.I stared at the man who stood in my front, the man whose hand I'd just held and I was utterly terrified.His eyes shone a bright red, his veins were glaringly visible all over his neck, his jaw and a little on his cheek. He grabbed a fistful of his hair and tilted his head back as his long and sharp teeth were exposed from his mouth.I stifled a lou
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Chapter Four
Sloane's Pov After a long and tension filled ride, I was finally at my dad's house. Looking at it brought back sad childhood memories about a girl who was born out of wedlock and taken away from her mom by her dad when she was six. A girl who watched her dad show love to his other family members but not to her until she was finally shipped to a boarding school.That was me. Living with my dad as a child was a dreary experience I didn't ever want to happen again.I petulantly got down from the car after the bodyguard drove into the house and I walked inside the house, to meet my dad, my stepmom Hagar and her son, Jack seated at the dinning room.Trust my dad to make a dinner look like a family meeting."Nice of you to show up, Sloane" his sarcastic voice boomed out as soon as he saw me, making Hagar and Jack turn to me.I stood still where I was and glared at him. "It wasn't necessary to send your bodyguards to get me" I said pointedly"And it wasn't necessary to get into another scan
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Chapter Five
Sloane's PovI woke up with a jolt and I looked around my surrounding. I inhaled and exhaled deeply, calming my frightened heart. I had just woken up from a terrifying nightmare which I hadn't had for a while now.Reeling from the fear, I reached out for the light switch by the side of my bed and put it on.As the light filled my massive room, my gaze scoured round as I searched for the unknown. Then I let out a relieved sigh because I found no one...It's been two days since I met the vampire at the mortuary and since then, I've been feeling on edge and looking behind me in an unusual way.And just today, I had a dream where I was being chased by him. He caught up with me in no time and showed off his fangs. He was about to dig into my neck when I woke up from the nightmare.I let out another deep sigh as I grabbed my phone and put it on. It was four in the morning and I knew I should go back to bed but I couldn't.I was too frightened and I also felt anxious as I thought of the big
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