A Sister's Jealousy

A Sister's Jealousy

By:  Faith Odulesi  Completed
Language: English
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Everything was going on fine with the triplets. They shared a lasting bond with nothing coming in between them until Ally falls in love with her sister's boyfriend. They are torn apart when terrible comes in between the love they had built.What will fate decide? A sister's venom is a story about triplets and how one's worst enemy is sugar coated by blinding love.

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With every thrust in, I could not hold back the image of Justine. Instead of Sam's hands holding my waist to support himself as he grind deeper and faster into me, Justine was all I could see.I moaned loud, lost in the splendor that followed the feeling of a king sized cock going in and out of my moist core. I was close to an orgasm. I shut my eyes tight, panting and moaning like I was in a porn studio. "Justine, I'm coming!" I yelled at Sam. Regardless of how lost he was in his sexual lust, he pulled out and let go off my waist."Shit." I cussed, realizing my mistake. I sat up and met the glare on Sam's bearded face. He laid on his back and pulled the blankets up to shield his nakedness."I am-" I began an apology but he stopped me with a quick raise of his hand. "I don't want to hear it Ally, keep it to yourself." He frowned, turning to his side so he had his back on me.I sigh
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Justine looked excited to see Caramel. His face glowed as he continued to eye her interestingly, taking in her outfit. "You look really beautiful in that gown. He commented, dramatically twirling her around.A slight gasp escaped my lips as I noticed the red gown she had on. It was mine and I had never worn it because I thought it was too bright for my taste. Watching her in it at the moment made me want to rip it off of her and tell him it belonged to me so he could praise me instead."Thank you, I got it from a very special someone." She placed her hand on her chest and turned to wink at me when she noticed he wasn't looking.The little act from her warmed my heart and my brain wires were reconnected. I had to remember that Caramel was my sister, and one of my best friends. I had to control my jealousy and remember how much I loved her."Won't you let him in? Are you just going to keep your visitor standing over t
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Furious knocking of the door downstairs made me frown as it woke me from my sleep. It was the next day and I was exhausted from having such little sleep. "Becca, get the fucking door." I groaned, wishing my sister would let whoever it was stop bothering me.The knocking intensified and I had to pick my pillow, place it over my head to shut the disturbance out. "Ugh!" It was no progress and so I gave up and stood to my feet, ready to tear Becca apart once I found her. Becca and I shared a room. Caramel had moved out when she got in a relationship with Justine and especially since he stayed over a lot, she wanted to be able to have a private time with him.It didn't help with my wanting to permanently get him off my mind.I opened the bedroom door and stormed angrily down the stairs. I made my way for the main door and frowned at the innocent  way it stood in its hinges.I turned the key twice,
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"Ally!" I heard Caramel's voice jolt me out of the action I was about to take. I flinched in fear and moved out of Justine's grip. My heart began to race fast, had she seen me attempt to kiss him?"We heard screaming, what happened?" She moved closer to me, relief written on my face as she did. That meant she had not noticed what I was doing. Becca ran out of the house, a spatula in her hand, she had come to scrutinize as well."I fell off the ladder." I swallowed, catching my breathe. "Oh my God, are you okay?" She placed her hands on my shoulders, scanning me from head to toe with her eyes. "How did this even happen?" She gasped.Becca stood by the door and placed one hand on her waist. "Uh, who would have thought you would fail terribly at something that isn't the kitchen?" She teased."You are a bitch, I hope you know this." I rolled my eyes at her and shook my shoulders gently to get Caramel's
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Both of them shot their heads in my direction while I stared wide eyed at them. "Shit!" Caramel cussed. Her hand and knees were on the floor and he had been riding her from behind. The image was hilarious, I would have laughed if it was the right time to.I turned around quickly and left them to get themselves in order. "I'm so sorry. Becca wanted me to get you guys downstairs so you both could help with planning for our parents' arrival." I gulped, explaining to them. "If you'd finish up faster, we will be downstairs." I said and turned to leave. I tried to catch a glimpse of Justine's manhood from the corner of my eyes but failed wholly at that. I walked out of the bedroom and shut the door behind me. "I thought you said you had closed the door!" I heard Caramel scold him."I thought you had closed the door." He retorted in his defense. I shook my head at them and returned downstairs.Becca was standing with her
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I pulled away from Justine and cleared my throat. The family had their attention on me, and I almost laughed at how Justine looked like he had committed a crime.Caramel stood to her feet and hurried to stand by our sides. "Are you okay?" She asked me with doubting eyes, clutching Justine's hand in hers."I'm fine." I cleared my throat a second time."Since Justine is my guest. He can have my seat. It is fine, really." She said with a straight face and led him to where she had been seated."Nonsense, I'm more of family than guest, I really am not-" Justine started to say, trying to get Caramel to keep her seat until Becca cut him off."While you two are playing lovebirds, there is a stool in the living room and Ally can sit on it, since she was not fast enough to get a chair." She rolled her eyes and proceeded to grab the said stool from the living room."Becca is right. I
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I looked away from him and pretended to listen to the professor who was still engrossed in calling out names. How could she have paired me with a man I was trying so bad to avoid?Once she was done with calling out the names, she started to give instructions and filled us on the details of the project. "The history of literature, like I said would either cost, or gain you thirty percent of your grades." She began."By the end of the semester, you will turn in your researches using a specific person of impact in the progress of literature today. That means, you have so much time on your hands, and I expect each and everyone of you to use their time wisely." She said.All I could think about was how I could manage to control myself around him. How would I survive without ripping his shirt off, and taking him in. It was all too much for me to bear."Now that is said and done, we shall begin with the day's activiti
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"What?" There was no hiding my surprise at his words. I thought my ears were sinking me in deception. I hurried to stand in front of him to find answers to my questions."What happened?" I pushed further. I was in love with him, but I would never want their relationship to break apart."It just happened, and I don't know-" he sounded like he was lost on what to say, or do and so I shook my head at him."Save it, you don't have to force yourself to talk now. Let us get in the car, and you can explain it all to me. The rain could catch up with us if we aren't careful." I was surprised and I was almost sure his words were nothing but a random joke to get at me.He sighed in frustration but opened the door and nodded in my direction so I understood he wanted me to go inside the car with him.I went to the passenger side and waited for his explanation. "Okay, go ahead, speak." I said impatiently, maintai
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By the time we arrived in front of our house. The rain had begun to pour in an unfriendly, torrential downpour. I was admittedly afraid to alight the vehicle as I feared getting wet. It was not enough that the rain was going to drench me, but it could come with the price of a cold and I was not ready to pay for it.Justine pulled into our parking lot and waited for me to get out of my seat belt before speaking. "I have an umbrella in the trunk but it is sized for only one person.""Then you can have it, I'm good. It's only a thirty seconds walk to the door." I shrugged, proceeding to open the car door and exit."What are you doing?" He stopped my movement, gently grabbing my wrist and halting my actions.I stared interestingly between his grip and him, deciding to blame the goosebumps on the chills from outside. "I'm heading outside?" I called in an unsure tone."Are you kidding right now?" He narrowed his eye
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"How long have you known Justine?" I began, staring directly into her orbs."Why is that an important question?" She furrowed her eyebrows, letting go of the pillow she had held to her chest."Just answer me." I ignored her annoyance and continued with my statement."It's been over a year." She reluctantly provided, rolling her eyes at me. She must have found my question irrelevant but I was headed to a destination."A year is a long time to know a person, I'm certain that deep down, you have a feeling he has done nothing wrong but that strong part of you chooses to believe he has only done the wrong thing." I said to her. She put her lips in a pout."You should not let terrible friends influence you. Justine is a really hot guy," I paused to swallow the lump that had grown in my throat. "And basically every girl wants him. You know better than everyone that you are really lucky. Who knows how many
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