A Tale Between S and W: Not your usual giddy love story

A Tale Between S and W: Not your usual giddy love story

By:  Anon Girl  Completed
Language: English
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Hiraya is an intelligent and independent girl who is considerate of others, but she has an inferiority complex. She does not accept her appearance, she feels like it is disconnected from her body. Hiraya works in a company owned by Tanashiri's dad, and Tanashiri is a rude and arrogant guy with an obsessive-compulsive disorder. Contrary to popular belief, he just hides behind that mask-there is more to it than people see on the surface. He also does not feel connected to his existence. Little did they know that the past explains why they behave that way.

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try ko na e read ito. Mukhang maganda
2022-11-07 19:52:36
71 Chapters
The Bizarre Encounter
                                                   CHAPTER 1     “What procedure do you want to do with your face?” she asked.     The suffocating atmosphere here in the bed is terrifying as I walked in. I see too many white colours. I am not an avid fan of the white colour, or any light colours. I feel like I am admitted in a psychiatric hospital when I see things painted in light colours.     But it disappeared when the female doctor came.     Her delightful aura covered the room. She smells heavenly, like newly-blossomed lavender flowers with dews at the break of dawn. It is sweet.   “Miss, what do you want to do with your face?” the female doctor asked again while scanning through some documents.   
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The Hurtful Truth
                                                       Chapter 2     I need to hire a taxi cab to go to the company. I am a fan of long walks, but this is not the right time for it. I am late for my shift, and I do not want my big boss to yell at me. But being in the waiting line is so troublesome. The traffic in Manila is the worst, and you can smell the vehicles’ smoke even if you cover your nose with a handkerchief. It is of no big help. An asthmatic person won’t survive this jungle without vines.     Hiraya pulled out her old dirty handkerchief from her old Louis Vuitton bag her aunt from abroad gave her many years ago and wiped her sweat roughly, and put it back to cover her nose that is full of acne.     Disgusting as it may look, well, whatever.
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Mr. Driver's Words of Wisdom
                                          Chapter 3             Hiraya is staring into space, wondering what just happened.            Cars are passing with no care to the world, motorcycles and buses honking their horns at angry pedestrians, and walkers seeking attention from male drivers at the side of the road are the usual sights of my daily life. My senses are accustomed to these noises, the sights are typical to me, but now, it irritates me, like I want to punch and kick every person I see, like what MMA fighters do. I don’t have the energy to throw a fit though; I am too exhausted even if I did not get to accomplish anything.             She is usually energetic, but this time, she felt like she already did a day&rsq
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The Lost Handkerchief
                                                     Chapter 4 I saw her. I certainly did. I am sure of it. I saw her with my own two eyes, without wearing my specs.              She is walking towards the door. The automatic door of the company.             This is surreal. I saw the thick pink folder she’s holding. We are in the same department. We are both in the marketing department. The company population is so vast, I barely noticed anyone other than Lisha. This is so comedic. She works in the same company as me.             She goes to the comfort room.            I will follow her; even
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Hiraya's dreams
Chapter 5 Hiraya came home with her Mom waiting in the living room. Her adorable Mom runs to the kitchen and came back with a plate full of sweets and other various types of yummy treats.“Mom, did you make all of this?” Hiraya exclaimed with glee, her eyes sparkling with delight.“Oh, of course, my dear daughter. I will do anything for you and I won’t let your smiles be lost to the world. Here, I did this all day; I watched online videos just to make these pastries for you. These are too difficult to make. I know you are drained and tired at work, so this is your reward. Eat to your heart’s content, my dearest daughter. Hiraya, I named you as such because
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The Man I do not know my entire life
Chapter 6 A man stopped in his tracks, many men standing in his back. They are in a bow stance. He is holding a bouquet of flowers towards me. What? You are giving it to me? Really? For real? His hands look soft to touch, no flaws or scars. He is not bleeding, not like me. Looks like he is from a rich family. Those men look like they are his servants. Won't they develop back pain if they keep on bowing? Lift your heads now, he is not looking. And he does not look cruel to punish you for not bowing at his back. They wore shabby clothes, not like the clothes he wore; they are ironed and looks nice. I extended my right hand to get the flowers. I slightly touched his right hand. It is so warm, his hands will be enough to keep me warm in this bitter winter. His hands gave me comfort, after all that shrieking loud noises I experienced in the past days. I think I lost my sense of hearin
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Passed by Me
Chapter 7 Hiraya woke up, finally, then stared at her ceiling for many minutes. She is smiling from ear to ear, even if she still feels some shivers down her body. But the curiosity still surrounds her, in why she dreamt of a man she never knew all her life, a man she never saw in her teenage and recent young adolescent years? She left her unruly cozy bed and proceeded to the bathroom, walking like a drunk, picked her toothbrush and putting some toothpaste in it, and started to brush her teeth. She started to brush her teeth vigorously, then she looked at herself in the mirror, when all of a sudden she began slowly caressing her face while holding her toothbrush in her left hand, her front body leaning on the wet silver toilet sink. This is my face. This is my own face, and I am my mother's daughter. Why would someone else have it? Why does he have it? Why does he have my face? In that weird dream? She unconsciously sw
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The Spoiled Brat
Chapter 8 "Sire, our Highness, the most arrogant one, wake up! The company stockholders are calling for you through the phone. There will be an urgent stockholders' meeting and you need to be there. Hurry and get your ass out of there, now!" Tanashiri's assistant is so loud that it can be heard in the whole mansion.  Tanashiri's mansion is a five-storey mansion, built in the heart of the city, located in the most expensive suburban subdivisions. It had a huge pool, with lush greens surrounding it. His mansion is painted white all over, his favorite colour. He loves to clean things and too clean things. His sofas, beddings, walls, car, shoes, suits, utensils, plates and clothes are all colored white, even his underwear. His specs theme' are also colored white. The mansion is so vast that it is more than a hundred hectares wide, with many amenities, like what a VIP hotel offers. Maybe, from a commoner's perspective, his taste is too white, and his home looks like
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The Lustful Encounter
Chapter 9 "Sir, how do you want it, slow or fast?" "Slow and fast. But I would go with slow at first." "Hard, or soft?" "Hard. I want it hard and rough." "Then, shall we start?" "Okay, then. Let us get this fucking session over with." Tanashiri pulled the hot prostitute inside the five-star hotel room and closed it shut. He pushed the woman against the white wall. "I am going to make you tired until you cannot walk on your two legs. Ready yourself." Tanashiri whispered silently in the woman's ears." "I am always ready, your Highness. I will be your slave, any time, anywhere, as you wish. Make me breathless, as you always do." The woman whispered in response. Tanashiri kissed her, hard and fast, biting her lips a bit. Their tongues entwined, and he smelled her mane for a bit. "Your long, wavy hair smells nice, as ever. I can lie in bed all night, smelling you and your body, while you breat
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The Innocent is accused guilty
Chapter 10 A distressing look on his father's face he dreamed of since he was a little kid will finally come true, and he got euphoric in an instant upon imagining it. Tanashiri made his way to the car door while his secretary is helping him make his way inside the vehicle like he is a part of the blue-blooded people from the royalty in the European continent.  He is humming a song whike they are travelling smoothly through the city boulevard. But while on the way to the company, Tanashiri's car suddenly stopped. The car got overheated in the hot weather, and the secretary forgot to fill it with water before using it-Tanashiri got overexcited that he nagged his secretary eventually, and his secretary became rattled. His good mood that he had first thing in the morning upon hearing his father's probable downfall now disappeared, and he is back to being an exasperated asshole he is, the usual him."You are really an idiot, you never learn. I pay you right every time an
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