A Time in Between

A Time in Between

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When she's ready to face her teenage life, Zia Stephanie becomes enmeshed in a conspiracy that includes the survivors and her killer. What Zia Stephanie don't know, is that it won't be the last disaster to threaten her life. Pasts awaken, and memories begin to sneak back through the cracks. Revolving the loss and love, pain and triumph, & downs and highs...something history that her town, Killer Domain, has forgotten but she would never could.

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7 Chapters
I heard a small whisper as if it was only intended for my ears. After several minutes, another one followed. Then, another. The voice started to crack and suddenly became louder and louder. I covered my ears using both of my hands avoiding the noise.Make it stop! I begged. My head was on fire, muscle clenched and sweat in anticipation. My legs, my arms, my core muscles was already twisting and compressing for fight or flight. My hair stood on end as it there were hands reaching out for me.When I sensed that there was no longer that sound, I let a deep sighed. I was about to shut my eyes when I heard a sudden quick high thin long pitched voice. "I'm coming," a voice whispered, followed by creepy giggles.The fast beeping of the heart monitor was enough to make me awake.
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Chapter 1 : Green Lights
Zia Stephanie's POVThe sunshine hanged brightly at the horizon. Beads of sweat formed on my temple, slowly dripping because of the heat. I guess, today was one of those boring days. I looked sideways as I gently yawned. My eyes sparked when a thunder stuck on my mind. The corner of my lips turned up."A girl just jump in front of my eyes!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, grabbing the t-shirt's hem of the midnight-eyed boy beside me. I looked at him as his expression looked so dull as the color of his face drained out."Blimey! W-Where is she?" he stuttered, looking back and forth. He looked at me for a brief of moment and asked, "Have you seen her?" He furrowed his brows at me while acting like a total strange.I
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Chapter 2 : Bygones
Zia Stephanie's POVI began to feel anxious. My palms started to sweat, muscle tensed, and shoulders stiffened. Ready for something but I am unsure of what. It was as if I was splashed by a cold water, enough to make my system paralyzed in vain. I instantly froze on my spot. I keened my eyes at him, trying to study his features. But for a split of seconds, he vanished. I blinked.The sound of the incoming vehicles of the police and sirens of the ambulance muffled into my ears. The press was gathered outside the school area, which added to the noise lingering in the air. Was it just a coincidence? Because that was time the stakeholders were also busy having a board meeting.It was like the world around me during this time became much more elaborately complex, every deta
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Chapter 3 : Hues of Past
Zia Stephanie's POVI gazed towards the sun-drenched angelic beach. The sunlight was glittering on every grain of sand, the beach was idyllic, white, and fresh. I smiled the moment I saw the beautiful, big blue ocean's waves crashing against the cliffs as I watched the seagulls joyfully flew around in circles in the air. The warm, golden sand ran between my toes with the gentle breeze. As I walked along, I found gorgeous, shiny shells that have been washed into the shore by the rippling of the water. It was as if I am inside a fairytale story book. Through from the distance, I could see the waves crashing against my skin as the sun was setting. I could hear people laughing, embracing the sunset. I averted my gaze towards the sand that squished slowly through my toes as I gaily walked down the shoreline of the Redr
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Chapter 4 : Caveats Away
Zia Stephanie's POVI felt like time begun to lose its meaning. The passage of time felt like it was heavenly distorted where space time worked into different scale on the other dimension. What should only be a few minutes seemed like I had endured dew hours and what might feel like small width of time could be extensive.While I walked down towards the hall away from the classroom, I could feel the eyes of students who were giggling, laughing, busy chitchatting with their group of friends. I felt exposed with no room to duck into and no stars to took. I simply focused on those light from the end of the hallway as I made through my way through the tight busy corridor, I felt irritated like I was being pounded like a sandwich.I was walking down the garden staircase whe
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Chapter 5 : Torment
Zia Stephanie's POVA loud crash made me woke up. I opened my eyes as I looked at my surroundings. I gently massaged my temples, still roaming my eyes towards the room."What happened?" I mumbled. I blinked. I saw a naked guy beside me, snoring. "What the fork?" My eyes widened in shock. I instantly rose from the bed and walked towards the water dispenser to grab some drink.I shut my eyes momentarily as a memory stuck into my mind.The crowd was so wild together with the upbeat loud music which muffled into my ears. As I left the crowded area, I heard stern shouting from the white hallway going up to the bedroom. My eyebrows creased and decided to walk forwards. My head hurts like hell like it was being crumpled by s
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Chapter 6 : Perplexed Memoir
Zia Stephanie's POVExhaustion stepped into my bones the moment I opened my eyes. The fatigue had moved to my fingers. I sat at the cold floor. I gazed my eyes towards the surroundings. The forest was far-reaching, shadowy, and prospering. Its canopy was overshadowed by sycamore, elm, and spruce, who allowed adequate light to pass down for a hodgepodge of saplings to make use of the moss-covered grounds below.Coiling branches dangled from many a tree, and a medley of flowers, which claimed quiet corners, clashed with the otherwise monotone forest grounds. A variation of noises, most belonged to birds, added life to the forest, and almost completely muffled the occasional sounds of breaking twigs beneath the feet of larger animals.I stood on my feet, examining my body
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