The Alien Love Series

The Alien Love Series

By:  C.M. Moore  Completed
Language: English
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Beyond Earth, there is an alien species known as the Dagerstanteens. These mighty warriors are wise, strong, and powerful. Unfortunately, they're dying out slowly. Just as the royal family accepts that they will be the last, a new hope arises. Humans. As each of these aliens discovers love, humans will sacrifice much, and both worlds will change forever.This story contains graphic sex, violence, non-consent, and erotic scenes with tentacles. 18+The Alien Love Series is created by C.M. Moore, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.

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Gifty Hime
Good story and great world building.
2024-02-17 15:27:21
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This is an intriguing story! I love how well the characters and storyline are developed. I can't wait for the next update!
2023-04-07 09:06:48
default avatar
Great story.
2022-12-25 08:02:28
136 Chapters
Chapter 1: Every day is the same.
Chapter 1: Every day is the same.Place: City, Anywhere United States of America.The thrift store smelled of sweaty bodies, dust, and mothballs. The sunny weather had brought people out of their houses now that the snow had started to melt. Murry thought that the store was busier than usual for a Wednesday. He wrinkled his nose as he finished emptying his cart of books onto the empty shelves.When he was done with the final chore of the workday, he headed back to the stockroom. Passing the checkout stations and weaving silently through the shoppers, he noted the clock. His shift was over five minutes ago. Most of the time, the supervisor would yell at employees who stayed even one minute past their assigned shifts. But that never happened to Murry. Everyone liked to use the words special needs, or they said he had a handicap. Whatever the term they used didn't matter to him anymore. No one spoke as he put his cart away and then walked out of the little room where he could sign out of
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Chapter 2: Caught.
Chapter 2: Caught.The muffled conversation brought him out of his sleep. Murry rubbed his eyes and sat up while lifting his head. His eyes scanned the strange room, but he was met with metal bars directly in front of him.Murry was in a cage. That wasn't good."I got one. Our leader said it was difficult, but he's getting old."Murry's eyes shot to the voice. A hair-covered creature was speaking to three others. Frozen with fear, the only thing Murry could do was let his eyes take in his surroundings. He wasn't in the house anymore. That was for sure.The cage Murry had been placed in was against one metal wall. The long room around him had rows of metal crates down both sides with an aisle in the center. The room smelled of metal and a stench he didn't recognize. He sniffed. Blood? But maybe the blood was dried and old. His eyes flipped to the floor. Near many of the pens, he noted colored patches of different dried liquid.Gulping down his panic, he scanned his enclosure and then hi
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Chapter 3: Death would be better.
Chapter 3: Death would be better.Murry wasn't sure how long he was on the table with the strange aliens coming in and out of the exit. Finally, after what felt like years, the hairy creatures were back to leaning over him. Tears welled up at the corners of his eyes to then slide into his hairline. One stupid decision, and he was going to be dissected. Curiosity killed the cat. That's what his mom always said. Yes. He might be the dead cat soon."Welcome to our spaceship." The fat one returned to Murry's side and trailed a nail down Murry's chest. "This is your new home until you die, Earthling. Our language band will help you understand what we want." Saliva dripped onto Murry's chest from the enormous teeth. "We will only give directions once.""If you do not need us, Derbergurs," one of the creatures opened the door. "We will leave you with your human toy." Two of the monsters walked out of Murry's line of sight. The door closed with a final thud. As he shivered on the table, he tr
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Chapter 4: Saved... or maybe not.
Chapter 4: Saved... or maybe not.Murry woke up to more terrible agony than he'd ever felt in his life. His eyes rolled to one side. A hairy creature was eating the layers of skin off the top of his forearm without the armband. His eyes widened at the horrible image. A long green tongue was licking and sucking his mangled flesh. Blood poured out of Murry as razor-sharp teeth scraped and sliced. Murry would never be able to get that image out of his head for the rest of his life.His body shifted on the glass table as the recruit alien bit at his calf. Fresh tears flowed out of his eyes. He had to die soon. The fat one moved closer, and his wide green tongue ran over Murry's cheek, lapping up the tears. The fat one's breath smelled like rotting garbage. The stench made Murry gag. He almost threw up and tried to keep down his stomach contents. A body couldn't take much more of this, right? He prayed he would pass out again.Gagging a second time, Murry wondered if he threw up in his mout
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Chapter 5: The new alien.
Chapter 5: The new alien."I am Keltrixtionlenz. Royal of the Dagerstanteens." The alien who had freed Murry scanned him as Murry struggled to get to his feet. Even though he spoke, the alien's mouth never opened or moved. He only smiled with his pretty pink lips. "Greetings." After a second, the new alien snatched a piece of fabric that dangled from his weapon's holster around his thigh. He wrapped the silk around Murry's arm. He then spoke again with that same deep husky tone."Stay here." Rising from his crouch, the blue creature spun back to the cages. When the hairy recruit peeked his head over the cage, both Murry and blue-tentacle-man saw the movement.Murry had no intention of going anywhere. His whole body hurt, even his hair. He nodded and then frowned at the introduction. He would never remember that long, hard-to-pronounce name, and he had no idea if he was supposed to be impressed by the alien being a royal. What Murry focused on right now was adjusting his body to accomm
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Chapter 6: Kel is easier to say.
Chapter 6: Kel is easier to say.For the second time, Murry awoke to more pain than he'd ever felt in his life. Was that even possible? His skin blazed, and he wondered if he was being cooked alive. He told himself not to open his eyes. He couldn't face more torture. His curiosity poked him. Was he still with Keltrix?When he finally looked around, Murry discovered he was back on a table. His heart began to pound as the icy claws of fear gripped him. No more. Since nothing was in his mouth, he began to beg. Even if no one would understand him, he didn't care. He couldn't stand to get ripped apart again. "Please," he whimpered. "Please, no more, please. I can't…""Calm, Human." Beautiful blue eye met his. This close, Murry noted the alien's thick black eyelashes and the way they fluttered. Keltrix leaned over him, and a soft, smooth tentacle stroked up his uninjured arm. There was nothing on the appendage caressing him, no indentations or spikes. The tentacles had no suction cups like
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Chapter 7: One kiss.
Chapter 7: One kiss.In an alien lab somewhere in space, Murry accepted his death. The only thing was, he didn't want to die alone.Slowly, Keltrix slipped one tentacle into his palm. Murry closed his fingers, gripping the soft skin and the more rigid muscles underneath. He held on with all the energy he had left inside of him. The heat grew, and he felt drunk or high. Since he lived with his mom and then in the group home, Murry had never done drugs. Even though he never did them, he figured this was what being high or drunk must be like for regular people. "What if the human drinks from me?" Kel's voice was husky, and he lifted his worried gaze to JP. "Would that be enough of our genetic composition inside of Murry's human body to use our medicines? It would help him live until we reach the main ship. Then you have the supplies to fix his human parts, yes?""Drinking from you would buy time, but you know the act is outlawed. Octnavin will be cross. Even if you are the favored siblin
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Chapter 8: My only friend is a cup.
Chapter 8: My only friend is a cup.Once more, Murry woke, confused, but this time no pain. At least not pain from someone hurting him.He rolled over to ease the ache in his shoulder from sleeping on the floor. His eyes opened to bright light and a pink ceiling. He sat and looked around the room. The square area he was in was empty except for a low metal coffee table. Everything was pink- pink walls, ceiling, floor. Running his hand over the floor, Murry felt the surface. The room felt smooth, like one giant tile from a hardware store. Murry came to his feet and stared down at his naked body. Nervously, Murry slipped his hand over his balls and then to his anus. There wasn't a bloody gaping mess anywhere. He sighed with relief and then looked at his arm. Exhaling his tension, he noted that there was no half-eaten flesh either. After checking a few other parts of his body, Murry walked around and around the pink room. He discovered two doors. One exit had no handles, or latches, or h
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Chapter 9: No more of that.
While Murry tried to gather his breath, he leaned away from Kel. Keltrix stared down at the white ejaculate covering his abs. Using his top right tentacle, Kel began to suck the fluid off his skin. The way the alien moved looked like a soft vacuum cleaner hose moving over Kel's belly. The tip was cleaning the cream."You can wash it off with water." Murry rubbed his forehead with the back of his hand. He had no idea what just happened, but sucking his come off his abs was probably gross for the alien to do."I want to know what you taste like." Kel's eyes flipped to him. "But it is good to know you understand the idea of washing," he snapped. "Do not make me come in here again and clean you. I cannot do this again. There will be no more of that."Murry wondered if the alien couldn't come here again because he didn't want to have sex a third time. When Murry realized he'd used the word sex, his thoughts came to a halt. Was that sex? Was the kiss sex or not? Alien sex had never been some
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Chapter 10: This isn't Earth.
Chapter 10: This isn't Earth.Murry was expecting more alien sex. The way Keltrix pulled him all frantic had him hoping they were going to find a bed. What was in the other room wasn't more sex. In fact, as Murry entered, he stopped in his tracks. Behind Kel, Murry gapped as his jaw dropped. The all-pink room had been transformed. Now his prison cell was a replica of the group home where he lived on Earth. Everything was there, down to the threadbare throw blanket over the back of the worn couch. The coffee table was still in the room, but that furniture was the only thing that didn't match his old living space. Keltrix turned around and faced Murry. "Now it is home? Not a prison?"Damn. Keltrix wasn't lying. The alien could totally see into his mind. Murry balked at that. Alien reading his mind was right out of a sci-fi horror movie. The alien had taken the memory of the day one of the other residents had broken a chair. The three-legged chair was tipped against the dining table be
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