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An accident right from when Mark Scott was in his mother's womb granted him Electric powers. His mother died from the electrocution accident and he was born prematurely. Placed in an incubator for two months, he survived. Mark's dad discovered his son had electric powers when the former was still young. A narrow escape from the American government led them to hide and settle in an African Country, Nigeria ( His late mom's country). He concealed his powers until he reached the age Seventeen, where he had to use it in a life and death situation, which almost exposed his identity. But seems he will have to use his powers again, when Nigeria and the rest of Africa is endangered by a foreign threat.

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Adeyemi Faith
Book is good, I like your writing style
2022-03-01 05:44:53
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Abagha Franklyn
this book is excellent, got me sitting on the edge.... I love the creativity and the action!!! kudos ...
2021-11-17 07:27:59
39 Chapters
Club fight
Title: SparkEpisode 1I felt a gentle tap on my feet. I opened my heavy eyes to see my maid covering her mouth with her folded palms with her other hand gesturing me to stand up. The whole room was chocked with smoke from the burnt alarm clock I had earlier sent bolts of electricity to due to it's loud and irritating sound which woke me up from my dream of kissing my crush.  "Good morning Mark" Aunt Mary said amidst her numerous coughs. "This is the fifth alarm clock you have destroyed in less than a week" she said removing the duvet from my body. "Good morning Aunt" I said making a loud yawn, stretching my hands to opposite directions doing the same for my legs. "Get up now you will be late for school" she said pulling my left ear and dragging it, pulling me to the bathroom. "Now u give you ten minutes to freshen up, breakfast is waiting on the dining table" she said closing the bathroom door on me. I stretched my hands laying them on the sink staring into the
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Exposed identity
Episode 2The drunk guy with the phone turned the camera of the phone towards my direction like he was expecting some action from me. The one with the unbelted trousers stood up from between Belinda's legs and staggered his way towards me. "Wetin you want" he spoke out with his breath stinking of alcohol mixed with his own terrible mouth odour. With The 16 years I have spent in Nigeria I understood pidgin English well but I ain't fluent when saying it. " I want you to tell your other guy there to leave the girl alone" I said pointing my index finger towards the direction of the other guy still holding down Belinda. I could see on Belinda's face happiness and also shame. He laughed out after he processed my statement which took him a while. "Wetin you go do if we no free am" he asked immediately holding the collar of my shirt. "You don't want to find out" I replied with an evil smirk and a clenched fist. "I wan find out" he bluttered out pushing me to the ground. The dude
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Mass death
Episode 3I staggered backwards seeing myself displaying my already exposed powers. Hundreds of thoughts ran through my mind. Dad finding out, the government serching for me, everyone seeing me as a hero....... But who had this video uploaded. "Shit" I cursed under my breath as I made way to my desk. It was surely the last drunk guy that did this. I thank God I hadn't seen Belinda at first or I will have made a wrong accusation to her. I laid my head on my desk hoping this was all just some weird dream. I felt a gentle tap on my right shoulder, I looked up and saw Belinda gorgeous face with a grin on it. "Good morning Mark" she said as she pushed my body towards the other end of my seat to create space. She sat down and noticed my gloomy look. "What happened? You didn't even reply my greetings" she said as she put her warm hands on my cold cheeks. "Well i am exposed"  I said removing her hands from my cheeks. "What do you mean you are exposed" she asked with confusio
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Episode 4Written by Victor Olusa"I can't give you my phone dad" I replied clinging to the pocket where my phone was. "Ok then we use my phone" he said bringing out his phone from the pocket of his white lab coat. "Better" I lowly said. "I will put my phone on the table and let's see if u lifi it up" dad said. "Concentrate as this is yout first time and it may not happen just at once" "Alright, let's do this" I said pointing my index finger towards the phone and focusing my mind on lifting the phone. Slowly and shockingly the phone slowly rised and follow my index finger as I moved it up and down."Yes yes it worked" my dad screamed like he won a visa lottery. I dropped it down gently to the table. "Let's advance" he said with a smirk. I already knew where he was going."Common dad you are heavy I can't raise you. Let's try aunt Mary" I said with pleading eyes. "Alright go call her""Ok" I went to the sitting room
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Mum is alive
Episode 5Written by Victor Olusa'My mom is dead' I said with narrow eyes. 'That's what you think' he replied.'Don't try playing tricks' 'If you don't believe, then check this out' he said then pointed to a screen. The screen displayed a woman who was unconscious and had an oxygen mask. She had several thick wires attached to different parts of body. The camera then zoomed on her face. ''My gosh, that's mum'' I said with teary eyes. I still have a family. I was able to recognize her because my dad has tons of pictures of her. He always showed me her pictures especially when it was her birthday and their anniversary. 'How did you resuscitate her' I asked in a gentle voice.''She actually resuscitated herself we just helped in keeping her alive till this day'' He replied. 'What do you mean she resuscitated herself' I asked with arched eyebrows.''Well when she got electrified when she was pregnant, she died. But due to the electric shoc
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Chapter 6
Title: SparkEpisode 6Written by Victor OlusaThe electricity went to her brain and triggered it. I watched as she slowly opened her eyes glancing around. She kept glancing around until she saw me."Who are you" she asked "I am Mark your son" I replied almost breaking down into tears. Finally I have mom by my side. I still have a family. She had a broad smile on her face."Stop kidding boy" she said removing her hands from mine as I made an attempt to hold her hands. "I don't yet have a son, I am still carrying him" she said as she made to look at her stomach. I saw a suprised look on her face as she looked at her face. "What happened to my pregnancy" she asked with a worried and confused look. I just remembered that we are still in danger as they would have known about my escape."Mom we have to get out of here" I said as I removed all the wires attached to her body. "Why do you keep call
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Chapter 7
SparkEpisode 7Written by Victor OlusaI collected the take away pack and devoured the food contents while mom kept tabs on The Andrews. In minutes I was done with eating. I walked away from the corner where I was eating and went to where I left mom. I tapped her shoulder which made her body flinch a bit. ''Any new thing'' I asked licking the curry stained on my index finger.''Yea they are setting up the Aftroller on the rice field. '' she replied pointing towards their direction.''So what's the plan'' I asked looking at Stella's hips. My gosh this babe has the curves.''We allow them to setup the machine. I will occupy them while you destroy it'' she replied and gave me a light slap on my cheeks.''Ouch what was that for?'' I asked rubbing the part where my cheeks received the slap.''Concentrate Mark don't let your emotions ruin this only chance we have '' she said witjva scowl.Oh now i get. I nodded i
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Chapter 8
Title: SparkWritten by Victor Olusa Episode 8Vicoliz's POVYes that's me "Action god""Catch" I said tossing a gun containing silver bullets towards Luke. "I would have been dead if not for this guy" he replied catching the gun with his right hand and pointing his left finger to the young guy beside him. "Sorry bro,  I was in the bathroom when your text entered'"Now let's deal with these wreckers"I pulled out my silver blade bastard sword from its sheath and tossed the sheath aside. I stamped my feet on the ground and it caused an earth tremor. I don't really have much powers, just the normal invulnerability, super strength and very high expertise use of weapons. My favorite weapon is the sword. I can wield any kind of sword. I am like a god when I am in action(action god) I am merciless in battles and never run away from a fight. I have killed numerous supernaturals in the past an
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Chapter 9
Title: SparkWritten by Victor OlusaEpisode 9Continuation from last scene"Luke!!" Vicoliz exclaimed as he intended to run towards him to give him a hug but Seun drew him back. "How are you doing?" Seun asked with a suspicious look as he gently walked towards him. "I have this weird thirst for blood and also I have a real bad headache" Luke replied putting the back of his palm on his forehead, leaning against the wall""And I have been hearing various heart beats and blood pumping through you all veins" Luke added slumping to the ground. "Do you remember what happened last night?" Spark asked. "Hunn....oh shit...since I am alive now that means I have been turned" Luke replied remembering the whole events of last night. "Please I am going crazy right now, I feel like digging through all of you necks""Relax, May arrange for a keg of cow blood" Spark instructed and May went to
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Chapter 10
Title: Spark Written by Victor OlusaEpisode 10Continuation from Last scene Vicoliz ran through the broken walls and unsheathed his sword against the angel who had already stood up and maintained a fighting stance."Angels don't stand a chance against a god" Vicoliz exclaimed as he launched the first attack at the angel who swiftly dodged it and gave him a knee kick to his abdomen sending Vicoliz offbalance, and as a result he lost grip of his sword, in which the weaponless angel grabbed instantly and gave Vicoliz a cut on his left arm. Blood flowed from the deep cut on his arm. Vicoliz held his arm as he staggered back in pain. He took a glance at his wounded arm and put his index finger on the open wound and touched his blood. He put the blood stained index finger and licked the blood with his tongue and instantly the wound healed and closed up. The angel was shocked at what just displayed before his eyes.&n
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