A Troubled Mind

A Troubled Mind

By:  H. M. Jewell   Ongoing
Language: English
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The main character, Cara Magdalen, experiences a trauma on the eve of her 16th birthday. Anticipating a celebration of her coming of age, she instead has to deal with many unexplained happenings. She must figure out what is going on before it's too late. She finds herself running out of time. But can't seem to figure out exactly what that means for her.. The answer lies within herself. But she must figure it out on her own. Can she do it in time? Will she be strong enough to find her way on the journey she must take alone? Will she ever reunite with the people she loves? Follow along as Cara makes this incredible journey to find out.

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34 Chapters
POV Back StoryCara was born in mid September. The only daughter and youngest child of the Magdalen family, she was well loved by her parents, Mike and Angela, and two older brothers, D.W. (David Wayne, named for both of their grandfather's.) and M.J. (Michael John, who was named after his father and also his mother's grandfather.) Her family doted on her from birth. Cara was their miracle baby. Her parents had not planned to have anymore children, content with their rambunctious twin boys. Her mother had just gone back to work after the boys started kindergarten. Angela was so excited to take the job at the Bank of America in their small home town. It was just the something new She needed in her life. Angela loved her husband and the boys with all her heart. But her pregnancy had been high risk. Angela had had to quit working and go on bed rest by the 4th month of her pregnancy. She had a difficult time carrying the twins to term. But it had all been worth it when she was finally abl
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Sweet 16 Dream
Cara awoke to the screeching sounds of her obnoxious morning alarm. Despite being sleepy and so rudely ripped from her rest, there was a smile plastered on her face before her eyes ever opened. It was Monday morning and she needed to get a move on. Like any other weekday morning in tenth grade, she had to get ready for school. But this morning was special. This was the last Monday morning before her birthday. The special day was fast approaching. This coming Friday she would be turning sixteen years old, but she was even more excited about her birthday party that would be held on Saturday. She was eager to celebrate this milestone in life with the people she loved.She had studied hard for her learner's permit and had taken the test on her 15th birthday. The entire last year she had practiced driving with her parents at every opportunity she got. Cara couldn't wait for Friday afternoon. That was when her mother would pick her up after school to take her to the DMV to take her driving t
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Something Is Off
Cara tried her best to pay attention to Mr. Archenbrite's lecture. History was usually her favorite subject. But hard as she tried, today she just couldn't make herself focus. Honestly, she had struggled through her homeroom class and Mrs. Patterson's second period English class. Now her eyes kept drifting to the window. She could see the student parking lot from the window of this classroom. Kaylee's little yellow Volkswagen stood out amongst all the other vehicles like a sore thumb to her. Try as she might she just couldn't stop looking at it. The memory of their near fatal accident was fresh on her mind. How had Kaylee avoided not one but two fully loaded log trucks barreling at them at 60 miles an hour? Cara had been so certain that they were going to die when she closed her eyes and braced for impact. But there was no impact. Nothing. No sounds of rubber screaming on the pavement. No sickening sounds of metal crushing metal. No excruciating pain as her life was snuffed out. No bri
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A Nightmare
The rest of Cara's day was pretty uneventful. She met Kaylee outside the main entrance after the last bell rang. As the girls walked together across the student parking lot, Cara couldn't help but feel like something was off. She couldn't quite put her finger on what it was. It made her feel a little anxious. She tried to ignore the nagging feeling of dread as she reached for the door handle and pulled the door open."Wake up, Cara." She heard her friend say as she sat down in the passenger seat. Her head spun towards her friend, "Huh?" She replied, confused by Kaylee's statement. Kaylee looked questioningly at her. Cara asked her what she had said. Her friend replied that she hadn't said anything. Cara furrowed her brows and was puzzled. She had clearly heard her friend tell her to wake up. Kaylee glanced at her a couple times as she crunk the car and proceeded to navigate her way through the student parking lot and out into the street. Cara decided to let it go. It had been a long,
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The Call
Cara stared at the words written in the steam of the mirror. Her heart racing and fear freezing her to the spot. She couldn't breath. She couldn't move. What was going on? She knew the words weren't there before her shower. She recalled staring into the mirror before her bath. She hadn't heard anyone enter the bathroom during her shower. Was it possible someone had slipped in unnoticed? She stood there with her mind reeling. She could hear nothing but her heart beating in her ears and a faint whooshing noise. She slowly started to become more and more aware of the whooshing noise and began trying to focus solely on it. As she did she closed her eyes. Her heart beat and her breathing began to calm down as she did so. As she focused more and more on the noise she became aware of how rhythmic it was. Puzzled she listened harder. She now could faintly hear a distant beeping noise as well. She was desperately trying to make sense of the noises she heard, when suddenly it felt as though som
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The Fog
Cara's eyes slowly flickered open. She obviously was no longer on the staircase. The girl that was her mirror image was gone. She looked around confused. She didn't know where she was. Something that was becoming a constant new problem she was having. It was dark and damp. Looking straight ahead she just could make out the white painted boards of the porch roof above her. Wriggling her fingers at her sides she could feel the wooden boards of the porch floor boards and sand beneath her hands. The back of her head ached like it had been laying on something hard for a very long time. She turned her head side to side. She soon realized that she was laying on the back porch. Sitting up, her feet already on the back steps, she took a look around. She wasn't able to see very much. It was night time now. Crickets chirped all around her and somewhere in the distance a frog could be heard croaking. She could also hear the mournful hooting of an owl in the old oak tree out back. The moon was bar
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Missing Memory
Expecting the cold, hard, wet, Asphalt to recieve her. Cara felt shock when she realized that she had in fact landed on something soft and plush instead! Suddenly realizing that the horrible beeping that had threatened to drive her mad had stopped, she tentitavely opened both of her eyes and looked around. She was lying on her plush fusia rug bedside her bed. Sunlight washed over her room. Her blinds were raised and her window was open. There was a gentle, warm breeze blowing her sheer curtains up and into her room. Birds were chirping happily in the trees outside. The distant sounds of children laughing as they played down the street could be heard and the smell of chicken cooking on a grill wafted faintly into her window. Slowly, Cara stood and walked over to her window. The warm breeze wrapping around her body as she did so was a welcomed sensation. Looking out at the world around her she gently sighed. Strangely enough she felt completely at ease as she watched her neighbors go a
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Facing Reality
Cara leaned out her window looking all around. But it was as if Mrs. Davies had simply vanished into thin air! Her mind was spinning. People don't just disappear into thin air! Especially, elderly ladies recovering from a broken hip that had just fallen out of a second story bedroom window! Cara decided to get a closer look. Perhaps the old neighbor was in the brushes. That had to be it. She ran out of her room and down the upstairs hallway. She made quick work of the stairs, taking two or more at a time. As she reached the front door and snatched it open, she ran straight through. Once outside she barely made contact with the front porch or the front steps as she ran. She didn't stop until she rounded the corner to the side yard and stood panting under her bedroom window. She paused only a second before she dove into the hedges. She pushed through every scratchy bush. She saw the cuts on her arms that formed as she searched one and then another bush. She searched frantically. But Mrs.
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Hard Truth
"OK Cara, this is not going to be fun or easy. In fact it's going to be very hard for you to do. You aren't going to want to accept any of it. But it is necessary that you do.. The sooner the better. We are running out of time. You are going to be confused. And honestly, this will probably be the most emotionally painful thing you will ever have to endure. For that I am truly sorry. I wish I could spare you the truth. But I'd only be being selfish if I did. You have to go back. I can't allow you to stay here now. We aren't meant to be together yet. So please,, know I love you dearly. I will be right here beside you the whole way. I need you to relax and trust the process." Tara told her sister.Cara listened to her sister. Her heart pounded in her chest. She drew in a deep and shaky breath, exhaling slowly in an attempt to calm her nerves. Then she slowly nodded her head to show that she was ready."OK, now close your eyes and think about the first thing you remember from Monday morni
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Saying Goodbye
Cara's eyes slowly opened. She had no way of knowing how long she had been out. She looked around in confusion. She had no idea where she was at. As her eyes slowly began to focus she saw that she was now in an all white room. As she scanned the white wall in front of her she realized that there hanging in front of her was a large white board. The kind you write on with dry erase markers. On it there were names written in blue dry erase ink. Beside the names were titles listing them as CNA, LPN, RN, and doctor. As she read the list and came to the bottom, the last name jumped out to her. It read, "Patient's name: Kaylee".At that moment Cara became aware of a beeping noise and a whooshing noise behind her. Slowly she turned around. There behind her was a hospital bed. On the bed lay someone covered head to toe in bandages. The person was hooked up to an IV and had a respirator hose going down their throat. Beside the bed was a respirator, inflating and deflating. It was forcing air in
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