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The dark matter had come to claim her soul. "Don't go. Do as he says," grandmother said. Suzanne blinked and looked into her grandmother's face. "Grandmama?” Grandmother's eyes were no longer glazed, and she had spoken with such clarity when usually, her speech was slurred. At that very moment, Suzanne had no doubt that her grandmother’s mind was crystal clear. Grandmother held onto Suzanne's hand and gently pried open her palm, revealing the black mark. Grandmother's eyes narrowed as she traced her bony finger on Suzanne's palm before staring back at Suzanne. "This," she pointed at Suzanne's palm, "This is the mark of the beast.”

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A good read with a beautiful ending, would deffo recommend! ...
2021-08-04 04:52:01
user avatar
I love your books. Always different and unique. Keep up the good job.
2021-06-01 01:04:00
default avatar
Kristie Lau
Good read. Enjoyed thoroughly.
2021-04-22 21:12:58
user avatar
Łwazi David
Beautifully written. The plot develops well throughout the chapters and the picture created is undeniably beautiful. A great read.
2021-04-20 18:25:49
user avatar
The novel is compelling. Another heart-felt ghost hunting that drove me in awe. Not your typical mystery novel.
2021-04-05 11:46:27
user avatar
Shine CL
I really like the story. Just read the first chapter and fell like reading more. Nice story author 👍
2021-03-02 16:23:33
default avatar
Caia Clearwood
Wow!!! I’m in awe of this author’s writing style. Why are you not popular yet? This book should be out there on the book stands.
2021-02-06 10:58:52
user avatar
I love the plot twist! This is a refreshing storyline♥️
2021-02-02 06:50:34
user avatar
OMG the plot twist! Didn't see that coming. Now I'm hooked.
2021-01-05 15:58:23
default avatar
Joan Dare
The lastest chapter touched my heart. Simple yet profound. Please upload more.
2021-03-02 12:33:36
user avatar
Soul searcher
paranormal romance is my favorite! and you're doing well with this! you have a hit on your hands 🙌 love it
2021-01-23 15:03:10
default avatar
Interesting read. Specially like the references to the book of Revelations. Can't wait to see how it unfolds.
2021-01-09 16:41:05
user avatar
Simon Liew
Almost gave up after the first few chapters but glad I stuck to the story. Plotline's thickened and they're mind blowing!
2021-01-02 10:16:09
44 Chapters
Suzanne Summers was a clairvoyant. And a genuine one at that. Not one of those rip-offs who stared into crystal balls and charged clients a hand and a foot. Well, alright. Maybe her charges were quite exorbitant but it wasn’t every day the average Joe got to find out that his dead great grandfather wanted to share with him, his secret stash of gold bars hidden underneath the floorboards of the family house. In short, Suzanne was good at her job. She could see ghosts, speak to them and relay their messages to their loved ones. And for that, she was paid handsomely.  Today, Suzanne sat in her office. Sunlight streamed through the sole window of the room through its recently wiped glass with dust mites dancing in the sunbeam. Suzanne was hunched over her white Ikea Micke desk, papers strewn all over the place as she chewed on her ballpoint pen. Her curly dark hair was tied up loosely in a bun while her glasses kept sliding down her b
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The red Volkswagen came to a screeching halt at the crowded parking lot. Suzanne opened her car door and stepped out, pushing her glasses back up her nose. She swore to herself to get LASIK done after this job was over.  Right. You’ve been saying that for the past 6 years and you’re still wearing glasses. Groups of students could be seen walking towards the entrance of Knewton University’s main hall. Knewton was one of the most prestigious universities in the city, second only to the likes of Harvard and Princeton. “So your son lectures here. Impressive,” Suzanne said, not caring if anyone thought she was talking to herself. Yvonne Long’s spirit stood next to her and looked at the school proudly.  “Yes,” she beamed with pride and headed towards the entrance. Suzanne grabbed a red shiny toolbox from her passenger seat, closed
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Suzanne stepped out of Knewton University’s hallway entrance with her trusty red toolbox swinging in her hands.  As she bounced towards her car, she took a look at her surroundings and marvelled at all the students around her. She never did attend university, having already started her business at a tender age of 18. The youngsters seemed to live in a whole different world. For a brief moment, she wondered what life would have been like if she had been born a normal girl.  Then she shook her head. Get a grip Suzanne Summers. She opened her car door, hopped in, and started the engine. As she revved away, she missed seeing a black mist forming in the shadows at the entrance of the hallway. In fact, no once seemed to the ominous dark matter. No one could see it. It stayed there for quite some time as if confused. What was it here for again? Then, as a young woman walked out of t
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"He's coming!" Suzanne glanced up from her tablet to see an excited looking Yvonne Long squealing like a little girl.
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Yvonne stayed where she was, not inching forward at all, worried that her son would faint for another time. But of course, Tom didn’t. He gathered himself within seconds, enough for him to look at Suzanne and whisper, “Is that my mother?” He had memorized her face from the identification card that he retrieved earlier from the hospital. Surely this was some kind of trickery? “It’s me, I’m Yvonne Long. I’m your mother Tom,” Yvonne said softly, speaking directly to her son for the first time in 3 decades. Relief washed over Yvonne’s face. She could finally meet her son face to face. She started weeping, wiping her translucent tears with her shimmery hospital gown.  Tom looked at Suzanne, unsure of what to do. Here was a woman, no, a ghost who looked like his mother, crying in front of him. He never could stand seeing a woman cry, let alone the ghost of his
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D-Day-3   The black mist emerged, having made its way its up the apartment stairway, emerging at the very top floor. It slithered towards Suzanne Summer's front door and tried t
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Tom dug in. There was a ragged doll that had lost an eye, a chocolate wrapper, a pink bow tie, a photo of the little girl and her mother, and a little plastic piggy bank. The girl crouched next to Tom and pointed at the piggy bank.  Tom pulled it out. The purple piggy bank was semi-transparent and Suzanne could see that there were some dollar notes and coins in them.  You want to give this to your mommy?” she asked. The little ghost girl nodded in excitement. Suzanne's heart broke. She recalled begging for her own mother to stay, in exchange for all the money in her piggy bank.   Oh, God. She came back here just to give her mother her savings. The little girl had travelled all the way to Suzanne's apartment just so she could give her mother her savings.  The ghost pointed to the photo too. In it, the little girl was sti
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Tom stood at the door of Suzanne’s apartment, seemingly not wanting to leave. He held onto the door, faked a cough and asked her one more time, “You sure you’ll be okay with little missy here?” Suzanne laughed. Surely he wasn’t that attached to the little ghost girl? “We’ll be fine. Her time has come. I’ll need to send her on her way.” Tom scratched the back of his head, “Well, alright then.” He bent down and looked at the little girl. He couldn’t see her face still, her features were all a blur, probably due to the drowning, but he smiled at her nonetheless. “You take care okay? You’re in good hands.” The little ghost nodded her head silently. He looked back up at Suzanne who stood right next to them. “Yvonne’s waiting for you, Tom,” Suzanne reminded h
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It was nightfall, the moon shone brightly in a cloudless night and Tom stood in front of the Banks’ residence. Unbeknownst to Yvonne and Suzanne, he had been here before. But only as a guest. He had been invited to the Mayor’s ball the last Christmas as a guest and speaker. He had even chatted with William Banks that night and had found the man to be as charming as the media had made him out to be. “You look like someone I used to know,” William had laughed as they stood by the firewall, sipping Chardonnay while a violinist strode past them playing Last Christmas.  Did I remind you of Yvonne? He thought to himself. Life would certainly have been vastly different had he grown up a member of the Banks family, and not just someone who bore the same surname.  But what’s past is past. I’m here to say goodbye to him.  Tom stepped up to th
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D-Day - 1 Suzanne had just stepped out of her shower when she heard her doorbell rang. She hastily grabbed her robe and put it on before heading towards the door. On the security screen was the face of Tom Banks. She glanced at the clock on her wall. It was past midnight. Didn’t we agree to meet in the morning? She thought to herself. She turned on the microphone. “Hey, Tom!” she croaked. Great. I sound like a frog. “Sorry to intrude. But um, can I come in?” he looked like a sad puppy. A hot sexy looking sad puppy. Heck, you can do more than come in…she thought before biting her lips.  “Sure. Hang on. I’ll open the door.” She hastily tied her hair in a ponytail and tightened her robe. Her worn out robe had seen better days. She wished she had on
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