A love for an eye

A love for an eye

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Language: English
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"Lonely cold nights without anyone by your side, watching your father die in front of your eyes, watching your Mum lay like a lifeless body has undoubtedly made me cold from inside out. And let me tell you, it's not pleasant. I can be a monster with bad people and an angel with good, but for these people, I'm willing to get to my lowest point where I'll make them cry tears of pain. From this cruel man, all I want to take away is his pride and crush it between my fingers, and that's my promise to you wang. I'll do it, just watch how I play with your daughter and mess with your head. I'm sure you'll die out of grief only by trying to save her."Just wait and watch how i break your daughter piece by piece. The game has begun...

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Love the novel
2022-02-26 09:08:20
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Chiamaka Udensi
nice novel I love d ending of dis book
2021-02-24 01:48:57
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Debra Johnson
No matter how you look at it he violently raped her after tying her up. How could you forgive that. Jail jail jail
2020-10-31 11:54:42
user avatar
Jade-Queen Dean
kinda. short but good
2020-10-07 02:48:10
user avatar
This is truly awesome. Already get obsessed with it.
2020-09-16 14:17:54
user avatar
Seema Gupta
Owsm ♥️♥️♥️
2020-09-12 18:08:20
user avatar
Faezah Az
i have come to one conclusion. the writer is confused.
2021-01-09 21:12:14
41 Chapters
Chapter 1
    It was a beautiful morning. Spring was approaching so it was inevitably a little chilly. A girl with beautiful black hair sleeping on the soft feather like bed. Her lips had a silly smile with her cheeks turned in a angry colour of red.  "Jenne! You sleepy head wake up!!"  There goes my precious sleep again. She thought as she open her eyes and sign. Why is when even I am about to see that man’s face I have  wake up from my dreams? she closed her eye again.  "Let me sleep, Rean!"  "It's 10 by the way".  My eyes nearly fell out if it's a socket. “Shit!”  Dad's gonna kill me if I'm late. I quickly stood up and ran to the bathroom, did my mornin
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Chapter 2
   Jenne's pov   "What?!!! Bankrupt?"  I was outraged by the news, I couldn't believe in my ear what I just heard. Our business lawyer stood in front of us with a black folder.   My father never looked at me the whole time. His head was down.  I watched as he sat there emotionless. His fingers entwined together.  I stood up immediately from the seat and faced the lawyer in front of us.   "That's not possible. We have millions in the bank. Where did it all go?!" I asked, frowning.    "Mr Wang, the document send by the government says that you had withdrawn a large amount from the bank for investment, as well as you haven't paid off all your loans". He completely ignored me and
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Chapter 3
The mother and son pair were so into their meeting that they didn't notice the old man in his 60s leaning on the door frame with folded hands. Although he was in his 60s, he was still fit and fine,  looking much younger than his age. He coughed a little to get their attention. David notices the presence of a man behind and turns around.  "Did you forget about me, son?" The man said in his serious face. "I have sent you away to learn and become stronger; this is how you will pay me back," The man said in a raised voice. David smirk at the man, He kissed his mother forehead and then looked at the man. "You gummy old man, You become an old man now, uh?" "You  dare disrespect me!!" The old man shouted. "So what you will do?" David asked with a raised eyebrow. The old man smirk before coming near David and pulling him in his arm. "I will kill you, young man", The man laughed. "Do it, old man", David laughed before hug
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Chapter 4
I can never forget this mansion. There is a saying that a wound can be healed by time, but the scar would always remain,I would never forget the nightmare this mansion and the people who lived in this mansion given to me. Although it has been 11 years, I still remember everything that happens on that dark night.  Hesitatingly, I stepped a foot inside the gate and slowly walked in; the place looked the same as the way I had seen it last time. The maze was perfectly hedged as well, I wonder who does it nowadays?  I walked further in before stumbling upon someone...it was an old man.  "Watch where you're going".  His voice was rough, but when he stood up to face me, I was glad I found him.  "George?".  It was that same man who helped me in my miserable time. I would forget anyone but not this man. He had gotten very old, though. White hair and a really skinny body.  "You?" He pointed at me. Looki
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Chapter 5
  Mr Wang's pov  I watched my surroundings. Ugh, disappointing!! I can't believe this is what I'm living in! An old staffs cottage. That too, the one I've got it built for the staffs. This is how they took care of it? Ridiculous.  "Honey, would you like to eat something? We surprisingly have a supply of food in here. Looks like the kid did keep his promise".  "OH STOP WITH THIS NONSENSE!!" I managed to scare my wife and son at the sudden outburst.  *sigh*  "I'm sorry Honey. It's just...he must have a motive. He isn't doing this for us or being generous. He...surely has a reason." I sat back down on the dirty couch, thinking.  He's the son of a mafia. Indeed he's rich but not stupid.  What does he want?  I'm sure enough it has something to do with J
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Chapter 6
   David's pov  What a beautiful night. Those stars in the dark night, the breeze, the balcony. Here I am wrapped in only a black robe and sweatpants enjoying my view.  *closes eyes to relax*  Ugh...but there's something wrong with this room!  I immediately opened my eyes to search for what's bothering me. Nothing.  What is it? Really?  Is it the colour? The ornament-?......ohhhh.  Oh David, you stupid, this room belonged to fucking Wang. No wonder why I can't find peace in here.  Ughhh...I can't sleep in here. Not at all.  After grabbing my phone off the balcony's coffee table, I marched myself out of the room to find peace in another one. I visited various kinds.  "Opens door* 
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Chapter 7
David's POV  I can't believe she actually had guts to do that.  Oh my god!  And I thought she would disagree with me, argue with me and prove me wrong about her being so almighty. I thought she was gonna show me how week she is but this girl nearly stripped her clothes off!!! I was the one wrong all along, should have understood that she had the courage and guts to do nasty things because apparently it's all passed down to her from generation and by generation, I actually mean her FATHER!!! That piece of shit.  There's no way I can execute my plan with her being so brave and almighty. I need to be the dominant one in this game. Not her. They all have to play by my rules.  My rules...  Next morning  Jenne's pov  I woke up to the sound of my alarm going off. &
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Chapter 8
Jenne's POV  The entire day I had been cleaning the mansion! Like seriously? Me vs this giant mansion.  I'm tired as hell. My body aches from doing all the vacuum and dusting, while doing laundry and preparing dinner, mopping the marble floors as well as ti
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Chapter 9
He proceeded ahead, taking each step at a time.  "What are you doing?" She gulped as he took off his tie.  "Punishing you".
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Chapter 10
Jenne's pov  I watched him, and he watched me with his daring eyes. I quickly fixed my position and was sitting on him now because he left me no space. I could feel my crouch against his, and I swear to god it wasn't a good feeling.  Taking out some body wa
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