4.Reminding you(2)

" All of you , listen carefully. "

" If you ever disrespect me or don't obey me than , you will have a cruel punishment which I could think of and you will also be beheaded for your sinful act."

" As for this arrogant brat , who don't even have any morals and not show any values to there master will be thrown to the dungeon to rot for ever. She will be also punished with 50 laps of metal rod beating ." She gave an evil glare towards lila who acted arrogant infront of her before. But now she was experiencing the feeling of death. 

She couldn't do anything rather than beg her for mercy or die.

" Take this arrogant creature out of my sight now and put her into the dungeon." Alisha shouted out loud commanding the maids.

" Yes your majesty!!" Two maids came closer to Lila grabbing her by the arm and forcefully took her away. They didn't hesitate since they actually hated Lila as well.

" You can't do this to me your majesty!! I was wrong . Please do mercy on me. Your majesty!!!" Her sound became less and less, as she was taken out forcefully. Alisha didn't gave a damn about her and showed a cold shoulder towards her .

After she was gone , Alisha turned around facing the remaining maids who still supported Lila somewhat .

" I am reminding you all once again. I, Alisha Damien ,queen of Sovier kingdom is still alive. If anyone dared to cause trouble for me, then this will not be the punishment. Understood!!!" She asked with her frightening glare .

" Yes your majesty!!" All maid said in a same tone in fear. They were all surprised at first, when they saw Alisha was alive and not only that her behavior have also changed.

" I will not let go off that person who still disrespect her master. Being disloyal and showing off her arrogance infront of her master is an unforgivable act. If you dare follow people like Lila than only death awaits for you. "

" If I see it or hear it once more than that person will be dealt with extreme punishment. " She said while spreading her dark aura. Everyone began to shiver in fear except for one person, annie. She was overwhelmed with admiration towards her.

After giving a long speech Alisha looked at Annie who was full of admiration towards her. " You.. Take my breakfast and come to my room."

" Yes... Yes your majesty.." she said.

"..." After that she left the kitchen and all maid let out a deep sigh. Her presence was like of a demonic entity. Everyone could feel the coldness in the room as she entered. 

"I can't believe she has really changed." One maid said being terrified by her act.

" Me neither. I thought she was as dumb as before . But I can sense that she have really changed within one day. Maybe a demonic entity may have entered in her body." Everyone started shivering as they thought so.

" I also think like that." 

" It's good that she asked for Annie not  us or else we would have been eated alive by her. Now!!" 

" Stop gossiping. Haven't you seen what happened to Lila. Do you want to repeat that with you also." After Annie said that ,there was along silence and so they began to make them busy with their works.

Annie took the breakfast and carried it to Alishas room, which was already a mess. 

After Annie entered that room, then only she saw how cruelly she was treated by her own maids. 

" You .What are you doing there ? Serve my breakfast now." She showed a queen aura which made Annie to admire her more.

" Yes your majesty!!" She quickly served the breakfast and Alisha began to eat elengently like a queen . 

Annie stood there and watched Alisha eat. While Alisha was trying to enjoy her breakfast she couldn't savor the favor well because of annie's presence. So she stopped eating breakfast and stared at Annie with a annoyed face .

" You.. ughhh... Now from today onwards no one is allowed to stand here while I am enjoying my food . Do you understand!!" Alisha said.

" Yes your majesty!!" Annie replied being disappointed. She really wanted to spend some time with her majesty , even by looking at her for even a second. 

" And tell other maids that I will be taking a walk outside soon. So I need to see the surrounding clean or the punishment will be given accordingly."

" Yes your majesty!!" 

" You can go now." Before she could go Alisha interpreted her.

" Wait..." 

" Yes your majesty!!" Annie didn't know that why she made her to wait. So she stood there in a daze.

" Starting from today onwards you will be my personal maid. I charge you as my personal maid and as the head maid of this palace. Understood!!"

After hearing about her promotion from Alisha' s mouth she felt happy. As she could attend the person she admire. She was feeling like she is on the sky now and have achieved something precious than gold. 

" Thank you, your majesty . Then I will be taking my leave now." She said being excited over her promotion.

After Annie left ,then only she was able to enjoy her breakfast . She was feeling a homely feeling while she was eating her breakfast in an empty hall like room, as she did in the past life .

" System I need to know a way to get the citizens acknowledge me as the queen."

" System activated..."

" If you want to get the citizen to acknowledge you ,then you need to have power and that power can only be achieved by having a warrior , a magician and a knowledgble man with you."

" Tsk... Do you think I will be able to get hold of them within this country. What an crap recommendation."

' As if it's ever going to happen. What an illusional idea.' she thought so.

" System detects some messages from the upper hand.. "

" System got an inbox message.."

" Host you have a new message from the high God. If you want to open then please proceed or you can delete it."

" No need. Show me the message."

" System got the order..."

The system showed a big blue screen in which a message was written.

" If you want to have a warrior by your side then you have to walk out of the palace to oliya market. A warrior named Macbeth will be seen . It will all depend upon your skills that ,he joins force with you or not. Your chance must be utilized tommorow." 

' What a warrior will be at oliya market? And first of all where is this market by the way?'

" System show me the location of oilya market and give me the details of  this Macbeth."

The screen showed a map in which the location was marked and the route from palace to the market also.

" Now tell me about this Macbeth warrior now."

" He was a loyal warrior of sovier kingdom. After king Damien gave a large power to the neighbor kingdom ,he was being selled , which hurt most of the warriors who took an oath to serve the sovier kingdom because of trust. "

" After being hurted by the owners father's action they left the sovier kingdom and made their own warrior group to which they travel from time to time. So this task will most likely be a trouble for you and more over he is not an easy going person."

' I see. It's all because of her worthless father that I have to suffer now. I mean the previous queen.' 

" Because of king Damien's betrayal they all felt a deep hatred toward the sovier kingdoms royal members. They have more likely become a barbarians , mainly because of owners father action."

' of course they will become one. If not, it's a miracle after all they have been betrayed by this idiot father.' she thought so.

" They were all waiting for king Damien to repend on his sins . Which he really did."

' I see. But I don't feel like he have suffered much. Tsk ' Alisha murmured.

" If you are able to convince him to hold hands with you forming a great power. Then it will lead us to a great benefit." 

' I also know that. I don't need to know this crap , I need to know how will I make him convince to join me?' 

" The high God have given you a hint. If you want to use ,you can"

" Really!! Then show me now." She became all excited to hear the hint.

" You have a high chance of getting him convinced with your own ability that's all." 

" Is that all.." 

' what was that?? Really can it be called as a hint? It was like a reminder rather than a hint.. ughhh. My head will explode any time.' she murmured. She was feeling pathetic at her seeing herself.

Meanwhile at the sovier kingdom border.

A grey haired blued eyed man was sitting in his horse while watching the kingdom afar. He had a fitted body showing his muscles, he was having a handsome face which would attract many woman , who takes a glance at him. He  was not alone and is with a group of men , who was also riding in horses. They were standing there, watching at the sovier kingdom from a high hill. 

" Captain. Are you sure we need to stay at this traitor kingdom?" One man asked from the group.

" Yes." The gray haired man said.

" Captain. But why we need to come here. I have heard that this sovier kingdom is at the verge of distruction. It will be a waste of time staying here."

" Kevin. We are here because it's our home land. We will be staying here for some couple of days and what ever happened to us is not this kingdoms fault but it's rulers." He said.

" I see. As Captains wish." Kevin said while lowering his head .

" We have come this far , so we can't go back now. Let's see what surprises is waiting for us here." His lips curled up spreading a small smile as he said.

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