9. Form an ally temporarily.

Next day...

Alisha was enjoying her tea while taking a sip elengently. It was early in the morning and she was enjoying her tea time in the open place like terrace. She could hear the chirping of birds which gave her a good vibe.

After her reincarnation it was her first time seeing the sun rise without any worries. She was able to enjoy her tea time without worrying about the poisoning act. Since it really would be costly to buy in a kingdom like this anyway.

As she was taking a sip from her tea , Annie came running towards her . She was breathing heavily since she ran from the downstairs to the top floor.

" What happened annie?" She asked.

" Sir .... Sir macbeth is here!!" As she said that she was breathing heavily.

When Alisha heard his name been mentioned she spit out the tea at the moment.

" What??"

" He came this early..." She said.

" Pardon ... Your majesty.."

" Nothing Annie. Just tell him that I will come down and let them sit at the visiting room for now." She said while hol
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