10. Allied between your own people.

After Macbeth and Felix left the palace then only did she felt relaxed. She was really targeted by felix glaring which made her feel uncomfortable the entire time of their conversation.

" System shows up...." suddenly the system showed up without any notice.

" What is it now?" She asked the system in a low voice so that only system can hear her.

" Host got an assignment..." 

" What assignment ?" She asked in a confused state.

The system shows her a enlarged blue screen to which a task was written. She quickly click on to that task and it shows" gather support from your own palace. " Even though it was an indirect request but the task was to gather her maids support. 

After reading the task she said." I see..." Then she quickly turned to face anni who was waiting for her command.

" Annie quickly call all the maids in the palace and tell them to come at the main hall." 

" Yes your Majesty." Annie replied while lett

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