Abnormally Normal

Abnormally Normal

By:  Taristerious  Completed
Language: English
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The story tells about a teenage hybrid Rita and her struggles living as a normal girl among humans, due to her parent's forbidden love which led to their banishment from Transylvania.Rita isn't an ordinary hybrid, she's the first hybrid born of royal blood from both sides. she's the biggest abomination alive, at least that's what they use to define her. A great purpose awaits her, could she be the end of the brutal war between vampires and werewolves for good?.

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110 Chapters
**Vampires Vs werewolves** They always wanna know who's stronger, its been like that forever, but our story goes a little further.(hey! that kinda rhymed )  A very very long time ago, there was a fight between them, a huge war that even Humans got affected.
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Golden bear high, I know, that's the lamest name anyone could name a highschool but that's the name of the high school I attend. The population here is crazy, but the thing is you hardly get noticed.i love it. "hey bestie," a tall blonde says as she covers my eyes "guess who?" I let o
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chapter 2 [taste of human blood]
"I said show yourself!" I exclaimed looking at a shadow, the shadow begins to walk towards me slowly my heart began to beat, yep that's right I was scared to death!. I tried standing brave but I could feel my legs shaking, then the shadow stops then disappears. I quickly got on my feet then I look around, I started to feel someone touching my back and I felt it's breath at my neck that's when I realize.. "Don't even think about it Johnny" I said turning to him "What..am hungry," he said Pathing  " Well then go meet my mum am sure she has some animal blood in the fridge" "No...I want warm blood human blood" he said as his eyes began to widen and his fangs coming out slowly I
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chapter 3 [normally normal]
Johnny was fast asleep in my cageYes, yes my cage has a bed and everything, what can I say am still their daughter you know"Arrg my head, " Johnny said whining trying to get up
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chapter 4 [just one night]
"So are we clear on what you're going to do," I said starring at Johnny while he was hanging upside down"No everything you just said is just giving me a headache""Or maybe its because you're hanging upside down, ever thought of that?" He thinks then comes down and stands straight
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chapter 5 [why not both!]
"Frankie you've already tried more than 20 dresses pick one already" she stands looking at the mirror admiring the plain blue handless dress she put on I try to sit far from where the mirror reflected "What do you think, too simple?" I stare, she turns around showing me the dress
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chapter 6[blue moon]
"Should I say yes?, no what if something goes wrong, I mean I just met the guy, but tonights the night, I don't know what to do" Frankie looks at me with a kind of confusing face? "You think am crazy right?" "Not at all, OK maybe a little" I giggle when she said that "I guess you're just scared, when did he send you the text"
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chapter 7 [blue moon 2]
I walk fast towards the exist then I feel someone grab my hand, I turn and see mike  "Where are you going pretty? " Mike tightens his grib "whoa Rita is...is that you?" he asked with disbelieve.  I answer sarcastically "Oh No the real Rita is home asleep and am her twin "he giggles w
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chapter 8[true friend]
What can I say?, how can I explain?, what if she doesn't want to see me again?. these are the thoughts going through my head, I didn't know how to approach her or what to tell her. walking towards her right now I can sight her at her locker, okay I don't really remember much from last night ex
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chapter 9(I am not a monster)
my mum and dad are freaking out about the situation, and it caused them to a huge fight, they weren't even talking to each other, which is so unlike them. "Mum, Dad, Johnny am off to school" Johnny yells "You don't have to announce it just get out of here so I can go to bed" I roll my eyes
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