Business Wife

Business Wife

By:  Annehyeong   Completed
Language: English
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Everyone wants to be me. Who wouldn't? I've got the looks, sexy body, money and Andrew Maru Ottave, my husband.But if they will only knew who I really am and what's happening in my life, I doubt that they want to be in my place. Since I was a child, I don't have a right to choose the person I want to be with, because my parents already arranged it for me.Its not actually a new thing with the elite. Because even my parents is a product of an arrange marriage. They marry for business and have a child for business. And just like my mom I will just also be a business wife.

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41 Chapters
Chapter 1
 "I'm sorry Alex but we are not possible." I said coldly to the person in-front of me.  Alexander Monte, one of the hottest guy in our campus. Many girls are dreaming to be his girlfriend, but not me.  Its not because I don't like him nor I don't love him, its just that I don't have the right to love because I only exist for my family's business. 
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Chapter 2
'So this is it?' I said to myself.  Me and my family is now in five star hotel. Did I mentioned that this hotel is owned by the Ottave family and we will be having  a dinner with them now? I don't need to guess the purpose of this dinner. It was long planned. 
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Chapter 3
Our wedding preparation happened so fast. I can’t believe that they are able to finish all the things needed for the wedding in a span of 3 months. 
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Chapter 4
I’m not sure if what I feel right now is normal. My heart beat so fast that I think it's going to explode.  “Friend are you okay?” 
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Chapter 5
Everything is new to me. Not only this wedding but all the sudden things that is happening now.  First thing is my parents started to act as if they are loving and caring parents. And also my heart, it keeps on beating crazily.  "You okay?" Maru ask sweetly. I forced to smile just to assur
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Chapter 6
My wedding was a blast! 
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Chapter 7
 A month has passed, and now we are celebrating our very first monthsary as husband and wife. 
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Chapter 8
I can’t help myself to smile every time I remember how we celebrated our first monthsary as husband and wife. 
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Chapter 9
 If you’ll ask me, I don’t want to go home yet. I must admit, I’m really disappointed with why I discovered.  I expect too much.  I thought that we can live like a normal family. I expected too much from him.  
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Chapter 10
I was half awake because I felt someone hugging me. “Shhh” he whispered. 
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