Accidental Surrogate for Alpha

Accidental Surrogate for Alpha

By:  Caroline Above Story  Updated just now
Language: English
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After struggling with infertility for years and being betrayed by her lover, Ella finally decides to have a baby on her own. However everything goes wrong when she gets inseminated with the sperm of intimidating billionaire Dominic Sinclair. All of a sudden her life is turned upside down when the mix up comes to light -- especially because Sinclair isn't just any billionaire, he's also a werewolf campaigning to be Alpha King! He's not going to let just anyone have his pup, can Ella convince him to let her stay in her child's life? And why is he always looking at her like she's his next meal?! He couldn't be interested in a human, could he?

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Accidental Surrogate for Alpha is an exciting romance novel about a woman wanting to enjoy motherhood. It is a werewolf genre book written by Caroline Above Story, which has a high 9.6 rating and nearly 670.0k views. The story is written about Ella, who has the desire to be a mother, but infertility plagues her. While struggling, her lover abandons her, and all hope seems lost. However, Ella decides to take matters into her own hands. She undergoes an insemination procedure to conceive via a donor named Dominic. Unbeknownst to her, Dominic is a candidate werewolf to be the Alpha King. Ella was deadset on being a single mother. But it looks like the future Alpha King has other plans. However, she is conflicted with Dominic's demeanor. Does she see him as a partner or another one of his meals?

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Paula Pestana
I like the story a lot. But its a never ending story. You have to spend a fortune to read just One novel and it keeps on going non stop. Very frustratring indeed
2023-09-20 09:01:20
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Tracey Briant
this book is really good my only problem is the app deleted it from my library as I logged in instead of updating it I was very near the end
2023-09-15 18:49:50
user avatar
I'm enjoying this book, but this app is terrible! it doesn't count the correct time when reading and now it's telling me I haven't read any of this book. to say I'm pissed off is an understatement. no wonder people leave this app.
2023-09-14 23:37:30
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Dani Love
Honestly really loving this story! Only reason I got this app was for this story 🤍 cant wait to keep reading.
2023-09-02 16:14:39
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Jennifer Collins
The book is easy to follow and story lines capture audience attention. More attention to detail is needed as there is several grammar errors and character name mixups.
2023-09-01 01:22:17
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Day Dreamer
amazing book
2023-08-28 04:15:32
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Tee Aye
I’ve felt very up and down with this book, at times have absolutely loved it and other times feel like it has been a bit meh. Updates have been very consistent such an awesome effort from the author. Loved the most recent update, chapter 292!
2023-08-11 20:45:05
user avatar
Love this story so much! Don’t even mind waiting cause it’s so amazing! .........
2023-08-11 16:53:58
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I’m here because of Kindle and the fact I can’t just leave myself on a cliff hanger.
2023-08-09 13:03:52
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Day Dreamer
read this twice now very good book but would to get to the ending
2023-07-30 09:13:58
user avatar
Valtina Sylvain
One of the best books of its genre.
2023-07-29 10:33:34
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Anita Ron DeJager
Good story
2023-07-22 05:53:46
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Krystal Torres
I love this story...️
2023-07-21 09:14:09
default avatar
please let ella's and sinclair's baby be safe wouldn't be right if not thank you
2023-07-15 12:01:22
default avatar
Jasmine Burks
Love this one. I need more chapters please
2023-07-04 11:54:40
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346 Chapters
#Chapter 1- Betray
Ella“I’m sorry Ella.” My physician says gently. “I’m afraid you have very few viable eggs remaining. Frankly, I normally see these numbers in women ten or fifteen years your senior.”“What?” I murmur, not believing my ears. I’ve been trying to get pregnant for years. I’m only 30, I should have plenty of eggs left.“In terms of fertility, you have very little time left.” She continues. “If you want to conceive, you need to do so before your next cycle begins.”“My next cycle?” I repeat, my mouth hanging open in shock. I love kids more than anything, and though it might not be everyone’s ambition, I want nothing more than to be a mother.I have to get home and tell my boyfriend this news, and there’s not a moment to waste.I make it home in record time, bursting through the door and opening my mouth to call for Mike, but stopping dead in my tracks. As soon as I walk inside I see a pair of high heels and a handbag by the door – neither of which belong to me.I cock my ears towards the b
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#Chapter 2 - Be Fired
EllaSix days to go. I think, staring at the date circled on my calendar. Six days until I find out if my dreams are finally going to come true… or if I have to figure out an entirely different plan for my life. I’ve thought about nothing else since Cora inseminated me last week, I’m so anxious to find out if I’m pregnant I haven’t even begun to process Mike’s betrayal.I’m trying to keep a level head, yet I can’t help but imagine my future with this new baby. Try as I might, I catch myself daydreaming about it constantly. I even find myself humming as I get ready for work in the morning.When I arrive at my employer’s estate in the most exclusive neighborhood in Moon Valley – which basically makes it the most exclusive neighborhood in the world, since Moon Valley is one of the most expensive cities on the planet – I’m immediately greeted by two little voices shouting my name in excitement. “Ella!”The next thing I know, 3-year-old Millie is hugging my legs while her older brother, J
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#Chapter 3 - Request
EllaThree days to go.I repeat these words to myself as I walk down the street, still preoccupied with my possible pregnancy, even as I prepare to go to bat for my sister. In some ways it's a coping mechanism: I’m about to beg Dominic Sinclair to save Cora’s job, and I need a comforting thought to help me get through this.His bodyguards see me first, and I can see their mouths moving as they watch me move closer, no doubt notifying him of my presence. Approaching nervously behind Dominic, I wonder for the hundredth time if this is a mistake. Who am I to ask a favor from one of the most powerful men on the planet? Shaking myself, I tell the little voice in the back of my mind to shut up – this is for Cora. I might not be brave for myself, but I can be brave for her.“Mr. Sinclair?” I ask hesitantly, feeling my heart pound violently against my ribcage. He turns around and gazes imperiously down at me. “Yes?”“I’m Ella Reina, I nanny for Jake and Millie Graves.” I begin, gnawing on my
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#Chapter 4 - Desperation
EllaMy hands are shaking as I dial Kate’s number. Have I ever been this angry? If I have I certainly can’t remember it now.“Hello?” Kate answers almost immediately, using a sickly sweet tone that screams of fakeness.“Kate?” I state bluntly. “Are you with Mike right now?”There’s a pregnant pause on the other end of the line, before she weakly responds, “What? Of course not.”“Come off it Kate, do you really think I don't know about your shit?” I demand. “I’m not a complete idiot.”“Ella listen–” She begins, obviously gearing up to give me some sort of excuse.“No, I don’t even care about your little affair anymore – but I need to talk to him right now.” I declare fiercely.There’s another pause, and then Kate’s voice drops its innocent tone. “You don’t care?” She repeats, sounding truly shocked. “ You know I’m already pregnant?”I wasn’t prepared for that particular piece of news. I clench my hands into fists, feeling so furious I think I might actually break the phone with my tigh
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#Chapter 5 - Pregnancy test
Ella“No, I understand.” I murmur into the phone. “Thanks for listening at least.”I wearily hang up the line, burying my head in my hands. I spent all morning calling in every favor and loan I possibly could, throwing my dignity right out the window to beg my friends and acquaintances in my time of need.I’ve never thought of myself as a proud woman, but begging this way was more of a challenge than I could have imagined.I only wish I could help Cora as well as myself. She’s still waiting to hear if she’ll be fired, and while she’s not supposed to be handling any samples, she got permission to do my tests this afternoon. After all, I’ve already been inseminated, so her supervisor didn’t see any risk of further negligence.Still, I’m far from excited when I walk through the front doors of the sperm bank. Ten days ago I was heartsore but optimistic for the future, yearning for a baby more than anything else in the world. Now I’m dreading the exam.However my trepidation soon gives way
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#Chapter 6 - He's a werewolf
Ella“Your pup?” I parrot, realizing I must sound like an idiot the way I keep repeating him – but it’s all too strange and surreal. I feel like I’m having a dream – one that may or may not be a nightmare. “What are you talking about?”I might have been admiring his physical prowess a little while ago, but now I’m back to thinking Dominic Sinclair is just plain terrifying. I’ve known my fair share of bad men, but none of them have ever intimidated me the way he does. It’s like he’s superhuman, giving off waves of energy that make me want to curl up into a little ball at his feet.“You.” He narrows his eyes at Cora, then gestures to me. “Is this what you did with my sperm, you inseminated your friend?”“Of course not!” She objects hotly, though there’s a noted shake in her voice. “Yes, I inseminated Ella last week, but not with your sperm. She chose a donor from our client dossier.”“You’re lying.” He accuses, stating the accusation as if it’s fact. “Ella clearly knew about the samples
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#Chapter 7 - Agreement
Ella“This baby is mine.” I tell him possessively. “You can’t just tell me you’re magic and expect me to take that as proof you’re the father.”“My senses don’t lie, little human.” Sinclair declares, leaving no room for argument. “Nor do my investigators. You’re not in any position to care for this child. Your income is too low to pay off your debts in time, and no woman who claims to be responsible would ever get pregnant in such a situation.”“My income?” I force the words out through clenched teeth, “what income? You got me fired!”The big man… or wolf, I suppose, blinks in surprise. “You were fired?”“Now who’s playing dumb?” I demand wryly. “You called the Graves after I asked you to help Cora, you got me fired and ruined my reputation.”“I did no such thing.” He insists. “I didn’t even know you were no longer employed.”“I thought your investigators were the best?” I taunt, and I can feel myself toeing the line of his temper.“Clearly this was very recent.” He bites back. “And
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#Chapter 8 -Compromise
Ella Up until this point of my life, I’ve hated a handful of people. At the moment Mike and Kate are at the top of my list, but they aren’t alone. However Dominic Sinclair is very quickly rising through the ranks and making a play for the top spot. Mike and Kate’s betrayal hurt so much because I cared for them both, but Sinclair might be the first person I’ve encountered who I dislike this strongly after so short a time.He’s looking me up and down with the bearing of a wolf deciding how to devour the rabbit in its claws, and I realize that’s all I am to him. All those intense looks over the last couple of years, every encounter, every smile – the entire time he’s been thinking I’m some lesser being, the prey to his predator. Maybe he’s like Mike and thought I was a particularly attractive specimen, but in the end they’re the same sort of monster.“There is no offer you could ever make me that would convince me to give you my child.” I tell him sharply. “I am not for sale, and neithe
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#Chapter 9 - Counterattack
EllaI blink my eyes open warily, knowing I’m not at home in my own bed solely by the luxurious mattress and beddings surrounding me. The last thing I remember, I was in Cora’s office with none other than Dominic Sinclair, who was single-handedly offering to save my future and break my heart in one fell swoop.I was about to sign away my rights to my baby… my baby, I think dazedly, pressing one hand to my belly. Am I really pregnant? After all this time? The idea that I have to give up my child because life dealt me yet another ruthless blow makes me feel sick to my stomach… in fact, I lurch from the bed and race for the bathroom, feeling my insides roil and clench. I make it to the toilet just in time, emptying my stomach into the porcelain bowl and dropping to my knees with a groan of misery. I suppose that’s all the proof I need. I really am going to be a mother… but for how long? 30 seconds? Five minutes? Will Dominic Sinclair give me the opportunity to even hold my baby before
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#Chapter 10 - Move
3rd PersonSinclair glared down at the tiny human in front of him. It seemed every time he saw Ella she grew more beautiful, especially since he learned she was carrying his pup. She’d been an enchanting distraction before, now she was almost irresistible. With fair skin, rose gold hair and eyes so amber they almost seemed metallic, he found it hard to believe she was not a wolf herself. However, as delectable as her scent was, she was clearly nothing extraordinary. “Why did you leave?” Sinclair demanded, scanning his sharp eyes over her body to make sure she was unharmed. His attention lingered on her flat tummy, where his pup safely rested. He could still smell it, hear its tiny heartbeat and feel an inexplicable connection to the miniscule bundle of cells.“Because I’m not a dog. I don’t sit and stay just because you tell me to.” Ella announced, crossing her arms over her chest.“I didn’t order you to do anything.” Sinclair argued, baffled by the way his wolf purred in response to
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