A Queen Among Darkness

A Queen Among Darkness

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*Book 4* Isolde's life was full of love and joy. She was set to be High Priestess of the makkari, but everything changed in a single night when she lost everything at the hands of someone she thought she could trust. For centuries she has been on the run, helping the supernatural community under the cloak of anonymity while she works to clear her name and save the very people after her, from destruction. Enemies are closing in, but an unexpected complication befalls her when she realises she's been fated to someone who wants her species exterminated. After all, an evil chance seldom comes alone. A Queen Among Darkness is the fourth book in the Queen Among series. Each story is set up in the previous book, so reading the books in order is recommended. Here are the books in the series: A Queen Among Alphas - Book 1 Bite-Size Luna - A Queen Among Alphas Prequel A Queen Among Snakes - Book 2 Runaway Empress - A Queen Among Snakes Prequel A Queen Among Blood - Book 3 Whole Again - A Queen Among Alpha's spin-off A Queen Among Darkness - Book 4 Dark Invocation - A Queen Among Darkness spin-off A Queen Among Tides - Book 5 Valor, Virtue, and Verve - A Queen Among Tides Prequel Spin-off A Queen Among Gods - Book 6 A Queen Among Tempests - Book 7

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Pearls Curse
A passionate and empowering addition to a fantastic series. The cliffhanger has me eager for more!
2023-10-27 14:50:25
user avatar
The female empowerment and unique mythology keep me addiction to this series. Incredible!
2023-10-24 12:16:36
user avatar
Jennifer Griffin
I have loved all the books in this series so far, but this one is my favorite. Another strong, female main character with a love story I can relate to!...
2023-09-19 01:05:52
user avatar
Grace Warren
More moving and poignant than anticipated
2023-09-13 04:56:06
user avatar
Kyle Perry
increadibly woven stories in a phenomenal series. the journey of these characters was such a joy to experience
2023-08-20 09:29:52
user avatar
the perfect story of love overcoming the worst kind of prejudice.
2023-07-22 21:14:01
user avatar
these books don't even get half the credit they deserve. they pull at the heartstrings
2023-07-22 20:47:52
user avatar
i've never read a GxG story before but i official love this one. so tasteful and poignant and even more sensual
2023-07-22 20:07:17
user avatar
i never want this series to end!!
2023-07-22 19:39:12
user avatar
Oogie Boogie
girl power to the max!! not enough GxG stories on her or in the paranormal genre. especially that don't promote sterotypes. another must read
2023-07-22 18:39:42
user avatar
i hope this series never ends. Isolde and Valeria kick ass
2023-07-22 18:23:57
user avatar
when we say representation matters, THIS is what we mean. thank you so much
2023-07-22 16:57:17
user avatar
if you ever doubted the power of women, this story gives you a double dose and packs a punch
2023-07-22 13:11:06
user avatar
Denae O'Connor
This is by far my favorite book in this entire series. Not every author can write a same-sex relationship and make it so layered and nuanced instead of "corny". A.D. Burnell is a Queen Among Authors, and I can't wait until they get thr recognition they so thoroughly deserve.
2023-07-10 10:58:17
user avatar
Andrea W
Another amazing book in this series! Can't wait for the next one!
2023-06-15 22:38:26
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75 Chapters
Chapter 1: Time Stamp - Isolde
My eyes snap open and my body jolts to life as I’m awoken by the sound of agonised screams. I slowly sit up, my muscles protesting from fatigue, dehydration, and starvation while I lean my head back against the cement wall. I close my eyes and try to block out the screams that float down the corridor and into my cell, making me wonder when it will be my turn next. Three days. I’ve spent three days in this cell with my body wasting away as I listen to the sounds of torture. I’d complain, but I don’t see the point. After all, I put myself in this situation. No, that’s not me being self-deprecating, I mean I LITERALLY put myself here. Though I wasn’t supposed to be here this long waiting for another prisoner to show up, so we can chalk this one up to poor timing on my part. Visions really should come with time and date stamps. Would make my life much… okay, it wouldn’t make my life EASIER, but it would allow me to help others just a tad more efficiently. Four days ago I had a vision of
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Chapter 2: The White Room - Isolde
“Let’s have a little fun, shall we?” My captor gloats as he picks up a small blade from the tray and I hear the sizzle as he slowly runs the blade down the inside of my forearm. I can’t hold back my scream as searing, burning pain spreads through my arm as I feel the blade slice through my skin. Fucking mercury! “What’s the matter? Don’t you like mercury? Oh, that’s right, bruja’s hate the stuff,” he smirks as he proceeds to run the blade down the inside of my other arm, forcing another scream of pain from me as I instinctively fight against my restraints. “If you’re going to torture a race, you should at least learn the fucking name of the race you’re torturing!” I hiss at him, panting and trying to stop the tears that are building in my eyes as the burning pain from the mercury begins to spread through my body. Sick, twisted fucks. I have a very selective list of people I loathe, but venators are pretty high on the list. Especially now. Venators and venatrixes are just humans with
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Chapter 3: Coming Home - Valeria
“Señorita Cabrera, we’re home,” announces my driver, pulling me from my daydream. As I open my eyes I feel the exhaustion from my long journey dissipate as the gates of Casa Montero come into view. I smile and glance out the tinted windows of my town car at the beachfront villa I have called home my whole life. It’s been two weeks since I’ve been home, and I’ve missed it terribly. I watch as the gates open, and the car pulls into the entrance, stopping in front of the doors of the villa. I’m quick to exit the car and breathe in the salty sea breeze that lets me know I’m home. As my driver gets out and grabs my bags from the trunk, I let myself into the villa, and instantly see my mother hurrying down the stairs with her arms spread open to greet me. “¿Cómo estás, mija?!” she cries as she reaches the bottom of the stairs and races over pulling me into her arms. I wrap my arms tight around her and inhale her familiar perfume, relishing how good it feels to be home. “Hola, mamá, I’m go
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Chapter 4: An Act of Mercy - Valeria
I must have fallen asleep at some point because I find myself being woken up by a knock at my bedroom door. I give my body a quick stretch and get up to open the door. “Sí?” I ask as I see one of my family’s guards, Rahui, at my door with a nervous look on his face. Always amusing when I see a man over six feet tall looking nervous around me, though in this case, I can’t tell if he’s nervous about me or something he wishes to tell me. “My apologies for the disturbance, Señorita Cabrera, but since you are home, you did instruct me to come to you if your brother was ever to get out of control with one of the prisoners,” he says carefully. I close my eyes and take a slow deep breath in an attempt to keep calm before I open my eyes to look at the guard before me. “What has he done?” “He is currently torturing one of the fish people in the White Room,” he informs me. That fucking room. I hate it. It was intended to be a room for interrogation, so we could learn more about supernaturals
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Chapter 5: New Prisoner - Isolde
This sucks. I know I said I’m not one to complain, but this sucks. Even without being in this cell, I wouldn’t be able to heal and at this rate, I don’t know which might kill me first, blood loss or infection. I get the feeling these assholes don’t really care about the hygienic conditions of their dungeons. It’s not like venators have health and safety inspections. No, that would imply they cared about our well-being or saw us as human. To them, we’re less than human. They would show more respect to a dung beetle than they would to one of us. The thing is, we may be supernatural, but we are still human too. If you looked at our blood you would still see the clear signs of the human genome. We just have some additional cells as well. Excluding irshiusts and raitruums, we all come from humans, we just have a few extra quirks. But do they care about that? No. Why? Because they all drank the Kool-Aid and now believe the sales pitch like it’s fucking gospel. It’s equally sad and pathetic.
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Chapter 6: Break Out - Isolde
“Isolde? Isolde, wake up.” I hear someone whisper. I slowly open my eyes and take a moment to let the blurry figure to my left come into focus. It’s Alpha Jasper, with something glowing in his hand. “Is this supposed to be happening?” He asks. My vision finally clears up and I can see the pendant in his hand glowing brightly. I smile and nod, “How long did you have it in the sun?” “A few hours. You looked like you needed the rest, and the humans have been busy,” he says with a disgusted look on his face. I can guess what they’ve been busy with. “So what do I do now?” “If you’re ready to get out of here, then stand back and throw it at the bars. We have to be quick because they’ll send an army down here to stop us, and each one will be packing everything they need to kill us,” I warn him. “Boom and run. Got it.” He gets to his feet and presses himself back against the cell wall as I struggle to my feet, using the brick wall behind me for support. Jasper takes in a deep breath and hu
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Chapter 7: Family Discourse - Valeria
As I stand in the booth of the villa’s firing range, I load another cartridge into my Beretta, aim, and fire several shots, each one delivering a successful grouping hitting the centre of the target and the centre of the head. I haven’t even been home a full day and already my father and Mateo have me in a foul mood, so I’m taking my anger out on some targets. I’ve already gone through six cartridges and I’m not feeling my mood improve. “Mija?” I hear my mother call. I glance back to see my mother across the grass walking over to me. “What’s bothering you?” She gently asks, placing a gentle hand on my shoulder. “What makes you think something is bothering me?” I ask as I fire another shot. “You only ever spend this much time practising your shots when something is bothering you,” she says with a knowing smile. Leave it to a mother to know her daughter so well. “This is about your father, isn’t it?” “And Mateo,” I spit. “I know you tend to butt heads with them, but what they do, th
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Chapter 8: Bound - Isolde
Every wound and injury my body has sustained is screaming out in protest thanks to the weight on top of me, but at the same time, I feel my energy increasing. I sigh with relief when I feel the weight roll off me, only to find that relief short-lived when I glance over to see the venatrix who was pointing a gun at me now laying in the dirt with me. “C’est quoi ce bordel?!” I shout as I struggle to my feet, “You hijacked my portal?!” “I think I’m going to be sick,” she groans. Portals can be a little disorienting the first time, even more so for humans, but that’s what she gets. With a few gestures from my hands, I call on my depleting magic, feeling my obsidian eyes take over as purple energy travels between her and myself, latching itself around her ankle and my wrist before turning into a golden thread and disappearing. I then snap my fingers and watch her gun disappear. Won’t be needing that. My knees start to buckle, and it takes everything I have not to fall down as I close the
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Chapter 9: Role Reversal - Valeria
Well, this bites. I just had to lunge at her. I still have no idea what compelled me to do that. I had my gun; I should have shot her. I didn’t have to kill her, I could have just gone for the knee, but no, some ass-backward instinct told me to jump and now I’m her prisoner. Talk about a role reversal. Though as far as prisons go, this isn’t a bad way to spend my time.The room has a lovely modern gothic style to it, everything in shades of black from the textured wall to the carpet and the furniture. A stunning black leather framed bed with a matching ottoman and full-length padded leather headboard. There’s a stunning black vanity with gold accents and an ensuite. The dim lighting gives it a soothing atmosphere and the pops of white and grey give the room lift. It’s not my usual taste at all, but I honestly love it. It's dark yet inviting and incredibly elegant.I take a quick look around and try the door to the right, but that only opens up to… holy shit, can I have this bathroom?!
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Chapter 10: A Friendly Assist - Isolde
As I put the plates in the dishwasher I keep waiting for the moment I’ll wake up. The moment I get to realise this has all been some fever dream and not the Goddess of Love playing the worst cosmic joke on me. I still can’t believe she fated me to a venatrix. I don’t care that she’s human, I just care that she’s someone who has a deep seeded hatred for all things supernatural. I’m not sure the animai bond can get rid of that much prejudice. If you’re willing to go so far as to kill people because they disgust you so much, I doubt you’re going to willingly change your ways and fall in love with one. As I bend and close the dishwasher I feel a shooting pain in my ribs that has my knees buckling as I clutch my side. I can’t go on like this. I’d love to act like I’m some tough person who just waves off pain, but I’m not. Makkares aren’t like other supernatural beings like shifters, we don’t have fast healing. We heal at the same rate as mortals, and right now that is a fact I loathe. Wha
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