The Mansion {Madres Mansion}

The Mansion {Madres Mansion}

By:  Aider Kwin  Completed
Language: English
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The cold breeze in my face, clinging tightly to my bare arms. My arms wrapped around my torso in an attempt to keep me warm. Tears streaming down my face as memories of Harry's cruel betrayal flood my mind. Of all days, he chose my birthday to hurt me. My red pumps creating a gentle click sound with every contact it made with the tarred road. Creating the only sound the night breeze brings to my ears. Asides my sobs and the distant barks of the neighborhood dogs. My third sense is sudden activated as I sense I'm being followed. I smell danger. Walking alone on such desolate streets doesn't seem like the best idea I could have come up with. I wasn't thinking straight when I made that choice. I should have called my driver to come get me!. This creepy feeling becomes more intense and I decide to do the one thing I know I'm good at; run!. I throw my purse and phone away as I begin to run in frenzy I feel something hot on my trail, when I look back, all I see is dark fog. The more reason to run faster. The road fairly lit by moonlight, my heart in my mouth and prayers of help and mercy escaping my lips. Finally, I hear music playing from loud speakers. I'm close to civilization!. I keep running frantically.... Tales of missing children are considered a fallacy till teenage Sonia goes missing... Follow Sonia on her desperate quest to break free... And bring the truth to light

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Vanessa Dugbenu
not a bad read
2022-02-19 18:44:32
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this is great
2021-12-11 01:21:10
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Dave white
I love this book, ride on author ...
2021-09-27 06:42:09
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It’s a good story!
2024-01-11 06:01:45
103 Chapters
The heat I feel makes my entire body feel as though I have been deeped in water, but the smell that fills my nose makes it well known that this is not water. The fact that I can breathe makes it clear that I am definately not under water.I slowly pull my heavy eyelids up my equally heavy eyes. My vision is at first blur but slowly begins to get cleared.My gaze is first meet by my white dress~that's now not so white. Rumpuled and unsettled on my laps. I feel my head banging and the brass smell of blood fills my nose.Being a runner in school, and having sustained many injuries, I definately know what blood smells like~ at least my blood. odd?.I slowly raise my head as it's hanging over my laps. My eyes are welcomed by darkness but as soon as they adjust to the darkness, I begin to make sense of the room~atleast a little.All that's before me is a door. Proberbly wooden, I can't make out
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Not long after I had been set free.. Ish, the creature returns to the room and without exchanging words, it wraps it's bony and cold fingers around my left upper arm and pulls me towards the door. Normally,I would have yanked my hand out of such grip. But dare me to do so now.All I hear is silence and my own breathing.  What ever is happening, I can't make sense of and Harry for his own good should soon put an end to this madness if this is his handwork. Of course it is! Who else would kidnap me and tie me up in a room. I have wronged no one! Not even him. Uugh!  Once I step out of the room, I am welcomed by cold breeze. The corridor is a bit dark but I keep following this creature as it pulls and tugs at my arm to indicate when to stop, move or turn.  Not long after, we approach a very long and empty hall way brightly lit with the orange glow from candles . With dried leaves allover and windows on
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The door opens with the loudest and most unbearable creaking sound ever. Standing before me, is about a hundred more beings with the same dress code and physic as the creature holding on to me. Thank God I didn't try to escape. I thought there could be dozens!?.. There are hundreds!  The creature reduces its tight grip on my arm and carefully ushers me into this coven.. Hall... You get the point~ right?.  Goosebumps cover my entire body. Something seems off and this is the worst feeling I have felt in a long time. The last time I felt like this was when I was left in an elevator by my mother. It was an accident and I was just eight years old when that happened. But now, this is more intense and worse.  I climb up on the... Podium? And stand before the other creatures. I don't make a move from where the creature left me and I watch in silence as it walks towards its fellow... Creatures.  
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"Why my prince, you look rather rattled. It's been long you saw someone die. Come forward" she says lovingly but yet in a creepy manner looking towards the crowd. The children here are really accustomed to silence as all I hear are my gasps, coughs and the footsteps of the person she called. "Rise" she says to me. I want to rise but i still can't get my system and secondly, she can't boss me around. She should just kill me instead."I said rise! " she screams and I feel a tingle in my throat. For fear of repition of the earlier occurrence, I place my palms on the ground and try to push myself up but I slam back into the ground as my entire body is still shaken. "Help her up!" She orders. And instantly, two creatures appear besides me. They pull me to my feet's and hold me up.I fix my gaze on my dirty and bare feets. Blisters and bruises allover them. How am I not f
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Good morning
Panic had already began to build in my system and my forehead head had began to produce sweat at an unbelievable rate. I felt as though I would pee on myself. "Who's there!? " I ask again in fear, but my question is replied by a screeching sound.. All of a sudden, a rat dashes towards me causing me to scream. The only thing on my mind is how to get to the bed. I make my way towards the bed screaming, jumping, crying and swinging my arms in all directions as I hop from leg to leg. I jump on the bed sitting on my legs as i watch the rat run about the partially dark room. I finally adjust to a better position when my calves begin to hurt from me sitting on them. I draw my knees to my chest and use my hands to strap them put. I begin to wonder what is going on. Where am I?, how did I get here?, do my parent's have any idea where I am or last was?, am I going to die here?, what happened to that li
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  The creature pulls on my arm and I resist the pull. Although there is no more space between us, it moves closer to me as though daring me. An action which most definitely irritates me and puts the will to stand up for myself in me.  It pulls again and I stand up and push it away aggressively. The feel of touching it is inexplicable. It was as though my palms came in contact with rid cages that layed directly beneath the dark hood.  What was more alarming was it's reaction. It didn't stager as expected but rather slid across the room till it got to the door. The movement was so smooth you'd think it slid on ice.  I scream as it jumps from across the room growling and lands right before me. One hand on my neck and the other hand raised with nails which seem to have grown longer, ready to claw my face. I close my eyes as I anticipate the antagonizi
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I quickly wipe off the tears that are forming in my eyes before they fall. My mouth drops open at the sight before me. There are a over a hundred bathtubs in here. But that's not it, these tubs are meant to be white, but they are all brown and clearly dirty. The color of the water is another story. And let's not even talk about the tuns of naked girls taking their baths in this filthy things!!. The question is; are they actually getting clean or dirtier!?. I keep starring at all the girls. Different shapes, heights and color. How did they end up here?. Were they all abducted like me? Don't they wanna go home?  And are they honestly comfortable getting into such polluted water!??."I also was a spoilt brat when I first got here. Didn't take a bath for the first three days. Till my pits became fragrance factories, and I had to decide which I liked better between eye stinging, cringe worthy or nose bleeding
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I keep my gaze fixed on this creature for fear of my life. I look up and I see the creature looking straight ahead. I want to turn to see who the creature is starring at but fear has other plans so I don't move a muscle. The creature suddenly let's go of my hair and stands up growling. It then begins to walk away ~ I really have made alot of creature enemies between last night and this morning. I get up and use my palms to brush off bust from my body. I look behind me to see who saved my life or at least even say thank you. But all I see is almost everyone's heads starring towards the bottom of the stairs. Whoever it was had apperantly began to walk down the stairs and the look of admiration seemed to be plastered on everyone's face. I can't see through the crowd so I have no idea who it was. But the British accent makes me think it's gaze boy (the white witches 'most important child') ~i gave him the na
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I spend the rest of my time reminiscing over Desmonds words and all I have just learnt. The white witches name is 'Madre' ~ sounds like mother.. Yuck!. The creatures are called 'fratellos' ~ what an odd name. And did Desmond just insinuate the possibility of my death at the hand of these monsters!? ~of course he did. Who knows what to expect from this nut hole anyways!? I don't like it here one bit. I wonder what my parents must be going through. They must be out of their minds searching for me. Harry clearly isn't behind this. And somehow I wish he was. Then I'd know getting out would be alot easier. And ugh! How did I not think of this!?. My driver. Poor Mr. Simon must be in alot of trouble. They might be thinking he kidnapped me! Oh dear LORD, help that poor man out of any trouble he may be in. I look down at my hands and I sight that hidious scar. The one Madre inflicted on me. I forgot to ask Desmond what it s
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I turn around and find a Fartello standing behind me. It looks into my full bowl and then back at me. I look away from it as I don't like this creatures and want no form of direct contact or interaction with any of them. It suddenly takes hold of my bowl and tilts it into Gabbys bowl. A little but odd starring contest is held between them for a few seconds and then it walks away. I notice Gabby tensen in her seat and then she begings to discharge the aura of discomfort.I begin to fundle with my hands under the table. I keep looking around at people who are busy eating in silence and some who are done with their.. Food.~honestly, how are they consuming this!?I keep looking around till my gaze again falls on Desmond who is apperantly done with his meal and was resting majestically in his seat his metal dancing between his fingers. His gaze is glued to me. Goodness knows for how long he had been starring. He doesn't seem to car
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