Adventures Into Love

Adventures Into Love

By:  Abigsavell  Completed
Language: English
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Having being abused and trampled on by her mother, and a missing father. Alicia decides to find happiness out of home, but She became devoid of feelings and fear of men after being used and dumped. She decides to revenge on all men but her first attempt makes her heart beat, is she going to succeed or fail?

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Julia Nora
keep going.. can't wait for more chapter. do you have any socmed that i can follow?
2021-08-04 18:31:35
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Try it you would love it.
2021-02-08 06:38:49
83 Chapters
Education Is The Key To Success
 I walked inside the school with a smile on my face ‘ well today is a new day, weekdays are the best’ I thought.As always, the proprietor smiles my way and says, “Smarty, always on time, how was your week ends?” he asked smiling.“Boring as ever, how was yours too sir?” I asked.“Good, it was good, you should learn to be happy at home you know? No where is better than home. Now you can go, I know you have duties. Have a nice day. ” he advised. “I will sir, school is the best place ever. ” I said to him laughing.I hopped away but turned to look at him still smiling my way ‘school is the best place ever. ’ I repeated in mind.Three hours later(break time)In the garden,I walked out of the classroom to the garden with my friend Lizzy, and saw my classmates in groups under the summer huts. I wasn't someone to join such groups because they never had good conversations and I wasn't good in initiating or keeping up o
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Rescue Me
I can't wait a minute after school in the school if not my tigress of a mother would kill me. Loneliness they say breeds hatred and this hatred was directed towards me and not my mischievous brother. Yes we are two children but he was the one that was showered with all the love and care. But I was the one who was brilliant hence his hatred towards me. As for me, I just had to do everything right then I won't get hurt.I walked inside the house with my head down, in fact every time that I enter the house, I felt down spirited. I saw my mother sitting on the porch of the house and wanted to greet her but every time I saw her, my heart beats faster so I start to stammer. And she hated it when I stammer so I decided to calm my accelerated heart in order not to stammer in front of her. But my wait sent me into trouble.“What are you doing standing there for don't you know how to greet?” she sneered, she knew she had gotten me.“ mom, good...after..noon. ”
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Dress Decently
I rushed out of the house with my swollen eyes and my head down then bumped into someone, I looked up and saw our school beauty, she was adored by everyone in the school because of her beauty. She smiled my way and said,“Hey, watch where you going. ”I looked at her and she saw my swollen eyes and asked worriedly,“What's going on, what's wrong with you? Who hurt you?”I looked at her worried face and thought why is she worried about me? I'm neither her friend or family.I looked  down at her and saw that she was dressed in a mini blouse and a mini flared skirt. Her dress looked as if she was going or on the beach.‘Wow this girl can dress, doesn't she feel uncomfortable? ’I smiled and replied to her,“I'm okay, but you why are you dressed like this? Don't you feel uncomfortable?”She looked down at me and smirked, and said,“You that have being dressing
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My Heart
My life had never being the same after my father left the house, I heard muffled noises in my mother's room every night. I didn't know if I didn't give her the needed love she expected. Going out of the house had become a problem because I didn't want her to be alone in the house. My friends had said, I had become non approachable but I knew it wasn't my fault, I didn't want them to know my pain and get affected by it. They deserved absolute happiness and with me there they couldn't.I had limited my self to my studies and as I laid in bed thinking about what I had being taught in school, I heard my phone ringing.“Whoever it is, I am not going out. ” I muttered to myself and took my phone to see that it was actually Lucky my friend calling.‘You better have something very important to tell me for disrupting my studies. ’ I thought.“Hi, Lucky how do you do?” I greeted.“How do you do?” he responded.“This time you are calling me, what's the probl
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SarahBah!!And I cried out of pain because my hurting buttocks made contact with the floor.“Ouch, that hurts. ”Then I heard the worlds amazing voice, and an extended hand.“Are you okay?”I looked up to see a pair of charming eyes looking down at me.“Hahaha!! I am okay. ” I replied.I held his hand and got up, I cleaned my forehead which now had sweat on it.God this guy makes me feel nervous. ’ I thought.“Are you okay? I mean I crashed with your chest. ” I asked.“Now that you ask, I feel the pain ooh that hurts. ” He said looking away from me.I hurriedly started massaging his chest as if doing that will release him from his pain while my buttocks was hurting severely. I looked up at him and saw a smile on his face then I realized what I was doing so I took my hand from him as if I had been electrocuted.“Are you okay now?” I asked.He smiled and answered.“I have never been better. ” Th
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You... Friends?
Third Person POVTwo people who liked each other spoke for a very long time, forgetting that time and tide waits for no man. When they realized the time, one didn't want to leave because he didn't know when he would meet her again while the other was panicking. She knew she had outstayed her purpose unknowingly and was afraid if what she was going to face in the house when she goes back. But the others saw her problem as nothing at all and tried convincing her to calm down.“I can't go home now, look at the time its ten pm how will I go home? Unless I want my death. ” Sheila said in fear.”Okay how about you come with me to my house and go back tomorrow?” Lydia suggested.“That would have been great but then that would also mean, I couldn't go back home again. ” Sheila added.“What's so dangerous about going to your own house? You have your mother and brother there. Look after you all are gone, I will be all alone in this house but see I am not complain
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Woman's Abuse?
Third Person POVThe gateman drowsily watched her surprised, he looked down at her dress and messy hair and thought,‘Has she gone wrong because of that's woman's abuse?’But then shook his head and thought that it could never happen because she loved her mother like her second skin so there was no way she could go against her rules. So he inquired,“When did you start making friends and why are you dressed like this? Did something happen here when I went to the market?”“Abu please let it go, I am both hungry and tired. I will go inside now have a good night. ” She said and made her way to the house but Abu said something which stopped her in her tracks.“Oh sorry I forgot to tell you that, the security locks has been enabled, no one can go inside and it apply to coming from inside too. Unless the madam opens up herself. ”“What? how come I didn't know about this before?”“It's because it was installed today, I might not be needed lat
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Dream's Are Not Reality.
Eunice Dream..I watched as they stole the money piping through the slight opened door. I turned around to go from there pah!! my head hit a wood resting by the wall, then I heard footsteps coming my way. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me but they still caught up to me as one was coming to hold me.....Pah!! pah!!! I jerked up as I heard the gun shots in my dream, I saw that I was sweating in the air conditioned room then another Pah!!! and then Ahhh!! Oh God this isn't part of the dream I'm awake.Oh no I better be dreaming, so I got up and opened the door slightly and there stood a man in a mask staring at me. “Open the door” he said in a murderous voiceI had already opened the door, all my strength left me as I tattered back into the room forgetting to close the door. I closed my eyes with all my strength,“I need to go back sleeping. ” I murmuredThen I heard footsteps getting closer to me I shifted myself to the
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Raped Me
Third Person POV.She writhed and sobbed in pain as she received each penetration. She felt like her world was over, a thought came into mind and she gently remove the criminal's face. Because he was engrossed in his affair, he didn't know the girl has seen his face. The other one saw this action of hers but didn't give her out, but rather urged him to hurry up before they get caught. After he was done, he asked the other one if he won't do that but he shook his head silently. He rather bent down to pick his colleagues clothes, something peeked out of his dress which looked like a tattoo of an angel on his waist unfortunately for him, the girl saw this too. After they were done, they went out of the room with the girl lying in bed with torn clothes. She looked at the ceiling wailing as if she was mourning herself.“Why? why? where did I go wrong? Who have I offended someone please tell me I am at wrong. ”She continued crying, looking at the clock it wa
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The Pain In My Heart
Sarah's POV‘How can this happen to me? what have I ever done wrong to my mom? I've always been a good girl right? after wasting so many years in school being humble and respectful what is the end result? I've been raped and cast out, neglected like a dirty rag. She never attended to me when I was sick, I've always struggled through my problems. Why did I expect her to hug me and comfort me this time too in my distress? ’ I asked in thought.I looked out of the only window in the security room lost in thought.“Hey what are you doing standing there? start preparing for school, I don't want to see your ugly face in this house the whole day. ” said my mother.I turned to look at myself in the mirror and look back at her.“There seems to be almost no difference between you and I , you are just older and I am younger. ”She rushed towards me and slapped me on the cheek. I sneered at her and said,“The pain in my heart can not be compared to the
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