10) Chaotic party-2

Gritting his teeth angrily, Lucas murmured, "When has she given you the permission to talk on behalf of her? Or are you targeting Daisy too? A playboy like you is judging me??" 

Nicolas immediately yelled, "Shut up, Lucas. Don't talk rubbish. You don't know anything about us. How dare u blame me?" 

Nicolas furiously started taking small steps towards Lucas. Lucas also did the same and replied, "Nick, better you step back. She has invited me to herself. Mind your own business and don't interrupt us." 

Nicolas demanded while tightening his grip around Daisy's wrist, "You are in such a pathetic condition that now you are trying to take advantage of a drunk girl!" Then after a little pause, he continued, "No I will not step back without her. Leave her hand, Lucas. I think it is already late and she should return." Lucas replied, without freeing Daisy's hand, "You are right. She must return to her house now. But I am the one who is going to drive her back home, not you. You better step back." 

Nicolas laughed dryly and asked with a mocking tone, "Are you kidding me? She is my guest and my friend. Why I will allow you??" 

Lucas warned angrily, "Nick, don't interfere between us. I am warning you, for the last time. Let her go."  

Nicolas stubbornly replied, "No, I will not. What will you do?"

They both were extremely close to each other, fuming angrily. The party turned into a battleground and everyone could feel the rising tension between them but none dared to come forward to stop them as their rivalry was famous in the whole college. It was not new for them as they witnessed similar situations before. But that was for the first time, they were about to fight for a girl.

Daisy was looking at both of them blankly as she was not understanding or couldn't able to hear what they were babbling. She was feeling extremely dizzy and light-headed as if she was floating. Soon, she saw the muscular men in front of her face started moving closer to each other. They two were standing exactly in front of her face, one in the white shirt and other in the blue T-shirt, quarrelling about something. Her breath was brushing against their shoulder.

Suddenly, Daisy felt an ache on her stomach and instantly she felt an uncomfortable feeling as if her head was spinning. She felt like something strange was happening inside her belly. She could feel a burning sensation on her throat and within a blink of an eye, surprising everyone she threw up everything on both of the men in front of her. 

Her both hands were tightly held by Lucas and Nicolas, so she couldn't even get the chance to cover her mouth. Instantly they released her hand almost at the same time. But instead of stepping back, they both looked at her with concern. Ignoring the substance on their shirts and leaving their argument behind, Nicolas shouted anxiously, "Someone, give me a bottle of water." Lucas ran towards the bar counter and returned with a sealed bottle. Nicolas was already petting Daisy's shoulder, kneeling down on the ground. Lucas handed the bottle to Daisy and she started drinking thirstily, snatching the bottle from Lucas. After drinking half bottle of water, Daisy giggled out loudly and mumbled, "Look, I am flying. Woah! my wings are so beautiful." She was shouting in excitement. Everyone at the party was enjoying the show. The moment they saw Daisy's giggling, everyone started laughing. Even, Lucas and Nicolas couldn't suppress their laughter. But, Daisy was still busy flying, while moving her both hands like birds.

Helen immediately ran to Daisy and holding Daisy, she replied, "You two better go and freshen up. I will take care of Daisy. Don't worry."

Lucas replied with concern, " Let me drive you two to your houses. It is already late and Daisy-"

Before he could finish, Helen replied hastily, "There is no need. I have already booked a cab. It is waiting outside." 

Nicolas nodded his head and replied, "Alright, don't forget to inform me after sending her home."

Daisy was still rambling in her wobbly childish tone, "Who are you? Are you an angel??" Pulling Helen's cheeks, she continued, "Oh angel! You are so beautiful. Do you know where is God? I want to meet him right now." 

Helen couldn't help but chuckle, then looked at Nicolas.

Helen nodded her head in agreement and immediately started walking towards existing, holding Daisy in her hands carefully. 

Outside the house, a cab was waiting for them. Helen helped Daisy in entering inside and instantly, the cab started driving towards Daisy's address. Daisy was almost feeling sleepy and tipsy. So, it was difficult for her to stay awake any longer and her vision was getting blur too. Soon, they reached the house. With Helen's help, Daisy reached to her main door. Helen handed over Daisy to her mother safely and after explaining a little about the party. She took her to leave from Daisy's mother.

Lucas and Nicolas followed Daisy and Helen and they waited silently outside the house until their cab vanished from their eyesight. Then only, they decided to go to the washroom to be clean. Alex followed Nicolas silently to the washroom with a clean shirt while Lucas accompanied by Dean. They used two different washrooms, located opposite side of the house.

The party started again with full swing after the floor was cleaned by a housekeeper. Though after drinking, vomiting is a normal incident everyone was gossiping about something else. As that was the first time, Lucas and Nicolas argued for a girl. So everyone was interested to know what exactly going on between that trio.

Alex asked Nicolas curiously from behind, "Nick, one thing I didn't get at all. Why Lucas was being so nice towards Daisy? Is he really interested in Daisy? I haven't even imagined that Lucas will fight for a girl ever." 

Nicolas clenched his fingers tightly into a fist and with a husky grave tone replied, " Don't know. But that is not going to happen ever. I will never let him come close to Daisy."

Alex patted his shoulder gently and assured, "Yeah, we will not allow him near our Daisy."

Nicolas left the party early that night, with a gloomy mood without informing anyone or wishing anyone good night.

Daisy's parents said nothing to her, instead her mother helped her to lay on the bed after changing her dirty clothes.

Daisy slept for almost long 10 or 11 hours.  

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