After The Storm.

After The Storm.

By:  Ishabella  Completed
Language: English
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"Daisy, please don't run away from me like this," Nicolas pleaded from behind. His purple eyes were looking as always mysterious in the dim street light. Daisy stopped in front of her car and turned her head to see the person who was demanding her attention and asked in a cold and low tone, "Why will I run from someone I don't even know?" "Don't say that you don't even know the person with whom you were madly in love, without seeing me your days used to be incomplete." Daisy replied nonchalantly without even looking at the most handsome celebrity of the city, "Exactly. I was and I don't want to repeat my mistake." Then without waiting, Daisy opened the door of her car and immediately a six years old little boy jumped on her while shouting excitedly, "Mommmmyyy." "Mommy? You are married? Or it is just the son of Lucas?" Nicolas blurted out in a confused tone. A sharp pain of emptiness started to engulf him, seeing the little kid. Daisy didn't reply to the last question. Flashing a mocking smile, she got in the car and asked the driver to start the car. Her little son was playing on her lap. Daisy placed an affectionate kiss on his forehead and his purple eyes sparkled happily in the dim light of the car. __________________ Three teen students' lives messed up after a stormy night and broke their hearts into pieces. But those who are destined to be together, can't be separated either by society or by the people around them. They meet again after 7years in a different city in different circumstances but the feelings hiding in their hearts are the same. ________ What will happen when they will meet again? Will Nicolas and Daisy end up together this time or they will again be parted by Lucas?? Find it yourself.

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user avatar
love it.. enjoy the reading
2023-08-09 00:36:24
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Midnight Shines
Can't wait for more. Absolutely love it
2021-06-08 16:27:40
user avatar
Rosalie Brown
Nice work Author. I am loving it. Waiting for more episodes. please upload more chapters.. now I am curious to see your another book also.😇
2021-03-12 18:29:55
user avatar
New updates are coming from today. ❤
2021-03-03 16:18:17
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Exciting plot... keep up the good work, author
2021-03-03 14:00:37
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Belle Cassy
It's a great story, :)
2021-01-17 11:32:10
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I love the whole story. It flows so naturally. I wish I had more coins to continue reading :D I totally recommend for gamers too!
2020-10-25 16:58:27
user avatar
I love how you made the names of greek gods and goddesses as your characters?? love the story and the characters??
2020-10-23 19:00:10
user avatar
Wow a love triangle. I love these kind of stories and I alao know now where the name Minerva come from!
2020-09-30 08:53:59
user avatar
Great start, looking forward for the updates
2020-09-19 14:46:42
default avatar
It’s good story cant waits to see next update
2020-10-02 11:42:30
121 Chapters
1) First Conversation.
"Enemies Ahead," a mechanical female voice instructed from the side of Minerva and instantly on screen, showed Minerva is knocked down by Enemies. "Form up on me," against instructed the robotic voice of the game from Minerva's side.As soon as, Kratos saw his teammate, Minerva knocked down by enemies squad, he rushed towards her and instructed in his croaked voice, "Minerva, crawl towards my direction and come out from the room." Kratos was a teenager of only eighteen years, whose voice was still transforming, so it was croaked and hoarse. But, Minerva hadn't spoken ever with her teammates in her own voice, so again the robotic voice instructed, "Enemies Ahead." But ignoring Minerva's instruction, Kratos ran into the building to revive his partner, where his other two teammates also followed him. They all could see the footprints of the enemies yet ran to save her. Minerva could realize that enemies were waiting for her teammates and the moment they would enter inside the ro
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2)First Meeting.
Next day, it was a busy morning for Miller family. Exactly at 10:00 am, the track came and after loading all their luggage, they started their journey towards Los Angeles from Phoenix. It was a long way. During the whole journey, Daisy was enjoying the view of the road. That day she got no time to play but she logged in her account and scrolling her friend list, she scanned the pictures of her teammates again and again. She was highly anticipated that she would easily recognize them. Among all of them, Kratos was her closest one. When she scanned his display picture, she found his sharp facial features, Duchess' nose, sharp jawline, fair skin and thin lips very attractive. Though it was impossible for Daisy to rectify much from that small picture of Kratos' gaming profile, but she got a rough idea. She knew their real names also.They took a stoppage and spent the night in a hotel. Then next morning again, they commenced their journey to their final destination. On the other
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3) After The Storm.
Daisy was reading the poem very attentively but suddenly a knock on the door, followed by a croaked familiar voice interrupted her reading. Daisy looked at the door and found a tall muscular boy, standing there. She instantly recognized the boy in front of her. His black silky hair, purple eyes, sharp jaw line and thin lips were exactly similiar to Nicolas' display picture of gaming profile. But he was looking extremely handsome in his broad shoulder, relatively narrow waist, V-shaped torso and chiseled muscular body. He was looking like a Greek-God. Daisy imagined him as a handsome boy but he was far more handsome than her imagination. Instinctively, her lips curled up in a small smile. She could realise that both of them were staring at each other but she came back to reality when Nicolas cleared his throat and looking away from her, started his announcement.When Nicolas left the classroom with his teammates, Daisy was still dizzy. It was like a dream for her and she immedi
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4) Similarity between Daisy and Minerva.
Lucas's strange yet friendly behaviour was very unexpected for Daisy. Helen murmured near Daisy's ear, "What was it? Oh my God, I cannot believe the cold, angry Lucas came to introduce himself to you. I am sure it is love at first sight. He has even given you a compliment. You are so lucky, Daisy." Rolling her eyes, Daisy replied, "Shut up, Helen. I don't think that. May be, it was just a friendly gesture. Ignore it." Helen went on babbling and Daisy ignored every word of Helen silently. Though Daisy herself was stunned about that matter but she was not ready to believe Helen's words also.At that moment, Daisy saw a familiar figure coming towards her direction in a black shirt and faded blue jeans. It was none other than Nicolas  He was casually talking with the other boys of his group. But, Nicolas's charming aura was reflecting brightly, differentiating him from others. He was shinning like a bright diamond among the crowd. Daisy's eyes were fixe
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5) Daisy is Minerva.
Lucas used to normally avoid girls and he didn't believe in love as when he was only five years old, his parents seperated and from that day he was seeking for love and a companion but at the end, he only became the third wheel for both of his parents' new families. Though he was a rich kid and his father always gave him a luxurious life but he was an eyesore for her step mother. So his cold icy attitude towards love was very reasonable as his mother never tried to contact him, after leaving his father. But, when he first saw Daisy , he couldn't stick to that same idea anymore. Daisy was so pure and innocent that he fell in love with her.On the other side, Daisy was too tired to awake anymore. It was a long tiring day, so the moment her head touched the pillow, she fell in deep sleep. She had no energy left to log in to her gaming account. But for Nicolas, he spent rest of the night sleepless, waiting for Minerva as he wanted to ask her lots of questions. His all waiting went
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6) Invitation.
Ugh! I cannot believe, you are Minerva. You know what yesterday when I heard your voice for the first time, instantly I recognized you. I was just waiting for perfect time. So, do you like my college? Why don't we go to grab a coffee together? I want to tell you so many things, Daisy" Nick blurted out, excitedly as if he was just waiting for that 'sorry' from Daisy. Placing his strong arms on Daisy's shoulder casually, Nick started chatting like he met with his old friend. Daisy was little shy, but before she could reply anything, Jason interrupted them, "Nick, we have to go to ground practice now. Have you forgotten?" " Oh yes. I have totally forgotten about that. Daisy, why don't you join us tonight? We have a party tonight in Jason's house," exclaimed Nicolas in anticipation. "But, I don't think it is a good idea. Firstly, I don't know where Jason lives and secondly, I don't know anyone here," mumbled Daisy, nervously. Al
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7) At the party.
"Lucas! What the hell. You have scared me," Daisy mumbled in a taut tone. Lucas chuckled softly, still wrapping his arm around Daisy's shoulder, he replied, "Sorry, I was just trying to scare you a little. I didn't know the great sniper girl will behave like a little kitten." Rolling her eyes, Daisy replied teasingly, "Huh! Are you trying to get your revenge by giving me a heart attack?? Come on Lucas, it was just a game. Don't hold any grudge against me." Daisy looked at Lucas with her innocent puppy eyes and pouting her lips, she gave a cute girl expression. Daisy's innocence and childish attitude didn't irritate icy cold Lucas. Instead his heart started pounding wildly, seeing her alluring pouty lips and he felt a tinge of warmth in his heart. He smiled and replied with a mischievous tone, "How can I hold a grudge on such a pretty lady? I can die for you in every match, Daisy." Daisy, biting her lower lip, replied, "Shut
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8) Nicolas, just a playboy.
Daisy started feeling the hot breath of Nicolas against her soft delicate cheeks. Daisy was trying to look away but it seemed like impossible to her. Nicolas' lips were only an inch away from Daisy's when suddenly the song ended and all started whistling and shouting for Nicolas. Daisy immediately stepped back, pushing Nicolas little away. She started extremely awkward when she realized that everybody was actually watching their dance. She was a shy girl, that sudden unexpected attention scared her badly. Nicolas murmured, near Daisy's ear, while dragging her to the bar counter, "It's alright, little girl. Why are you so nervous? It is just a dance." Daisy only nodded her head in response.After a little pause, Nicolas continued, "You are amazing dancer, I have to say. I just love it." "Thanks Nick. The feeling is quite mutual," Daisy replied slyly, without looking at him. Nicolas declared in his croaked voice, "Don't worry partner. W
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9) Chaotic Party-1
Helen ran behind Daisy but when she reached to her, she saw Daisy already gulped down two glasses of tequila. Helen was struck by the crowd on the dance floor so she couldn't follow Daisy instantly. Helen asked Daisy with concern, "Dear, slow down. You will not be able to tolerate this much. What has happened Daisy?" Daisy replied with a wobbly tone, " Ugh! nothing. I feel like I should try alcohol today." Helen was stunned, seeing such an attitude of Daisy. Daisy on one hand herself didn't know why she was behaving like that. She was feeling betrayed, disappointed and heartbroken, seeing Nick hugging another girl, on the other hand, she was trying to understand why she was feeling so sad when Nick was just a friend of her. The warm liquid burnt her throat but it affected her mind more brutally as the feeling of disappointment and betrayal started increasing, suppressing her logical side. Without noticing, she already gulped down three more glasses. Helen ask
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10) Chaotic party-2
Gritting his teeth angrily, Lucas murmured, "When has she given you the permission to talk on behalf of her? Or are you targeting Daisy too? A playboy like you is judging me??" Nicolas immediately yelled, "Shut up, Lucas. Don't talk rubbish. You don't know anything about us. How dare u blame me?" Nicolas furiously started taking small steps towards Lucas. Lucas also did the same and replied, "Nick, better you step back. She has invited me to herself. Mind your own business and don't interrupt us." Nicolas demanded while tightening his grip around Daisy's wrist, "You are in such a pathetic condition that now you are trying to take advantage of a drunk girl!" Then after a little pause, he continued, "No I will not step back without her. Leave her hand, Lucas. I think it is already late and she should return." Lucas replied, without freeing Daisy's hand, "You are right. She must return to her house now. But I am the one who is going to dri
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