Aksha: The White Wolf [ENGLISH]

Aksha: The White Wolf [ENGLISH]

By:  Foreveryoung1206  Ongoing
Language: English
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As an orphan, Aksha tends to work hard for her to survive in life. She always wished to have a normal life; having food to eat, being healthy, starting a small business, and having good friends—not until she read the news about a vlogger who died brutally on the roadside in Colambi. Many stated that the wolves are back and that they want to conquer the world again, or might be an indication of chaos. As she wasn't a believer in such mythical creatures—fantasy stories, she excluded that idea. A few days later, Aksha's body began to change which made her confused; golden orbs, hairy palms, and some of her hair strands were now gold too. She wanted to know how it happened, or what kind of phenomena had struck her. With that, she started dreaming about the Moon Goddess, calling her name, and slowly awakening her inner wolf.

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9 Chapters
The illuminating crescent moon spread throughout the bloody night as we wailed in pain. In every corner I turned to, all I could see was the burning shacks and trees in the middle of the dusk. Hearing the agonies of everyone sent a deep slash in my heart. All of us are fighting for everyone's lives, especially maintaining the security of pups in this chaotic event. This incident will convey a traumatic experience in one's mind, and it crushes me to imagine that they'll abandon the pack as soon as everything is done. We are truly outnumbered by them, and their ambition to overthrow us is surging in this wilderness. I want to protect everyone, but how? What can I do to cease this battle? "Faster, Aksha!'"Sprinting away like a loser, I tried my best to be collected. In spite of our terrible situation, I need to survive at this hour so that good will have a chance to win against the evildoers when the time comes. However, a sudden loud howl echoed in the forest which made me stop on m
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Chapter 1
AKSHA BEATRIX ASLENOVIE (Present)The loud 'kring' of an alarm clock interrupted me from continuously building a dreamland. I lazily sat up in my bed with barely opened eyes and shut off the alarm. The beam of sunlight reflected in the window hit my face. Annoyed, I stood up and stretched my arms before striding to the kitchen to wash my face and prepare for our breakfast. My body feels sore because of the three boxes we carried yesterday at the coffee shop. We were not supposed to be the ones who would pick up those deliveries; boxes full of new sets of coffee cups and saucers. It's just that, Emilio wasn't there so our boss doesn't have any option but to dictate us to be Emilio's substitute for the meantime.Emilio is assigned to be a barista together with Feyra, and the pickuper of the shop's new sets of food utensils every 3rd day of each month. It's quite irritating to know that he left so early without even worrying about his job. I heard from my friend Feyra—and also a co-worke
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Chapter 2
The coffee shop is now packed because of the event in Hasila Museo, one of the famous attractions here in Easparian. The Museum will have an outreach program for the Madriato Orphanage by hosting an auction. As far as I know, some of the items that they're gonna auction are ancient porcelain, jewelry, and paintings of some notable artists. But the main thing in that event that even tourists crave to have is the Map of Colambi during the 15th century because it consists of the remarkable spots that were known to be enchanted. I've never been to an auction before but I know how the bidding works. If you're the highest bidder, the item will be yours. "Here's your coffee, Ma'am," I placed a cup of frappuccino on her table and smiled at her. She didn't bother to look up at me since she was busy typing on her phone and only muttered a thank you. "Miss." I was about to go back to the counter when a brown-haired guy called me at the corner with a smirk on his face. He looks like a rockstar
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Chapter 3
What is happening to me? Is it normal to have hairy palms? I rubbed my eyes, trying to wake myself up, hoping that this was only a dream. But the hair is still there which makes me disturbed. When did it grow? This is crazy!Instead of screaming out my confusion, with trembling hands, I instantly opened the hanging cabinet and grabbed the razor out of panic. This isn't normal! Who would have a kind of palms like this? It is acceptable that hair can grow thicker in my arms, but not in this area. Why didn't I notice it earlier?I started shaving my palms, reminding myself that all of this is normal. The unsteady feeling almost smashed me. As soon as I finished it, I put back the razor on the cabinet. "Aksha!" An abrupt knock startled me.“Aksha, are you done? I need to pee now.”“Yes! Wait a minute.”I put the razor back on the cabinet as I fixed myself before going out of the bathroom. “Thanks!” Feyra blurted out and immediately got inside the bathroom.We do not usually eat dinner
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Chapter 4
I don't know what's on my mind, I just found myself walking deeper into this forest. It's gloomy, and the only light here is coming from the m oon. What if something happens to me? Like what happened to that vlogger? However, thinking about those wolves' things, monsters, or whatever they called it makes me the biggest joke in the universe. They aren't real. It's just that, I'm curious where those howls came from earlier. Is there someone here, a psycho maybe, playing a radio, or does he have a huge sound system to make it real and audible in the whole town of Colambi? I quickly snatched the thick stem on the ground as I kept going. I'm getting far from the road so there's no turning back, and I should verify my theories about that incident. If I figured out that I was right, I'd smack it to the face of my friend—kidding aside. What if I saw a rite here? You know, something like witchcraft or encountering some cannibalistic humans.I swallowed hard as the air embraced me with its c
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Chapter 5
An obnoxious white wolf came out of nowhere. I took a step back as she sauntered toward me, a grimace plastered all over her face as if she was going to pop up the hell outta me. "Accept who you are, Aksha." I nodded in panic. "Welcome, Aksha Beatrix Aslenovie."I catch a glimpse of my hands, turning into white hairy legs. Or was I imagining things? A howling voice echoed in the forest as I opened my eyes. Why does it feel…different? I darted my eyes at the woman in front of me. Why does it look like she became taller than earlier?"How does it feel, Aksha? It was delightful to know that you accepted your wolf that fast." What is she blabbing about? Wolf? My nerves quivered as I recalled the white wolf's eagerness to be close to me. I don't want to be intimidated by it, it's just that this dream feels so natural. What if that wolf devours me alive? I'm not afraid of dying, it's the thought of departing the earth because of a mythical beast that makes me pee in my pants. "You're
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Chapter 6
"What really troubles you, Aksha? I've been observing you ever since you entered our shop earlier," Mr. Ty asked. "I'm sorry, Mr. Ty. It's just that…some things really bother me." I bit my lower lip, diverting my gaze to Feyra's who is busy getting the customer's orders. It's kinda embarrassing to have a nonbusiness conversation with our boss right now. "If that really frustrates you that much. Then face it, look for a solution—or rather know the cause of your situation. The thing that bothers you will always haunt you if you only set aside it." He sighed and patted my head. "Your problem must be tough to deal with to the point that it keeps distracting you." "I'm sorry." He smiles at me. "It's fine. Let's get back to work." It's just that, the problem is…supernatural. Instead of attending to the customers in line, I walked straight to the comfort room and locked the door. Staring at my reflection in the mirror, I removed my contact lenses and untied my hair. My skin became fair
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Chapter 7
It's as if we have a staring match here, the brown wolf looks confused at me. I'm assuming that he's thinking how on earth I understand their wolf language. "Let me try again. Can you understand me, human?" I bobbed my head. "Yes, clear as water." He took a step forward which made me step backwards."Wait! Stop right there or…or…" I scanned the area and grabbed a thick stem. "Or I'm going to hit you with this stick!" He scowls at me. "Do you think I'm some kind of scaredy cat?" He stepped again. "How come you understand me? Are you a wolf? If so, what color? Don't try to trick me, little human. I have my own ways to identify if you're lying." "I'm a white wolf," I responded. But instead of seeing a satisfied wolf, he went ballistic as he jumped on me. Pinning both of my arms on the ground. "What is your problem, Wolfie? It hurts!" "You're lying." He squinted his eyes. "You are one of them, right? What are you up to, Viloscarian?" Huh? My brows furrowed. "What do you mean by Vil
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Chapter 8
I sneezed as the pixies showered me with some glitters for the final outcome of my dress. I'm wearing a white glittery ruffled dress that is above my knees, white sandals, and my hair is braided by Azaloeri. She also put some light make-up on me. According to her, the make-up was brought by her to the mortals' world which made me smile.She's so cute and innocent. "Gorgeous!" I grimaced as I heard the pixies' chuckle while Azaloeri retouched my hair and face. When we are finally done, the pixies bid their goodbye. Azaloeri guided me on the way to the Misagonia River, and explained that the ceremony of being a member of this pack will be held there. "You know, this is my first time meeting a goddess-like wolf like you, Aksha. And it makes me shy, though I'm quite talkative. I just want to be honest that I still feel a bit of embarrassment while talking to you, especially when staring at your gorgeous face. You also remind me of Lunaria when I first met her during the wolf ceremony."
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