Chapter Thirty+One I

Eartha and Eniiyi were still seated on the couch, long after the movie had ended. Eniiyi didn't think this was because the movie was that interesting. Her mommy had gone into one of her trances again. The girl was still trying to get used to it already since all these days.

So, she waited patiently, still snuggled into her and watched the credits roll in on the TV screen.

But as she stared on silently she couldn't help wondering all over when all this would stop. When she'd let them go back to Daddy, instead of sitting here all day and feeling sad.

It was rather unnecessary, if somebody asked the girl.

Thankfully, her mommy came out of her reverie quicker today. She sighed and pat Eniiyi's head.

'Interesting movie, huh?' She stood up from beside her daughter and stretched.

Even though she was smiling, Eniiyi could still see the slight worry lines that were be

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