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Alacrimia in Layman's terms is the congenital inability to produce tears. Some places in Africa have their norms and beliefs wrapped around age-old, blind superstitions. Especially the rural communities. So when a young girl comes from the city to the village, and it is discovered, through a series of unfortunate events, that she won't cry, even when induced, things take a downward spin for her, as she finds herself from Osun State to Kogi State, and then Enugu State.

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58 Chapters
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Chapter One
07:02 am, August 29Osun State, Nigeria. Eniiyi woke up to something tickling her nose and she sneezed, opening her eyes. Her mom, Eartha, was sitting at the edge of her bed with one hand poised in the air. Eartha made a guilty smile, as though she hadn't expected to get caught.She glanced at the alarm clock then propped up a pillow behind her and sat up, eyebrows raised. What was the occasion? 'Mommy, good morning,' she said, still confused. 'Am I missing something?''Good morning, Adekunbi. If you were to be missing anything, it'd be your smile.' She tweaked her nose.Eniiyi smiled. Mommy was being Mommy today. She was extremely funny most times. She watched as she bent over her, her thick mass of onyx-black hair falling forward to cover her face.'If you keep smiling at me like that, I think I'd have to pay a visit to the salon.'Eniiyi smiled again and threw over the covers, swinging h
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Chapter Two
04:58 am, August 30. 'I can't believe you haven't packed anything, you this child, ìwo omo yì,' Eniiyi's mother chided, giving her subject of accusal a once over.The girl was still in her dressing gown over pajamas.'The grass will grow under our feet before we leave the house if you continue like this,' she further added, pulling open the door to the girl's walk-in closet.'Or the tiles, in this context. And I don't care,' Eniiyi said.Eartha turned to glare at the nine-year-old. 'Next thing, you'll go and carry cane to beat me.''No, o!' Eniiyi quickly corrected herself. 'I was just trying to . . .''To what?'Eniiyi shrugged. 'I was funnin' with you.''Who's funnin' with whom?' Daddy appeared in the doorway. A bath towel was draped round his waist and he had a red toothbrush in one hand and his phone glued to his ear with the other.Mom raised an eyebrow and went into the c
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Chapter Three I
08:30 amKogi State. As Eniiyi slammed the door closed she looked around her in disgust. Okay, it wasn't anything she had expected. The street directly in front of where the car was parked stretched untarred into the distance. The surrounding houses were of different state and quality, ranging from old, mud, small to new, plastered, big. Some were painted in colours which looked horrible to her. She wondered if she'd have to face this eyesore everyday for one month.The closing of a door made her turn around. An ample woman who looked to be in her sixties came down the porch steps, a look of surprise on her face. Her short hair braided in shuku had streaks of gray here and there.Daddy was the first to go forward to meet her. He went down prostrate on the floor in front of her, his palms and the tips of his shoes touching the ground, and Eniiyi pitied his light-blue T-shirt.'Ẹ káàárọ̀ m&agr
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Chapter Three II
10:17 am Abuja, F.C.T.   'It's okay,' Eartha said, as her husband veered into the long-term parking. But it sounded more like she was trying to convince herself. Mide was humming softly as he went down the parking garage. She punched him lightly in the arm. 'Yes, Raspberry Ripple?' he turned to her as he pulled into a parking spot. 'Mide!' She sounded petulant. 'Aren't you even worried?' Mide's sigh could have easily launched a ship. 'She'll be fine, come on.' 'I'm just worried, she's never been to somewhere like that before. And she seemed pretty riled up about it. We should have at least gone back for the tablet, what if she needed us?' 'And miss our flight? Babes, she's just mad at us, which is natural. And she's in the safest hands there, nothing cou
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Chapter Four
           I've got oil and beans.           I've got oil and beans.           I am not scared, no, not at all           I'm not scared of having twins           I've got oil and beans.   Eniiyi scowled at the women's loud singing. She looked around for the mother of the twins, all she could see was the women and children. Some sat around the lounge room, singing. She could hear the noise some were making from the kitchen and from the aroma, they were cooking. She could see her grandmother among the women seated and just when she was going to look away, the woman caught her gaze. 'Eniiyi, wáńbí,' she called over. Eniiyi
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Chapter Five I
07:56 pm, September 6, Kogi State.   The first most interesting thing since she'd arrived at the damn village happened to her today. She had been feeling bored, Taiwo had gone to visit a friend and it was too late for Lastborn to still be at their place and she'd slyly avoided the village children, not interested in talking to anyone. She'd been taking bored pictures with her digital camera but even with the camera's flash and her battery-powered torch , the pictures still came out dark. There had been power outage since afternoon and Taiwo was not around to turn on the generator, much to her grandmother's disgruntlement. Also, there was nothing breathtaking worthy of being photographed, especially in this gloomy darkness.  So there she was, seated on a bench on the porch, armed against mosquitoes in a long sleeved T-shirt, long denim trousers, socks, and, of course, mosqu
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Chapter Five II
'Why did you arrive so late? Where's your car? Did you know I was here before? What of Aunt Ekwy? And your children?' she bombarded him with questions. Uncle Felix took his time munching on a maize and swallowing. Then he said, 'I arrived late because I left Lagos a little late, my car is at home, I was bringing it but then Lagos traffic saw to it that I didn't, so I returned it back home and made for the park and the bus I was in broke down on the way here, which contributed to my leaving Lagos late. Yes I knew you were here, my brother informed me last week Sunday when they arrived at Japan. My wife and children are fine and they send their regards.' Eniiyi smiled, not sure what else to say. 'Are you sure you don't want to take me back with you, Uncle? I'll be good, I promise. Mommy said your house is full but you can always find space to accommodate me, right? And about food, I don't eat much.' Femi laughed at the gir
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Chapter Six
09:12 pm, September 7 Tokyo, Japan.   Eartha stabbed at the dish with the fork again, absently. Her husband glanced up at her from his own meal. He'd noticed something had been bothering her since they arrived from work an hour ago but he hadn't asked, hoping she'd tell him at her own time, but he was beginning to get worried. She wasn't forthcoming with anything, so it was left up to him to ask her. 'Heart.' He dropped his fork and placed his hand over her outstretched one on the table. 'Is everything okay? Is something bothering you?' Eartha looked up at him, pursing her lips. Took you long enough to realize, she said silently.  'Do I look like I'm okay?' she asked, instead. Mide paused for a second, he hadn't been expecting that kind of answer. Was she in a dour mood today? He tried to r
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Chapter Seven I
01:32 pm, September 7 Kogi State, Nigeria.   Eniiyi's shoulders slumped in dejection as she looked away from the computer screen she'd been staring at for fifty seconds. It wasn't as if they didn't deserve her anger towards them, she just couldn't help wishing it hadn't ended like that. She'd have loved to hear reassuring words from them after she was done venting. She sighed. Now she'd never get to see them again till October. What with Uncle Felix leaving in two days. Ths made her miss her poor tablet more. 'It's alright, don't cry now.' Her uncle pat her back. She turned to glare fiercely at him. 'What makes you think I'd cry?' She stood up, slightly cheesed up. 'I'm going out.' 'Suit yourself, niece.' Uncle Felix was blasé about it but he looked amused. The sun had managed to get hott
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