Alpha’s Illicit Affairs With My Step Sister

Alpha’s Illicit Affairs With My Step Sister

By:  Pituri rave  Ongoing
Language: English
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Deceived into believing that I was his mate when all he wanted was my pack, I fell in love with him, thinking that I had made the greatest decision. But when the time came for him to mark me as his Luna. When I had sworn my pack and the loyalty of my people, he struck, revealing the best in him. Ariel, the Alpha princess of the Blue Moon pack loved Gulther so much that she was ready to do anything for her. But he never truly loved her, he cheated on her with his step-sister, and when the time finally came for her to be named the Luna, he chose my step sister over her, breaking her hate into a million pieces. And that was not all, he wanted her erased from the surface of the earth and he gave her the most cruel death ever. But she is offered a second chance by the moon goddess. A second chance to get her. Revenge and make them pay. But there was something that she never expected, a second chance to love and be loved again when she had ruled men away from her life. The cruel Alpha beast, Gulther. But the moon goddess has more in stock for her.

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C A Sarkis
This book is all over the place. Besides bad grammar I just gave up on the ridiculous pacing at chapter 4.
2023-12-14 07:55:12
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Christine Owings
64 chapters 10/2/23
2023-10-02 23:18:15
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C A Sarkis
Try this again. This book is too over the place. I just couldn’t read anymore. It’s jumping from one scene to another and then just adding in a lot of unnecessary stuff as well as making it very fast pace. On top of that the grammar is just horrible.
2023-12-14 07:58:30
64 Chapters
Chapter 1
Ariel"You don't have to do this." I could still hear the voice of my father as it drained away from my ears gradually."But Father, this is the perfect decision. Besides, he is my mate, the one that the moon goddess had chosen for me." I returned to him.I drew a really deep breath, deeper than I had ever drawn all my life. This was the conversation that had taken place right before the death of my father.I did not know how he was able to discover that I was about to give the pack over to my fated mate.He is Alpha of the neighboring pack, they had always been the enemies until he came in and he proposed peace and that same year, I discovered that he was my mate.I was drawn to him because he was very charismatic and I have to say that he is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me in all my life.He was head over heels for me and he would do anything all because of our love but there was a problem, a problem that made my father to make me stay away from him and find someone
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Chapter 2
ArielI could hear voices in my head and I woke up sweating profusely. My heart was racing as I got up, I felt I was in bed, the surface I laid in was just that....I was really confused as my gaze instantly went to my torso area where I was just stabbed, I stared at my stomach for a while. I was okay, which was strange. I was supposed to be way dead or somewhere in between but here I was, breathingOr was I dead!?No I was not, death can feel like my room, i was just having a bad dream. I thought about the dream that I just had and the setting and I could hardly get myself to figure out what was happening.Then I remembered the voice that I heard in my head just before I woke up."It could not be but have I been reborn?" The thoughts rang in my head and my heart froze almost immediately.Wait what!I stood up immediately in shock and stared at the room; my room. I remember the design immediately. It was changed just after the death of my father but on my request, it was removed in
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Chapter 3
Alpha DariusJust when I thought that it was all over after I had thought that there was certainly no need for me to find my mate, anyone after searching for her for years and not finding her, the elders of the pack decided to break back the past pain that turned me into a cruel Alpha.I had to find a mate and bring an heir before I could continue with my reign. My face squeezed into a frown.I had given them way too much power. If not, they would not have the guts to spit those damn words out of their mouths.But at another thought, I could kill all of them, just with one pronunciation but then, it was going to tear the pack apart into fragments and it could not be Heard that the strongest pack was having problems.I was so confused for the first time after so many years and I didn't know what to do. That was the exact reason that I left the back for this party.But even when I was inside, I was just way too restless. The music, the air, all of that was just way too annoying for me a
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Chapter 4
Ariel I realized that now my half-sister and her lover wanted to kill her, now I had to save my life and ran away from there. When I was running away from the forest, there I was stuck with Alpha Darius Clive and I ask him for help. I was very frightened my legs were shivering. I was so scared."Why are you running so fast," he asked me surprisedly."They want to kill me, will you help me in saving my life," I asked him curiously."Why do they want to kill you"? he stunned."Actually, Gulther want my pack that is why he did so" I am not telling him about my rebirth, it’s a big secret."Why does Gulther want this?" he was stunned again and secretly happy that now she disliked Gulther and will be his mate happily."I don't know, but he betrayed me, he loves my sister, and he killed my senior pack members, now I am determined for revenge." I was determined."Ok, I will help you in your revenge. You will get your pack again. But you stay with me in my pack. In my pack you will be saved"
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Chapter 5
Were they connected to the dead woman?"Get her out, please?" Her body hit the window again, and I recoiled.Selkie hung his modest robe on a hook at the entrance to the water, wrapped himself in a seal skin and dived into the ocean. A few seconds later we saw him swimming through the strong tide, pushing his body against the square hatch in the floor of the bar. It was held in place by a magical membrane. Ocean nymphs and other water fairies could cross back and forth, but the water never crossed the barrier.He pushed the body towards the entrance. Leaning forward, I grabbed it and pulled. She slid a few meters across the floor before rolling onto her back.Milky eyes looked up unseeingly. Her body turned blue and swollen. Bloodless incisions exposed muscles, ligaments and organs. The cuts were torn. Who knows how long she stayed in the water. Her wounds may have been the result of being hit by rocks or by sharks. Their size, though... the thought of my own clothing-hidden scars fl
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Chapter 6
A real demon just tried to kill meA black stone pendant dangled from his wounded arm. I can’t explain, but in the absence of a pendant around my neck, my head immediately began to throb. I will need to restore it. At the first opportunity, I will repair the pendant and put it back around my neck. I was little when my mom pulled out the jewelry tools and made it for me and made me promise never to take it off.Even after a hot shower, I couldn't stop shaking. Later, pulling on my warmest sweatshirt and burrowing under the covers, I dreamed of a cup of cocoa and a hand to hold on to. Instead, I fell into a restless sleep as my mind replayed past and present traumas.And now we'll join this nightmare that's already begun. The sheets wrapped around my kicking legs, and I fell back into nightmares. Rain splashes on the untouched marble headstone. Bridget Corey Quinn. Beloved Mom.I hear voices whispering, but I can't take my eyes off my mother's death certificate. Sobs get stuck in my che
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Chapter 7
Clive gave me vampire bloodThe kraken would trap its victims, keeping them docile while it devoured them. Closing my eyes, I padded towards the exit. Tripping on the bottom step and swaying forward, I hit my knees on the steps, straightened up and ran upstairs. I almost fainted when I hit my head on the immovable guard blocking the entrance. My defenses were set on me. None of my defenses could deny me. And yet, as I understood, running my hands over the solid barrier of protection, one of them refused. I screamed and pounded on her."Open! Open!" She didn't give in. I was trapped.Tunnels!Cold sea water hit me much sooner than it should have. By the time I got back to the bar, the ice-cold water was up to my waist. Without opening my eyes, I made my way through the water as quickly as possible and headed for my apartment.I stepped on the bottle and it rolled, dropping me into the rapidly rising stream. With difficulty, I tucked my legs under me and stood up. The water was up to m
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Chapter 8
He softly touched my cheek with his fingers"Ha. I figured that a succubus would rather act as a stripper or prostitute.""Every day you learn something new."“She did that too. Says she likes it better when married businessmen in town hold conferences.” He shrugged. “Don’t ask me to explain how to trick men on a gun hunt…" Clive cleared his throat.“Behind warm relationships of a carnal nature,” Dave paraphrased."Can I go talk to her?"It was a delicate balance, a desire to feel connected to Clive, not a desire to make it obvious that I leaned on him. It was difficult to explain. He treated me like I was capable of it, but just in case, he kept his shoulder at the ready."You? No. We? Maybe." Dave stopped drumming, a thoughtful look on his face."Will you come with me?" I asked, breathing a sigh of relief. “Don't be offended by your kindred, but ll feel better if you cover for me when I face the demon." As much as it scared me, my life and home were in danger. Intimidating, not inti
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Chapter 9
You are Princess ArielThe corner of her mouth turned up. “I don't blame you. Not for me either. So, if not rings, how can I help you?"I put my hand in my pocket, but hesitated. Should I give my pendant to some strange supernatural to have it repaired, even if Owen recommended it? Someone tried to kill me, and this woman gave off a strange reptilian smell."Trust issues, huh?" Nodding, she pulled up a chair and sat down. “I am Koko, at your service. Now, since you're a she-wolf living in our beautiful pack... if your scent is any indication of that... I'd guess you're Sam, the owner of the Killed Sheep." With a wink, she asked, "Did I manage?""You've never been to the Killed Sheep. I would remember." Her presence was soothing, which helped calm my nerves."Thanks for the compliment, and no, I wasn't. I quit drinking many years ago, and I read on my tablet. My brother knows someone who works there, so I heard about it." Leaning back, displaying superior strength and balance, she took
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Chapter 10
Did it happen again?Not wanting to bring the wolf to Koko and my pendant, I decided that I was safer at home and turned the corner. As soon as the wolf was out of sight, I started jogging. I quickly got to the Presidio, but then the path changed. Almost between one step and the next, the bright sunny day faded. Huge trees blocked the light, plunging me into unnatural darkness. Turning around in search of the Presidio through which I had just passed, I found nothing but tall ivy-covered trunks and vine-covered undergrowth blocking my path. As if I turned into Middle-earth.A screech and movement in the nearby bushes made me move again, quickening my pace. Yellow eyes burned, small sparks of light in the dark branches. I ran, trying to overtake my surroundings. Was it like the Kraken?Intimidating, not intimidated. I had to find a way out. A vine wrapped itself around my ankle, pulling on my leg and causing me to collapse onto the forest floor. Wet, fertile ground covered in branches
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