The Alpha's Battered Queen

The Alpha's Battered Queen

By:  Kiera Barker  Completed
Language: English
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Killian was raised by an alpha but never dreamed of actually being one. When he is given the honor of being alpha, he takes on more responsibility than he ever wanted to have. When he meets his mate and is unable to rescue her, he knows being a hardened alpha will be the only way to save her. Crystal grew up knowing her life was a living hell. She was beaten and abused by everyone but mostly by those who were supposed to protect her. When she sees Killian for the first time and feels the pull of the mate bond, she thinks her life just got worse. Soon she realizes that Killian is the only one that can save her. She knows she will risk her life like never before in order to be with him in his protective embrace. Killian swears to protect his mate at all costs. Even from those who claimed to be her family. Crystal soon learns that Killian would lay down his life for her, and so would her new pack. She finds out quickly that being Luna, even of a military pack, is exactly what she always needed.

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57 Chapters
1.Killian Barker
Killian was born to the lowest of his pack. His mother was a tender woman with a kind soul and treated him well. She loved him with all her heart. She could because Killian’s father was not her mate. Freya Barker was a sweet soul that lived for only her son. Fredrick Barker was not a bad person, but he had a drinking problem. Alcohol mixed with a werewolf’s temper was a bad mix. On the night Killian turned was six, it happened. Freya knew that one day, Fredrick would get so drunk on a full moon and the werewolf would take over enough to make him snap and he would hurt one or both of them. She would make sure her Killian was not touched. Freya heard Fredrick come in, stumbling, and cursing in his wake as the werewolf tried to break free. In her gut, she knew this would be her last night and stiffened her spine as she knew she would never see Killian again. She picked Killian up and
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2.Crystal Johnston
She was born into a normal family. Her father was Alpha, her mother was a Luna. She had a younger brother who was to be named Alpha when their father decided. Everything seemed normal until the day her brother Andrew started assaulting her. She went and told her parents but because Andrew was future alpha, they couldn’t have his name ruined. She was abused by both her parents, her brother, and anyone her brother had over. She tried to kill herself multiple times, thinking anything was better than this. They would never let her leave. It stopped temporarily when she turned sixteen. Her wolf came forth and revealed a solid white coat and she had clear blue eyes. She was the perfect specimen of a wolf. When Andrew turned a year later and he was nothing more than a brown wolf with normal golden eyes, he became enraged, and the beating got worse. He felt he had been cheated someho
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3.Free At Last
Her wolf hit the ground, and she heard the glass hitting the pavement next to her. Without evening looking back, she took off in a full sprint. She heard the shouting from behind her and sped her pace up. She’s out and now she made sure it stayed that way. Crystal’s heart raced more than it ever had as she heard Andrew and his friends chasing behind her in their wolf forms. Aurora promised she wouldn’t let them catch her. They would not go back to that life. They trampled over limbs, dodged trees, cleared a stream, and still, they gave chase. As her legs began to tire, the forest got thicker, and she knew she was entering Blood Moon Pack. She could smell him faintly and it gave her an extra boost of energy. They crossed into Blood Moon and his scen
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4.Battered Queen
Killian woke up and smiled a bit to himself. The sun was pouring in and the room was warm. Crystal was now in human form and curled up next to him. He admired her naked body but the more he stared, the more he grew furious. She was underweight and her skin was shades of black, blue, purple, and yellow. Not a single part of her was untouched. She had truly been a prisoner in her own home and her captors were her own family. Before she woke up and panicked, he carefully got out of bed and covered her. He walked out the door and locked it. He went straight to the training yards to let out his anger. He didn't want her to see him like that. Jake met him down along with a few others to help him work out his aggression.Crystal jolted out of bed and sat straight up. She began to panic as she didn't know where she was. She caught the scent of rain and cedarwood and she let it relax her. Once she was calmed down, she opened her eyes and looked around, and tried to remember what happe
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5.A New Life
Crystal saw every shop with Killian following behind. He encouraged her to try everything and feel free to get anything she liked. She hesitated at first, but once she was comfortable, Killian enjoyed seeing her light up in every shop. Killian knew it would take time for her to let her guard down and not be so nervous, but he could wait. A few items had to be sent straight to the house and others, he carried for her. Crystal had never done this before. She went into every shop and got things of her choice without anyone saying she couldn't. Killian just sat back and watched her with a smile on his face. The Moon Goddess knew what she needed and who knew a hardened military alpha would be the teddy bear she needed. She knew this man would defend her and she took pleasure in enjoying her freedom. She bought more things than she knew what to do with. Most of them were clothes she had always wanted and the foods she had wanted to try. After shopping, Killian to
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6.Caleb Parker's Demise
Killian sat in front of the cell that now held Caleb. He was bound in chains and currently hanging limp. He stared at this man and Drake saw red and wanted his blood. He didn't care who he was and what he was doing here. He was from them and he hurt her. He had the nerve to come to look for her here. Jake came up next to him a while later and told him Crystal was in his office and needed to speak to him. With a hard sigh, Killian stood up and walked to his office. He knew what Crystal wanted and knew he couldn't say no to her. She needed to watch him fall.Killian walked into his office and she was in his chair. He walked over and sat on the edge of the desk. He looked at her and just nodded. She stood up and followed him out and down to the basement. She felt a thrill seeing Caleb strung up. She wanted Killian to know how she felt and asked him to be standing back where Caleb couldn't see him when he woke. She wanted him to just see her and let him dig his own grave. Killian
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7.Blood Moon's Luna
Andrew paced his dad's office. Caleb hasn't been seen or heard from since he left to find Crystal two months ago. He had to be dead. There was no other way to explain it. He was getting more and more furious and his wolf, Atticus, was growing tenser and tenser. "I bet she watched.""Andrew.""He was the worst. The things he did to her were the worst out of all of us. If stories are true, Killian beat him to death.""That could be an act of war.""So, what are we going to do?""I'll contact Killian.""Why, so he can invite you and then kill you.""Andrew, get out, now."Andrew stormed out of his dad's office and went for a run. He was fuming. How dare that little bitch watch his beta die. She would pay for it.  Crystal sat in bed with Killian. She was wearing nothing but a shirt this morning as Killian brought her breakfast in bed. He was picking a suit to wear to meet with the alph
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8.An Alpha's Revenge
Crystal woke up the next morning not remembering the last time she slept so good. As she moved, she noticed Killian was still asleep next to her. Without waking him, she slid out of bed and into the closet. She stared at herself in a floor-length mirror and fingered her mate mark. She loved seeing it there on her neck and knew nothing could ever hurt her again. She smiled to herself and dressed for the day. Once that was done, she checked on Killian and noticed the heavy rise and fall of his chest, and decided to let him sleep. She walked out and went downstairs and headed for the kitchen. No one knew that they had marked each other, so when she came down, everyone noticed. Jake ran into her on her way out the door to head to the bakery."Well, what have we here?""Good morning, Jake.""He marked you.""And he has one similar to match.""Congrats. It's about time, but I know why the hesitation. We all do.""Truthfully it happened because I w
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9.A Secured Luna
Crystal couldn't even go outside without feeling like she was being watched. She knew Andrew couldn't cross into her pack lands but his threat was fresh on her mind. She sat in the library huddled in the corner, too afraid to leave the maze of shelves. She sat up against the wall and felt the panic creeping up on her. She closed her eyes and began whispering that it wasn't real and she was safe. Andrew couldn't touch her anymore. Her breathing became heavier and she began to rock as the memories swarmed in and threatened to snuff her out. When she thought she couldn't handle it anymore, she smelt the rain and cedar scent. She began to relax as the scent got stronger and she knew he was getting closer to her. When she had the strength to open her eyes, he was knelt down in front of her. He had a concerned look on his face and reached out his hand."You can't keep doing this, baby.""I can't help it. I feel safe here when you are gone.""Which is why all my busine
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10.Something Bigger
Crystal sat in the garden with Kellie eating lunch the afternoon before the ceremony. Kellie had settled in nicely and loved having the freedom that Blood Moon did."It's so beautiful here, Crystal. And so peaceful. I'm glad you found your happiness, Crystal.""This can be your happiness, too.""I rejected my mate.""That doesn't mean you can't be happy. You know you wouldn't have been with him.""I know, but I'll never have a mate.""That doesn't mean you can't find love.""That's true.""Plus, who's to say you don't have a second chance mate.""Always hopeful, Crystal.""I have to be."Just then, Brandy walked over to them."Pardon the intrusion, Luna.""Speak freely, Brandy. You know better.""I'm sorry, Crystal. The Sea Cave Pack is here.""Killian?""Still dealing with the Drak Woods Pack.""Very well. Will you two accompany me?""Of course.""Jak
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