Alpha King's Unmated Sister-in-law

Alpha King's Unmated Sister-in-law

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"I want you," he growled. "I need you. Beth, look at me." She couldn’t help but him back, even though she knew she shouldn't have. Beth, the widow of Daniel's brother in the middle of a brewing war when the pack needed leadership most, her! receiving Daniel's every of his hips as he ground upon her with their clothes in the way. It had barely been an hour since she had received Daniel's confession and told him to be patient, and she might have given him something to cling to when she didn't turn him down, but this was too fast. She had needed time to convince herself to be reasonable, and not to do something stupid like let Daniel grope her over his sheets while she writhed underneath him and grew damp between her thighs all the while. -------------------------- Beth was dying, she prayed to Moon Goddess for a second chance to live her life. When she opened her eyes again, she realized her wish was granted. In this life, it seemed like it didn't get off to a good start as well, because she became a widow on her wedding day. But then she met her brother-in-law, Daniel, the most ruthless Alpha she remembered in the past life... What happened next was far beyond her expectation...

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Gabby Tess
captivating, exquisite, well written. loved it
2023-12-03 01:35:59
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Deborah Savoia-Pearl
I really liked this story. I loved the development and the growth of the characters. Is there the possibility of a sequel in the future?
2023-11-03 16:15:36
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Delinda Schumacher
130 chapters 9-30-23
2023-10-01 10:36:41
130 Chapters
Chapter 1
“Mommy, I wanna go. I wanna go! I don’t like her, Mommy!”From the bed where she lay trapped under heavy, sweat-soaked covers, Beth strained to reach for the little girl screaming and hiding behind the other woman in the room, the one who stood over and stared down at Beth’s pale, gaunt face with a cold smile and glittering eyes. But she had no more strength. Her hand fell upon the sheets like a dead thing, skeletal fingers trembling.“Mommy,” the child sobbed and tugged on the other woman’s shirt, small face turned away. “She’s scary, I don’t want to. I don’t want to! I don’t want to!”“It’s all right. You don’t have to go to her. Mommy will protect you. Mommy will protect you from the bad, scary lady.” The vicious smile she shot Beth was victorious and smug, full of poison, and she stroked the girl’s hair while motioning at the attendant standing by the bedroom door. “Take Caroline to her room,” she ordered. “I want to speak alone with our guest.”“Mommy, no! Mommy!”“I’ll come find
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Chapter 2
It was so peaceful here it hurt.How long had Beth suffered that the first moment without pain, only calm and quiet, could hurt her so badly? She doubled over and fell to her side, half-sprawled, half-curled. She had no idea where she was or what had happened to her, but this was too much to take in. This empty place she could neither describe nor even properly see, hear, taste, nothing - this place where she was no longer in pain, no longer dying, this place where her body had at least found peace and respite from the torment, the agony... She didn't know if she could take it. She didn't know who she was without the pain."Come."The gentle voice came from above her, and all at once, someone was standing in front of her. Beth's gaze drifted up, following the woman's willowy frame until it rested upon her face.And oh, she was beautiful. Young and old at the same time, innocent but wise, joy tempered by age-old tragedy. She had the softness of feathers, the brilliance of wildflow
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Chapter 3
Cold fury flared inside her, ugly and jagged. Matt? Matthew? Disgusting bond-traitor Matthew who had thrown her away and jumped into her sister's bed, steal away her daughter, and help turn everyone she loved against her because she had been stupid enough to believe that true love could triumph? That Matthew from the life before?"Tell the gentleman I'm not accepting any more company tonight. He should leave immediately."David blinked. The aged man knew nothing, and he had always been so firmly entrenched in propriety and manners, so she couldn't blame him for his surprise at her callous response. "...Should I arrange for him to see you tomorrow, then?" he asked, hesitant."Nope. I can't imagine there's anything he needs to discuss with me that he can't handle with his fiancee. Annalise's room is just around the corner. And since my father's around, I'm sure he can help, too.""But Miss Elizabeth. You should meet your sister's future husband at least once when he's come all this way
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Chapter 4
But now that he was close enough for Beth to see properly, there could be no mistake. But he was so young! She had only ever known this man in her previous life after he was fully grown, the most dangerous werewolf no one ever dared to cross one-on-one...But here he was right in her family home, glaring daggers at Matt. Moon Goddess, he still had a fearsome aura. Even at this age, had he already been so frightening? He had grown up to become ruthless, savage, the terrifying dictator of his pack's territory who ruled in blood and violence, but he couldn't be but still in his teens now. How unsettling...especially since toward the end of Beth's life, there had been those so terrified of this man that they refused to speak his name.Daniel. Daniel Heether, the younger brother of the man she was supposed to marry, the youngest son of the Heether family. This was the young man who called her 'sister-in-law' now, and in just a handful of years, would bathe in the blood of countless werewol
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Chapter 5
Warren stared, stunned by her sudden outburst. So was everyone else, including the heads that were peeking out of the doorway behind them in the wedding hall, and the messenger who had come bearing the news looked not only shocked but infuriated. He shot Beth a hot glare before looking back at Warren, mouth open to say something, but the other man beat him to it."I'll be fine, Elizabeth," he said at last with a winning smile, and nodded at the messenger to move back down the steps and leave them be. "It must be the nerves. And here I thought you weren't nervous at all! Come on, let's get you down and -""Forget nerves! Warren, trust me on this. Don't go, do not go!" Beth tore off her wedding veil and tossed it on the ground, shoulders shaking with the effort to hold in all the impossible things she wanted to shout. But no, she had to figure out how to open his eyes without resorting to telling him wild time travel stories. Who would believe it if she tried to say she had come from th
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Chapter 6
Dark. Cold. Daniel had always possessed the most resilient constitution despite being the youngest of his brothers, but he had just woken up shivering and dizzy. Was this a nightmare? Had he fallen asleep and slipped into a murky dream? He could see nothing at all no matter how many times he blinked to clear his vision...but it was no dream. When he moved to stand, he noticed at last the heavy, ugly weight of manacles on his wrists and ankles. Chains clanked against the wall when he tugged at them in vain, but he didn't get a second chance to try to break free. With a snarl, he shrank back, hunching his back. Protruding diagonally from his right shoulder, lodged deep under his collarbone and the feathered fletching just barely visible in the darkness, was a heavy arrow. If he could shift, he could try to force it out since his regeneration had clearly failed him, but the manacles would crush his bones.But at least the darkness was lifting since he could see the arrow. His vision mu
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Chapter 7
Beth had set off for this place as soon as the message had come that Daniel was in the custody of the Troy family - of Gold Nation, in other words, since their word was law here and nothing less. It had been days since Daniel had disappeared on the heels of his brother, and the entire Heether family as well as all that packs under them had been on the brink of chaos.Learning that the most powerful family of the most powerful nation now had settled the confusion. The first part of the letter had answered the questions of how they had come across Daniel and the men that had gone with him, confirming they were alive at the time of sending. But then, the rest of the letter's contents...Beth kept her eyes on Andrew instead of letting them rove around the grand hall or the luxurious furnishings. It was hard not to gawk - even her wooden chair had what looked like small, inlaid diamonds and other gemstones along the armrests. Such senseless luxury...such wealth, meaning power and the where
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Chapter 8
They were on their way back home at last, Daniel and the men who had been captured with him. Beth didn't know why he was the only one who had been so stubborn that he refused medical care all this time when everyone else was hale and healthy. In fact, he was the one slowing them down, and finally, after a day of traveling through hard terrain, he ordered them to go on without him. He would follow at his own pace as his body recovered now that Beth had treated his wound. "No," she said flatly when he tried to make her go with them. "You can make them obey, but not me. So stop trying." "You -" "I said no." "You've been angry at me since we left Troy territory," she said, voice flinty and sparking with impatience. "And now you're only taking back the cold shoulder treatment to tell me to leave? Forget it. I came all this way on foot and alone without your family's permission or mine to get you out of there, so I'm not leaving on your word either." "And how exactly did you do that, B
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Chapter 9
The cat was out of the bag. More people than not believed the rumors were just that, only rumors, but Matt had the wisdom of the next several years ahead to properly align his judgment. The stories going around that the Heether pack as well as the Troy pack had lost entire dozens of warriors in one fell swoop along with the eldest son had to be true, along with the one that said Daniel, the youngest son, had been captured by the Troy family following the discovery of the slaughter.It was playing out almost exactly like before. Matt wished he had paid closer attention back then, but this was around the time he and Beth had already settled in the Bronze Nation with a home of their own, both of them freshly entranced by the other upon the discovery that they were each other's fated mates...And it should have been the same way when he went to find her a month ago at the Rokley estate the night before her wedding to Warren Heether. They should have locked eyes and realized they were mean
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Chapter 10
That was how far this piece of shit was going to go? Daniel looked him up and down, measuring the worth of the Catii family's heir. They were nearly the same age, Matthew Catii only several months older, but he was shorter and skinnier, less built. The Heether family had always been well-built, but comparing their physical gifts was just a sad affair. Matthew Catii should keep to himself instead of stirring snakes' nests. He wasn't...constructed for confrontation. Especially not with Daniel, who was being steadily tested past his limits. He was one breath away from snapping."No, thank you," he said. "Beth is not a bargaining chip to get to your information. You should leave. Now.""Don't be ridiculous. I'm offering more than information, I'm offering help. Moon Goddess knows you need it -"Daniel shifted. He was already bare-chested from training several minutes before he went in to see his father, but the rest of his clothes were torn to shreds as muscles bulged, fur bristled, and h
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