Alpha Malik

Alpha Malik

By:  Midika   Ongoing
Language: English
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"Two girls from each Pack have been selected to represent themselves and their morals, to determine who is best suited for Alpha Malik...." *** After being kidnapped and abused by an unruly rogue organisation, Aria is forced enter a competition with a man who has given up all hopes of finding his mate. Alpha Malik is known as the Alpha of Love, and now Aria must compete against girls from every Pack, for his attention. To save her own life, and his too, she must complete a mission that will force her into the Alpha's arms. However, a twist in the game changes everything. And the Alpha himself will realises that maybe his mate was never as far as he thought...

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Enjoyed your Book looking forward for updates
2023-02-15 04:39:39
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Crystal Devkar
can't wait to read more
2022-06-20 14:57:35
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Mariana Fernandez
en español
2022-06-09 14:16:15
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Really liked this book but it hasn’t been updated in a very long time. Pretty disappointed
2022-10-13 10:23:13
40 Chapters
~Aria"You know what you need?" she says pointedly. "Sex."My head jerks up, my gaze finding my friend who lounges casually on my bed, magazine in hand. Her head is tipped down the side of my bed, blonde hair spilling across my bed sheets.Alexa. Our parents were friends before we were. Back in preschool, she was super intimidating with all the friends and her own personal sandpit at home. Our friendship was forced upon us, and on the first day of primary school, we realised we needed one another, and haven't left each other's side since.She still intimidates me though. Not only, in my opinion, is she flawless, but she is so confident and impressive. I was often told I was charismatic and easy to talk to, but she was another story.Some people knew me as Alexa's friend, since she was my barrier to cling to when it came to meeting the outside world. Although we were stark different in our looks, for
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~AriaI felt a little guilty coming here.Hugging my jacket closer to myself, I tilt my head away from the onslaught of sleet hitting me sideways. It had to be this kind of weather for what I am committing to. At least the piece of paper I brought with me was tucked under the faux fur of my coat. Not that it mattered.Really, I wasn't trying to protect it. In fact, it was my lame attempt at trying to hide it from Alexa. Now I'm about to make trash out of Alexa's idea.Pulling the slip of paper out, I assess it through the thick weather, hitting the side of the rubbish bin with a tin slap. The face of my very own Alpha glared at me, his blue eyes, melting slightly from the icy rain, staring deep at my soul.Maybe if I could see past the blurry pixels from botched printing, I might have thought he was attractive.Sure, I've seen him on television, but I never took much notice of Malik
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~AriaI anxiously tap the tips of my fingers together, leaning forward on the couch."Take it," Alexa insists, nudging the glass at my face. Rolling my eyes, I dismiss her, not wanting any of the Chardonnay she was nearly drunk with. My eyes are glued to the television, anticipating what is to come next.My best friend flops down beside me, balancing the stem of the glass between her fingers.Here we are, waiting for the live announcement of every name that has been pulled for from the ballot. The names of the people who will be competing in Alpha Malik's competition for love. I had a slight glimmer of hope that maybe, maybe I wouldn't be selected. That everything those rogues had told me was a lie.It has been a month and a half since I saw them last. The main rogue, who I was requested to call Grey visited me once, reminding me of my ties to the organisation I didn't know a anything about. All I k
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~Aria"They're here!"My growl of disdain is caught rough and short, as the pressure against my chest grows. Alexa's insistent hands rest against my ribs, as she sits on my stomach. Kicking my knee up, I groan again in protest. What a way to wake up."Get off me," I snap, but she doesn't move, keeping me pinned against the bed.My curtains have been thrust open, a rich, orange morning sun streams in, lighting up the make up smeared face of my best friend. Her hair has been gathered up into a wild ponytail, that had clearly been slept on. But the elated grin on her face suggested she had been up for hours."Get up lazy, they're here!" she exclaims, shaking my shoulders, the exuberant look about her not fading for a single second.I attempt another way of getting Alexa off my lungs-by rolling my body-but she remains adamant. "Who?""Who do you think? Malik's little en
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~Aria I plucked at the lining of the car seat, irritating Elaine, the woman who has been paired with me. Apparently, it was her job to make me win this entire thing; which basically meant she would get a hefty paycheck if I did so.Little did she know, I wasn't going to be here for long. At least I don't plan to be."This car is expensive," he whispers harshly, still keeping a smile on her face as she said it. The cameras were off - the man behind it wiping the lens with the corner of his shirt - so we weren't expected to keep up with any facade.So, I took it upon myself to relax, propping my leg up under me, despite wearing a dress. The blue fabric bunched under my breast, to flow nearly down to my knees. This is the first time I've had the chance to wear something that pretty, despite the snow falling gently outside. Elaine had my faux fur coat on her lap, ready to
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~AriaMacie clung to me the entire drive there, and after awhile, it got extremely uncomfortable.However, I wasn't about to call her annoying or tell her to get off me. Perhaps this strange meeting just for the cameras had secured me a friendship while I am apart of this competition. Someone on my side, to help me deal with the other girls that will be there, who I am not looking forward to meeting, let alone living with.Macie didn't seem stressed about our lack of information, about what was going to happen next. She just nonchalantly sat back in her seat, brushing back the fur on my coat, while I threw rapid fire questions at Eliane.There is no way I am about to walk into this like a blind man."So we will be staying with Malik then?" I question. I knew that his estate would be where our home would be for however long we were chosen to stay, but I couldn't fathom how living next to Malik would
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~Aria Seeing all those people staring at me flushed me with a wave of utter embarrassment, in the form of pink tinted cheeks. Girls of all different Pack ethnicities were sitting on chairs in the main foyer, and they all turned to stare at Macie and I, as we were ushered in. For a few moments, no one said a word, the people at the front, who I recognised-purely from their television appearances-as the Alpha family. Malik's parents were the first I saw. The regal former Luna of the Love Pack, Cecily, stood upon a slightly raised platform, along with her mate, the former Alpha of Love, Alexander. Extremely important people were staring at me, and I suddenly don't know what to do with my hands and arms. But where is their son? The Alpha cannot be seen anywhere. Alexander, the former Alpha looked grim at our sudden appearance, whereas Cecily looked delighted by the fact that we had f
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~Aria  He leant casually back against one of the reading tables, watching me. Clearly, he is amused; his expression tells me that much. His lips, which admittedly, my eyes lingered on, before exploring the rest of him, were slanted in a soft smile, as he observed me like I'm his prey, cornered against the bookshelf. The book in my hand is the main piece of incriminating evidence, that suggests that I had been sneaking around here. In the Alpha's library. Could I have dug a bigger hole for myself? "I'm so sorry," I insisted like I was trying to get him to understand the sincerity in my voice. Being punished for this can't happen...What if I get kicked out? What would Grey do to my family? "This wasn't meant to happen." Alpha Malik continued to stare at me, not saying a single word. His eyes are as hard as steel, the colour so intense
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~Aria I woke up cursing myself. No, cursing the Goddess I don't really believe in. Grey never told me Malik had that close of a relationship with that necklace. I had happily assumed it would be kept in a safe, which in my opinion, would be easy to crack, then Alpha Malik himself. After last night, and my meander to the library, I'm in an even more vulnerable position. As I'm more than positive he's going to be more careful of my antics. Just as I was leaving the shower, Elaine decided to rush in undetected. Walking out of the bathroom, towel trying my hair, the sight of my assistant browsing through my wardrobe made me yelp. "Elaine," I snap. "You can't just walk into my room like this! What if I was naked?" She sighs, turning around, holding a gentle fuchsia dress in her hand. I wore it to Alexa's birthday earlier this year, so it brings back memories of he
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Aria "That's them!" Zariah squeals in my ear. We stare out the window in Zariah's room, which faced the front of the house, showing the courtyard where the rest of the contestants were arriving. This is probably going against the rules, but it's not like I haven't done so already, and Zariah is too curious to care. My fingers are ice cold, as the press into the window sill, while I fight for the best look at the girls. Most of them step out of the same sleek black cars we had yesterday, however, none of them looked as if they had dressed as lavishly as we had been instructed. Many wore loose pants and sweatshirts, with their hair messy from the travel. Most of them travelled days to cross the land. "Sizing up your competition, Zariah?" Brynn said slyly from where she lay on Zariah's bed. We aren't even allowed to be in each others room and were even instructed to stay where Malik would be able to fin
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