Alpha Unwanted Luna Mate

Alpha Unwanted Luna Mate

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BLURB Elmira Jones, the daughter of the famous cruel Alpha Raymond, ruler of the Blood Moon pack, receives hate Immediately she is born. Her mother passed away, prompting the pack members to hate her, and including her family members. The day she turned 18th, she was sold off to the mateless Alpha. Alpha Luciano Salvatore, whom everyone knew to be ruthless, cruel and blood thirsty. She cursed the moon goodness the night she found out he was her mate. She was forced to live under the roof of someone who sees her as nothing but a hole to satisfy himself. The situation got unbearable, when Luciano's childhood friend returned. She became his mistress, and Elmira life was tasteless, and cruel. Luciano rejects her and sends her off the street, but little did he know she was three months pregnant. Her happiness ended too soon when the obsessive Alpha threw her into bed as he threats coldly– "You are mine, and you will stay mine"

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11 Chapters
Chapter 1
“Isn't it beautiful?” Elmira gasped, probably surprised, and pulled from her thoughts.“I'd choose the green dress,” Elmira suggested as the maid placed the clothes on her large bed and continued to style her hair.“Between Isabella and me, who's prettier?” Elmira asked, her voice revealing her loss of control. She couldn't help it; the Alpha had never found her attractive.“You're prettier, Luna,” the maid replied. Elmira knew it was a lie, but it was to boost her confidence.After the maid dressed her up, she walked out of her room. She planned to surprise Alpha Luciano since today was his birthday. She has been planning everything since two weeks ago, and it must be perfect.“What are you doing here?” A feminine voice asked, and Elmira flinched.“Isabella! You scared me” She looked around the room, to see if Alpha Luciano was there.“I just don't get it, are you dumb? If you wish enough, then I believe you should have left this pack already. Aren't you ashamed of yourselves?” Isabe
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Chapter 2
"Alpha Luciano!" Beta Chris called, as he entered into the Alpha's office."Not now Beta Chris, I'm busy" Alpha Luciano replied, his eyes still fixed on his laptop."You have to see this, now!" He emphasized the word, and Alpha Luciano looked at him."What is it?" He asked, and they both hurriedly left the house."Look!" Beta Chris said, pointing at the wonder in the sky.It was an Eclipsed Union.The sun and the moon had aligned in the sky, creating a mesmerizing celestial event. The sun and the moon appeared side by side, their radiant glows slowly merging into a single, blood-red orb that cast an eerie and ominous light upon the pack."You know what this sign means, right?" Beta Chris asked, looking at Alpha Luciano, who furrowed his brow."The new Alpha is born" Alpha Luciano muttered, his gaze locked on the eclipsed union.~~~~Months past and Elmira has already given birth to a beautiful daughter, she was just the exact carbon copy of Alpha Luciano."Elmira!, you have to hurry
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Chapter 3
Before Elmira could fall to the ground, Alpha Luciano sped up to her and caught her. His gold eyes glared at the random guys and they moved backwards."We are sorry Alpha" The apologized, quickly leaving the scenario. He carried her into his arms, watching her innocent face, he felt attracted to them once again.He carried her to his executive room, where he laid her on the bed. The fact that a visiting Alpha In his pack almost marked her, makes him want to go nuts.His scent is all over her, disturbing his nostrils. He undressed her, leaving her with just her pink bra, and her net underwear.He inhaled her slowly, from head to toe, looking fragile.Why would she even get drunk, if she knew she couldn't handle it? Alpha Luciano felt hard underneath, just by constant staring. He cursed under his breath, as he sat down on his king size bed. *MINE!!* Luther growled and he shook his head."Stay calm Luther, we can't take advantage of her" Alpha Luciano said, and lit his cigar. His eyes
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Chapter 4
The moment Elmira had woken up, she recalled the incident which happened last night. Her heartbeat increased wildly, while she got lost in thoughts.The next second, her phone rang and she picked it up. "Hey Grandma!" She said, calmly, getting down from the bed.Looking around, to see if Luciano was still in the room, she discovered she was alone."Are you listening at all?" Then, Elmira got back to her senses. "Yeah, I will be back soon" She replied, getting her clothes, which were laid on the ground. Good heavens, what about Alpha Jacob? He must have waited for too long!.She hissed before going to wash herself In the bathroom. After she had finished dressing up, she left the place. While scrolling through the message box, she discovered Alpha Jacob had been texting her.There's nothing she could do at this point, she tossed the phone aside, while she boarded a taxi, which drove her back home."I'm home…" She said, going straight to the kitchen, since she smelled that something m
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Chapter 5
It was evening, the sun already down and a chilling breeze blew around the place. Alpha Luciano was fast asleep, while his door slowly cracked open, with his special abilities, he could sense the dark aura, but when he had swiftly gotten up from the bed, he saw nothing.He looked over to his left, that was when he noticed his closed window was now open.He went ahead to shut it before leaving the room.He sent for Beta Chris, which about ten minutes later, he showed up with a cup of whiskey."You sent for me, Alpha" He spoke, gulping down his drink."Yes, I did. I had a very troublesome dream" He said and Beta Chris nodded in response.He narrowed his eyebrows, expecting Beta Chris to say something but instead, he continued drinking."Didn't you hear what I said?" He asked, raising his voice."Keep down, I wasn't in your dream. Don't eat me raw" He hissed."You bet I would" He licked his canine and Beta Chris swallowed it."So, in your dreams, what exactly happened?""I don't know…it
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Chapter 6
Watching Henry and Hailey play at the garden, Elmira smiled.After all this years of living in regret and pains, she had finally had peace, but strangely, it was because of Luciano. Although she had decided within her not to forgive him, she still find herself wanting and yawing for his touch. "Who is he?" Bianca asked, and she flinched hearing a voice behind her."Oh my goodness, where are you coming from? You didn't even call me" She said, shocked that Bianca was standing at her back."I'm sorry. What happened Mira, Alpha Jacob has been calling me ever since we went to the club, did something happen between you guys?" She asked, feeling concerned.Elmira is not someone who is used to pushing people away from her,but ever since she returned from the club, she has been acting really weird.From not picking Alpha Jacob's call, to not responding to any of Bianca's message or calls."No, nothing happened. I just… I needed a space" She said, smiling awkwardly."Yeah, everyone deserves a
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Chapter 7
The guards opened the door, and a tall elegant lady walked into the royal house.Alpha Luciano, sat in the sitting room as she walked in,her dark aura spreading throughout the room. She smiled, the moment her eyes set on Alpha Luciano.She gave a short bow, before walking to sit opposite him. "You don't look bad, Luciano" She said and he removed the cigarette clutched between his teeth."What did you just call me? Luci…what?" He raised his eyebrows and she chuckled. "Oh, please. You and I, know that you're no longer the Alpha of this pack, the Eclipse union already happened" She replied and he narrowed his eyebrows.He looked at the guards and they all walked out, leaving just him, and his guests."Lilith, how long has it been?" He asked, pouring himself a bottle of wine. "Won't you offer me anything?" She asked, and he rolled his eyes."I didn't invite you to drink, I sent you here to solve a disturbing issue!" He retorted."Caused by whom?" She said, checking out her long nails.
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Chapter 8
"What do you mean, someone saw you?" Raymond gritted his teeth, pacing around his room. He exhaled softly before ending the call. When he did, he touched his forehead, noticing he was running a temperature. There was a slight knock on his room, and he hid the paper he had in his hands under the bed. "Come in," he said, and the door opened. Alpha Luciano walked in with a cup of coffee. "Are you okay? You must have been hurt badly," he asked, and Raymond shook his head with a smile. "Not that much. Don't worry too much, kid brother!" He said, watching how his facial expressions had changed. "You've never for once believed I should be Alpha. Why is that so?" He leaned on the couch, tapping his foot. "Maybe because I'm older, and I rightfully deserve to be Alpha," he replied quickly. "I thought you got me the coffee," Raymond muttered as Alpha Luciano began drinking the coffee. "On second thought, I should drink it!" He licked his lip and dropped the cup on the table. "You weren'
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Chapter 9
"Exhaling and inhaling, Elmira opened Alpha Luciano's office door and walked in. She dropped the files on the table and turned to leave when something caught her attention.On the desk, a golden necklace lay, and she smiled, recalling it was her necklace. That was the first gift she got from him when he got married to her."Are you surprised?" Alpha Luciano asked from behind, and she turned, wiping her tears."You've had it for a long time?" She gasped out and instantly hugged him tight. "I thought I lost it," she sniffed in, and he ruffled her hair, kissed her on the forehead, and she chuckled."I think I have to go; Martha shouldn't see me here." She tried to disengage their hug, but Alpha Luciano held her waist."Who owns this company?" He asked sternly."You…but…""Who gives the orders here?" He lifted up her chin, and she swallowed. "Answer me! Mi Cara!" He added."You.""And most importantly, who owns you?" His hands went to her ass and grabbed it, making her face blush."We are
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Chapter 10
It's been two days already, and baby Hailey has developed a fever. She kept crying loudly while her temperature never went down; instead, it went up.Elmira took her to the hospital as soon as day broke."Good morning, ma'am," the doctor greeted as she entered the ward."Morning," Elmira greeted, standing up. "What is wrong with my baby? She's been having sleepless nights, coughing, and sneezing!" She said, worry evident in her tone."Actually, she has a very rare disease," the doctor said, and Elmira's jaw dropped."What? A disease? How bad is it?" She asked, looking at her baby."Very bad, I would say," the doctor replied, and Elmira shook her head slowly, staring at baby Hailey."She's just a baby, why does she have to suffer? She's only two years old!" She broke into tears, holding baby Hailey's hand and sniffing."Before we start treatment, you have to deposit money," the doctor said, and Elmira nodded."How much is that?" She asked, and the doctor smiled."You have to meet the r
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