Chapter 9

Emelia POV

It's the weekend already. This week went by better than expected. After the miss hap with my parents, I must say the rest of my problems seem so small. Keegan and I decided on an early dinner and a movie so now I'm just trying to do my assignments before we go. Things have also been going better with Keegan. He has opened more up to me and for that I'm grateful.

"Em, how far are you?"

"I still have two assignments to finish. Why?" I look up from my computer to see Ann standing in my doorway. We decided that no matter what the time of night we need to just sit together and talk about our day so we don't lose sight of our friendship.

"I need you to help me get ready. Mason just texted me a while ago and he wants to take me to lunch. I don't know what to wear. He is picking me up in an hour."

"So there is no time to wash your hair. Let's go see what is in your closet. So tell me how things are going between you and Mason. You have never worried about how you look for a date so what's up."

I rummage through her closet to find an appropriate dress she can wear to dinner.

"I don't know I really like Mason. For now, we are just friends. We will see what the future brings. Maybe we can go on a double date in the future." Ann gives me a shy smile.

"Well lucky for you I found the perfect dress and shoes. Get dressed while I get the things for your hair and makeup ready."

The dress that I picked for Ann is a red summer dress with red high heels. After Ann got dressed she came to sit at the vanity so I can do her hair. I took the curling iron and curled her hair so that it's flowing down her back. I also put a little makeup on.

I hear the doorbell ring and went to open it.

"Halo Mason. She will be right out. Do you want anything to drink while you wait?"

I wait for Mason to answer but he is quite. I turn around to see why Mason doesn't answer me and I follow his eyes. Ann is standing in the living room door. Damn my friend looks hot. I walk toward Mason and give his shoulder a nudge. He then walks towards Ann and gives her a kiss on the cheek

"You look lovely Ann. Are you ready to leave?"

"Yes, I am. Bye Em. Have fun on your date. We will have a girl's day tomorrow. Love you."

"Love you too. Have fun"

I walk towards my bedroom and put on some music. My assignments are long forgotten. I decide I'm going to take a bath and just soak a bit before my date. I turn on the tap and drop a lavender bath bomb in. I take off my clothes and slide in and let my mind wander a bit. I wonder what Keegan has planned for this date. He told me to dress casually so he won't take me to a 5-star restaurant. I wash my face and hair and once the water is cold I climb out.

In my room, I go in my closet and pull out my jeans with my superwoman t-shirt and paired it with sneakers. I decided to go without makeup today and just blow dry my hair. I look at my watch and see I still have an hour before Keegan will arrive so I make myself a cup of coffee and watch some TV.

I hear Keegan's knock on the door and pick up my jacket and purse and meet him at the door. I step out and lock the apartment.

"How do you look so breathtaking even without makeup?" I feel the blush burning my cheeks red.

"Thank you for the compliment. Let's get going."

"Let's go but first you need to put on this blindfold. I don't want to ruin the surprise."

I hesitant move toward Keegan and he puts the blindfold over my eyes and he makes sure I can't see anything. Keegan leads me towards the car and helps to sit inside. I hear him get into the car and start it. I hate surprises but I can't tell Keegan that. I just sit back and enjoy the ride. After about a half-hour I don't hear the sound of the city anymore. I am starting to become nervous. I feel the car stop and Keegan getting out. He opens my door and helps me out of the car. We don't walk far from the car and Keegan takes off my blindfold. In front of me, I see the most incredible view. You can see the whole city from up here. I turn around to see where Keegan has gone off to and there on the ground lays a picnic blanket. I walk towards Keegan.

"Wow Keegan, what is this place? It is so beautiful."

"My parents and I came here once a month to have a picnic. If you love this view you need to see it at night with all the lights."

"O Kee this is so romantic. Never has anyone done something like this for me. Thank you for sharing this with me. Maybe you should give me the directions. I would love to come up here for some peace and quiet from the rush of our daily lives."

"Sure I will write down the directions for you."

We sit and eat some of the food that Kee brought us. He took out some wine and poured us some. We talked a bit about his childhood and I realize I don't really have anything to complain about. Here Keegan lost his parents and I still have both of them

"I have been talking about myself for what felt like forever. Why don't you share a bit about your childhood and likes and dislike?"

"Well, where do I start? I will sound like a brat really. Well, I have really strict parents so I didn't really have a childhood like many others. I was never allowed to play in the mud because a lady doesn't get dirty. I haven't been to a party. My parents were always cold towards me so that is why Ann and I are such good friends. Whenever I went for sleepovers at her house I could finally be a child. I got dirty and ate sweets and I got love from her mother. That is my sad tale and please don't pity me."

"I don't pity you and I don't think you're a brat. Yes, I lost my parent but before they died I was happy. I just feel no child should be treated like that. Just learn from your parent's mistakes. Enough of the sad atmosphere. Come I want to show you something."

I take Keegan's hand and we walk towards the tree line. A few meters in there is a small opening with a stream. I see a deer next to the water and we try to be as quiet as possible not to startle the poor thing. We stand there for a few more minutes before something spooks the deer and he takes off in the other direction. We walk towards the water and take off our shoes. We dip our feet in the water and just soak up some of nature. I love being outdoors. The beauty of it all makes me happy. We sit there just talking until the sun has set.

"We really need to go now before we are late for the movie Em."

"Can't we just skip the movie and stay here forever?"

"As tempting as that sound we need to get back. I will bring you again. I promise."

"Ok let's go."

I'm kind of disappointed. We walk back hand in hand. Once I see the view of the city light I'm blown away. This is a little slice of heaven. I help Keegan pack up the picnic hamper and out the corner of my eye I see the bluest of blue eyes staring at me from the tree line. I turn around to see if Keegan also notices them and when I turn around they are gone like they were never there. Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me.

After we packed everything in the car we went to the movie theatre. We decided that we are going to watch a comedy. We walk in and took a seat at the back. We laughed so hard my stomach still hurts.

Keegan dropped me off at the apartment and waited until I was in the building. I slipped into the apartment as quietly as possible but soon realize that Ann was not home yet. I made myself a cup of coffee and went to my room where I slipped into my pajamas. I took my laptop and climb into bed. I started to catch up on my favorite series 'The good witch' but was soon lost in thought about the blue eyes I saw in the woods. Something felt familiar about the eyes like I have seen them before. I soon fell asleep dreaming about the blue eyes.



I'm in the woods and surrounding me are about 20 wolves. They have red eyes and look dangerous.

"Come here little girl we won't hurt you." I see one of the wolves have turned back into a human and I cannot believe my eyes. They are werewolves, but I know this cannot be real. The wolves take threatening steps towards me. Out of nowhere, there is the most beautiful black wolf standing between me and the other guy. I recognize the ocean blue eyes.

"You won't be able to protect her forever Alpha. I will come to take her when you least expect it. Be warned."


I wake up and my body is soaked in sweat. I look around and see that I'm back in my room. Why did that dream feel so real? I really need to stop reading fiction romance books. I turn around and see my laptop is still on. I shake my head and turn it off. I turn around and fall back asleep almost immediately. I guess I was more tired than I realized.

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