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D-do you think I-I am that kind of women? Do y-you think that I w-would let you take my v-virginity when I h-have a? She said in a painful tone. But he was staring at her with his emotionless eyes. " Okay. I want a paternity test." B-but I don't have m-money for a paternity test. " She mumbled, He laughs sarcastically. He knew it! He then looks at her with his fierce and sarcastic eyes. " You don't have money? I knew why you're here. Cheap women like you use this trick to blackmail famous businessman. "She looked at him in disbelief. " D-do you think Do think I'm you gold-digger? She mumbled with her teary eyes as she looks at him; he stare at her with a cool look. Did she come all the way here to hear his judgement, insulting words? Her tears fall, and she quickly wipes it. She looked at him with anger and pain in her eyes.

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Chapter 1
Note - I was inspired by an old werewolf book where the male protagonist was an Alpha CEO. The girl was homeless omega, and that I read it three years ago. I don't remember the book name, but it was exciting. So I wrote this book. I hope you enjoy it. *EDITING IN PROGRESS* =======================================Everything cannot remain perfect for everybody, everytime. It isn't possible for us to live a peaceful life without hardships: we have to face them and overcome them in order to live diligently. But sometimes, those hardships engrave severe pain inside us that can lead to several mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety disorder, etc. Despite the fact that you have no free time for yourself, a job with a very strict boss and a university to attend, you still feel the same.I am Elara. This is my story. A young little girl who hid inside her cupboard, shivering in fear, tried to crawl as much deep inside the closet as she can. She was watching from the small keyhole as he
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Chapter 2
Elara woke up again with a nightmare. She was sweating and breathing heavily. But she also felt like she had been tortured, her body was aching and sore. Especially down there."ugh. What happened to me? "She asked herself. Her whole body is aching. She tried to move her legs, but it only worsened the pain.Ouch! What the hell happened? Why is my whole body aching and sore? And damn, I can't feel my legs.She sighed and looked around. She then realized that she's in an unfamiliar room.She was so sure that this was not Mia's room.She tried to sit on the bed, but she couldn't move. She looked down in between her thighs and what she saw shocked her the most.She was naked!She widened her eyes and looked around, and then her eyes saw a glimpse of a guy on the bed beside her. He was sleeping in the same bed with her. And he was also naked.Oh my god! What happened? D-did we d-do it?Her head was full of chaos; she couldn't think straight. Even though her body was aching, she tried her
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Chapter 3
"Ahhh, Liam! Faster, please... "The woman underneath him said, her face is filled with pleasure as he's thrusting inside her. Moving faster and faster than before.Liam was gentle earlier when he realized that she's a virgin, and he had to be gentle to her.But when minutes had passed, he couldn't control himself. The woman felt good, and it's making him crazy.He was now thrusting deeper, faster and rougher than before, making her scream in pure pleasure."Ahh! Harder! Harder Liam! ""F*CK! Elara-a... Sh*it you're so f*cking tight! Ughh... "He said, groaning in pleasure. The woman's eyes rolled back in fun. Liam groaned as he pinned her wrists above her head and kept on thrusting."Ahh! Faster, please... "She begged, which made him move faster. He was now pounding hard inside her, with moaning and skin slapping sound filling the room."Ughh! You feel so good, baby! ""Mmhh! Ahh! I- I'm coming, Liam! "Liam's thrust became desperate. After a few minutes, he felt her liquid wrapped a
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Chapter 4
It's been 3 weeks since she had that one night stand she wasn’t able to forget it.She was searching for more jobs to pay off the bills which were piling up at her doorstep, one or two jobs wasn’t enough, she was really tired and her grandma hospital bills were also piling up, if she couldn’t pay back, her grandma will be kicked out of the hospital.When she gets the job in the restaurant she felt happy, she can now pay off some of her bills.It's been the day she slept nicely, dark circles were around her eyes but she has to cover up with makeup, these days she wasn’t feeling too well. it was too much, her body was exhausted but she has to fight for her family.She found a new job and the lady immediately hired her as the lady need more worker...And here she was, standing and serving every customer in this restaurant.She's been working since morning but she didn't care. She needed money and she had to work hard for it.As she was working, a customer spilt a hot coffee on her hand, s
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Chapter 5
Elara went to rest after coming from work; with her body drained of energy, she passed out and slept till morning. While laying on her bed with the morning sun in his face, he felt nausea kicking in. Elara thought about how she was feeling throughout the week, and this month, she felt more tired day by day.She remembers how nauseated she got the last couple of weeks and how it got so bad that she sometimes wants to stay in bed not to go to work.The suspicion she had on her mind made her very nervous and frightened, so she tried to push that thought away; she doesn’t want to think about it anymore. To clear her mind, she comes to the hospital earlier than scheduled. She tried to prove her thought wrong. She was waiting patiently while playing with her fingers and looking at the ceiling. She didn't know why she was feeling nervous. She hoped and prayed to God that it wasn’t true what she was thinking.But maybe I just need to rest, right? I mean, I've been working all day and night j
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Chapter 6
Jack sent Elara home and called her best friend and a doctor; the news they received was shocking to them; they knew Elara; she wasn’t the type of girl to sleep around. Elara was sitting at the edge of her bed while hugging her knees and sobbing quietly. While Mia is comforting her.”Please don’t cry, Elara. It's not good for your health. tell me, how did this happen.? "Mia asked, totally confused and shocked by what she had heard.Mia has never seen Elara with a guy; she was a shy innocent virgin girl. She never had a boyfriend. So it was unexpected and shocking news for her.So how come she got pregnant? Mia was getting impatient, she said in a loud voice."Elara, stop crying and tell me how did it happen? As far as I know, I never saw you with a guy, and for God sake, Elara! You never had a boyfriend, so how come this thing happened?"Elara wiped her tears before facing her friend, still hugging her knees."This is all your fault. "She said in a low voice. Elara just glared at her
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Chapter 7
Liam's mouth hangs open, and his eyes widen in shock. Everything happened so fast. He tried to process things in his mind. He couldn't think straight. " I'm pregnant, and you're the father. "Her words keep on repeating on his head. He never expects that this will happened, and reality hit him. He didn't use protection that night! And now, he's having a baby to a stranger. He doesn't even know her, he only knows her name, and that's all. He regrets that he didn't use protection; this girl Infront of him is carrying his child. Is she even a good woman? Will she be a good mother to his baby?He should have been careful that night. Now he regrets it. " Please say something. "She heard her soft-angelic voice. He looks at her with his still shock expression. " A-are you sure t-that's mine? "He said in shock. Elara nodded. " Yes. I'm sure it's yours. "He ran his hands through his hair and took a deep breath. Relax Liam! Think! Think! After a minute, he finally calmed down and told
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Chapter 8
" are you sure you'll be fine, Elara? Do you want me to stay? "Mia asked while they are now standing outside her apartment.Mia was with her earlier when she went to talk to Liam. In fact, without Mia's help, she wouldn't have the chance to speak to him.After she walked out at Liam's office, she immediately hugs Mia and burst into tears." Yeah. Don't worry; I'll be fine. And thanks by the way. "Mia nodded with a small smile. She knew Mia felt pity towards her. She saw how hopeless and sad she was when they both got out of the Owen”s Company." If you need anything, just call me, okay? "She sighs and nodded, Mia, hug her for the last time before she left her.Elara walked inside her apartment. She was so exhausted today, and she noticed that she always feel tired and just wanted to sleep all day.She went to her room and took off her clothes and went inside the bathroom to take a bath. After a few minutes, she went out with her pyjamas then she sits on the edge of her bed.She was
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Chapter 9
Elara walked inside her new apartment that Mrs Owen bought for her. She put down her luggage and look around.The apartment looks expensive, and it's too big for her. Of course, Mrs. Owen purposely bought a costly and big apartment just for her because she wants her to feel comfortable." Is this okay to you, sweetie? Do you need anything else? Just tell me, and I'll give it to you. "This is too much for me.She turns around to look at Mrs Owen and smile." It's too much, ma- "" Stop calling me ma'am, instead call me, mom. ""W-what?? "She stutters in shy. Mrs Owen chuckled." Don't be shy, sweetie. After all, you'll be part of our family soon. So call me momma. "She smiles while caressing her cheeks. She nodded her head. She has no choice but to agree.Then her gaze turns to look at the man who was standing on the door; looking at them."Uhm. Who is he? "She said in a low voice, Mrs Owen turn to look at her back then back on her." That's Jason, and he will be staying here with
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Chapter 10
They are now sitting together on the sofa. Liam was seated Infront of her, and she couldn't look straight to him, she looks down while playing with her fingers.It was an awkward silence before Liam broke it." I just wanted to tell you that I'd agree to momma's plan just for the baby. "Her heart aches at that. She knew it already, but it still hurts her feelings.He only cares for the baby. Well, that's good to hear, but why am I hurting that he doesn't care for me?" I'm telling you this because I don't want you to assume things. Expectation leads to disappointment. "She nodded her head in agreement." Is that all? "She said in a low voice. She heard him sigh." Actually, no. One of the reasons why I'd agree to moms is because I wanted to make sure if that baby is mine. "She smiles sadly and turns her gaze to him." You still don't believe me; I get it. "Liam just shrugged." Can't help it. I have a trust issue. "His last statement made her confused.Trust issue? He has a hard
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