The Deserted Bride

The Deserted Bride

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She's a talented chef, and he's a famous actor. When their fates collide, what will happen? Audrey Fuentes is in love with her childhood friend and superstar, Shane Vargas. When her parents died in a plane crash, she was forced to live on her own until she was given a chance to be with the man she loves. Shane's parents fly back to the country to attend their wedding, which was arranged for a long time before her parents passed away. Just like any other bride, Audrey was excited to walk on the red carpet and meet up with the man of her dreams at the end of the aisle. What happened on the day of her wedding ceremony was nothing like what she envisioned. Shane left for another country after signing their marriage contract the day before the ceremony. To make things worse, Audrey gets involved in the accident when she's on her way home on the same day. Five years passed, and so Audrey confronted the man. She gathered enough courage to propose an annulment when she returned. Will she be able to completely move on and let go of her love? After several years, her heart still beats so fast whenever she sees him. The problem is, Shane is already head over heels with someone else. Audrey Fuentes is Shane's deserted bride.

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Loving this book
2023-12-24 20:58:47
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Queen A
Enjoying this book. Glad I tap it when it's on sale
2023-07-23 19:30:10
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Thank you for reading this book...️ You can also check my new work called, "WANTED HUSBAND: Mommy Wants Romance"
2023-06-20 23:11:15
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Riz Agabon
good I love the story
2023-06-17 14:00:39
default avatar
Joey Dayao
2023-01-31 23:29:35
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Rem Kamaruddin
The plot could have been waaaayyyyyy better. It started promisingly and to my utter dismay the female lead started behaving stupidly. Some of the stuff she said and did was too childish. Good plot but how the story unfold could have been much better
2022-05-25 12:50:11
default avatar
Eunice Quainoo
2022-01-24 05:17:54
user avatar
Patrícia Rocha
2022-01-22 05:42:42
user avatar
very nice..
2022-01-01 09:46:34
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Gwendolyn Pascual Clavel
can't wait to read the continuing saga of Audrey and Shane. had a grand time reading this.
2021-12-04 19:22:23
default avatar
So far so good!
2021-12-03 05:50:18
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Cindy Lou
2021-11-07 01:43:45
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Jea Mae Altez
aww interesting story I'm so excited to start reading this novel kyahhhhh ...
2021-11-05 04:40:07
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RC Mom
aiyayayayaaya love it
2021-10-30 22:55:32
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hey! could you give my book a try, I hope you'll not regret it!
2021-10-27 21:43:35
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117 Chapters
The wind gushing from outside the car’s window softly blew the bride’s veil, revealing her morbid yet beautiful face. She was on the way to her honeymoon. A sour smile curved in her lips as the bitter tears filled her eyes.   After she was forced to wear a wedding dress that morning, Audrey was left with no choice but to squish her bigger frame inside the slim-cut white gown. It was her wedding day. A supposedly special day for each bride in the whole world. But hers was certainly special and differently memorable. Her swollen eyes and puffed cheeks should be enough for one to tell that she wasn’t happy at all. All thanks to her dress, her groom, and her honeymoon trip. Her day turned out worse than it could ever be.   Audrey was not skinny at all. She was fat. Not so fat, but she got a lot of extra calories within her body and to her surprise- her future in-laws had prepared a bridal outfit in a smaller size. It was like a slap to her face
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Chapter 1
In a gasp, Audrey found herself waking up inside the car. She looked around to examine her surroundings and was relieved when she realized she was only dreaming. It had been five years, and she still couldn’t completely get over what happened that day. The fact that she was able to ride a car again was the fruit of her daily battle against the trauma she had from the accident, though it took her more than a couple of years to overcome the anxiety she felt whenever she rode a car.   “Are you all right?” Nathan asked with concern painted on his face. He pulled over the car to the side and checked on her. His green eyes eagerly assessed her sweaty, pale face.   Audrey nodded her head as a response. She met Nathan in Italy a few months after she recovered from the accident. The guy was then unemployed and wandering around the park near her rented apartment. She often saw him in a daze when she was in her daily jog routine. The first time they ha
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Chapter 2
The cool and fresh air pervaded the car when Audrey chose to open the windows to let the breeze in. Her mind was filled with memories as the car went down the long, green driveway. Trees and flowers remained as good as they were when she left. In fact, they seemed to be more taken care of.   On her parent’s will, it was written that the estate would be given to her when she married. Her late parents hired the best architect and engineers they could find to design the whole property.   Unfortunately, a month after the development of the estate was finished, her parents died in a plane crash when they were heading to Europe to visit Shane’s parents. And a year after that, she got married to Shane as the arrangement made by both of their parents’ when hers were still alive. She thought she’d find happiness once she married the one she loved. Little did she know, the dark reality behind the marriage life began on the day of her wedding.
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Chapter 3
After loads of work on his schedule, Shane finally had some time for himself. When his manager drove him home, his mind was filled with Zzz. Taking a cold shower and sprawling on his bed was his initial plan, though, he disregarded the ‘showering’ part and proceeded on taking off his clothes, leaving only his boxers on the moment he stepped inside the room. He climbed on the bed and grabbed the fluffy thing beside him to sleep. The sweet fragrance invaded his nostrils as he breathed. It made him feel lighter as he kept on sniffing the pleasant smell. He snuggled closer to the undeniably comfortable thing, thinking it was his human-sized pillow, burying his face on it while enjoying the lovely scent. That night, he fell asleep with a smile plastered on his face which was actually rare. It was two hours later, Shane was woken up by the subtle movements inside his arms. He frowned, lifting an arm, and rummaged through the table beside the bed to turn on the lamps. His vision was blurry
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Chapter 4
“Mm…” Audrey slowly opened her eyes when she felt something wrapping her. A toned chest welcomed her after adjusting her eyes to the bright sunlight reflecting on the glass window. ‘What the…?’ Warm sweats were dripping from her face down her neck, making her uncomfortable. She remembered not turning on the air condition before going to bed the previous night and thanks to the man who was hugging her like a koala, she felt hotter.   “Right,” she muttered when she recalled what happened. Shane came in the middle of the night and slept on her bed only to kick her after he found out she was there too. She was too exhausted to argue with the man, and he thought the same, so they ended up going back to sleep without further ado. “But hugging me like this isn’t part of the deal,” she softly said, trying to get off his hold.   Audrey rolled her eyes when she failed to remove Shane’s arm. His grip actually went tighter whenever she tried to move. “H
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Chapter 5
The crinkle on Shane’s forehead increased when he saw how well Audrey got along with the blonde man who’s showing off his biceps by wearing an apron and not a proper shirt early in the morning. He stood a few feet away from the dining table, leaning his back on the metallic door frame, and watched them conversed while exchanging soft giggles that irritated him. It wasn’t his thing to eavesdrop, so he faked a cough several times to announce his presence only to be totally ignored as the two were totally immersed in each other.   ‘Who is he?’   Shane combed his jet black hair with his fingers when Audrey couldn’t stop laughing while brushing her teeth. He thought for a moment she changed because of losing a lot of weight but seeing how careless she could be, he knew that she’s definitely the Audrey he grew up with. Reminiscing some scenes fifteen years back, a smile crept on his lips but immediately faded when he heard what she said. &
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Chapter 6
“Enjoy,” was what his manager said before hanging up the call. Shane slumped himself on the couch. “Easier said than done,” he muttered with his eyes closed. Just right when he finished his breakfast, which was great, he received a call from Lucy, his manager, telling him about the change on his schedule.   The company would be giving him another week off if he could shoot a TV commercial in three days. But of course, it meant that he would only have three days' rest from now, and he should go back to work again. Then he could have an additional free week after that. Shane wanted to say no, and he would be lying if he had that choice.   Despite being one of the most famous artists in their entertainment company, he could barely have time for himself because of the long lists of jobs he got and never-ending offers too. Yes, he got good pay in line with his profession, but he’s still young, and just like other men of his age, he also wanted to
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Chapter 7
‘Shit.’   Audrey was cursing herself when she couldn’t find her phone in her bag nor her pockets. “Ah! Where is it?” She rummaged through her things inside again, and she wasn’t contented, she poured everything in her bag on the ground. “I’ll be doomed if I can’t find it. After all, I don’t want to ring the doorbell and let that guy act like he’s the house owner,” she murmured while picking her things up, one by one, and putting them back.   “Found it!” she happily exclaimed when she saw her phone lying on the surface. In fact, it wasn’t in her bag earlier. It fell from her pocket while she was busy looking for it. After accompanying Nathan to his apartment which happened to be nearby, he drove her back. She insisted on getting off at the main gate to take a walk. Nathan agreed and went back to his place to arrange the interior, so they bid their goodbyes. She made sure to ask him about the passcode before getting out of his car. And he told
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Chapter 8
Folding her arms on her chest while crossing her legs, Audrey patiently waited for Shane to return after dragging Stephanie outside. “Gosh! What’s taking him so long?” she murmured when he still didn’t come back after several minutes. “Did he decide to drive her home or something?” “I didn’t,” Shane said, walking towards her. “Take a seat then. Stop wasting my time,” she retorted. She watched him settle on the couch in front of her. Between them was a small, round, glass table with envelopes on top. Audrey saw how Shane’s face turned pale after noticing the brown envelopes. “Check it out,” she started, ignoring the sudden tension in the atmosphere. “What is this all about, Audrey?” Shane’s question made her laugh, a sarcastic one. “Annulment papers, what else? I know, divorce sounds better but it's not legal in the country yet. Since annulment also means legal separation then we might as well sign the papers, so we could get over with this,” Audrey said, hitting the point instantly
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Chapter 9
“I’m so stupid!”   Audrey kicked a stone out of frustration. She was already far from the house but hadn't left the estate yet. “Why did I run away? For Pete’s sake, that was my house. Ah!” She pulled her hair after realizing what she did. “Aw!” she flinched when she felt the stinging pain from her brims.   Since she didn’t want to go back until three days when she expected him to sign the annulment papers, Audrey took her time sitting on the rock while thinking about what she should do next. She planned to stay at Nathan’s place, so she called him to pick her up. Besides, she would need to try out some new recipes with him. It would be more convenient for both of them if they’re together. Convenient as in, someone would clean up after her mess in the kitchen.   She waited for less than fifteen minutes before her phone rang. She answered it without looking at the caller ID. “Nate, that was fast. I’m heading to the gate n
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