And the Rain Fell....

And the Rain Fell....

By:  Kat Thomas  Completed
Language: English
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A young doctor who has had to work hard at overcoming her unusual upbringing from leaving a religious organization when she was thirteen and then adjusting to the outside world. She is transferred to a new place but it was close to her orginal home. She went exploring and everything in her life changes. She is lured to a building by someone asking for help. When she enters the building the world falls apart around her. Then in the blink of an eye when she meets someone else who comes from the same group that she lived with, but never lived among them. He wants to learn about it to understand his parents. While they figure out all that is around them they find love as well. The two find something that they were missing in the other as they build on a friendship they didn't know they needed.

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was this book removed? I paid to read this story though
2022-07-13 20:15:40
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Chris W
Loved this story!
2021-07-12 01:04:28
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Lori Vansickle
love all your stories
2021-02-08 02:35:43
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Godwin Hosanna Aga
I just read your blurb and it's the kind of story I'd love to read. can't wait to flip the pages.
2021-01-27 15:36:56
26 Chapters
 The hot days of summer were almost past. She finally had a day off and decided to explore the area she had been transferred too with little notice. It was normal for her to be in one area only for a short time. She didn't mind it though. She thought it would be pretty cool to see the world this way in the beginning at least. Seven years into her three-year contract, which no one seemed to care was long overdue. She was growing slightly tired of picking up and leaving. She remembered the conversation with her mentor when she was seventeen right before she had signed on.
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 For a few precious seconds, she was shocked and stunned. Still staring at the green eyes that peered through the wall that was staring at her. She quickly recovered her senses and started thinking of all she could do. "Help me,” the voice attached to the eye repeated."I will,” she said. "Where are you?” "In a warehouse. Please hurry. I'm
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  The faint light of day was going through the building she had now cleared. It had been three hours since she walked through the doors and she was feeling it. She knew she could handle being in the suit for many more, but the weight of what she had walked into was on her shoulders. She had decisions to make and had to make them quickly. She knew she couldn't protect everyone from the horrors that this building held, she needed help.
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  Cj and everyone else quieted down to listen to her. "Well?” CJ and Nobunaga asked."Do you trust these guys?” she asked as she looked at CJ."Yes, I may not like all of them or their methods, b
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  Mitsuhide Akechi was a man who usually kept to himself was sitting in his small living room with a tiny doctor whom he knew very little about. He dealt with information and was one of the leaders of the green team for the area. He was the one who kept up on every detail of and surrounding the missions and was there to make up the backup and back up plan for the backup plan. This woman who amazed not only him but every member of his team was now sleeping on his couch. She was full of mystery, and he found it and her captivating.
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  She woke up in a cold sweat. She was gasping for air and couldn’t see anything at that moment. She heard movement in the hallway and saw a figure moving closer. She wanted to fight for a minute when she came back to reality. Mitsuhide was now sitting on the bed looking at her. She flung herself at him and just curled up in his arms.  “Princess, you’re okay,” he said over and over as he rubbed her should
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    She rushed out of the building and then remembered she couldn’t leave without him. She turned to faceplant right into his chest. His arms around her in a heartbeat and she steadied herself. “Where are you planning on going for these answers, princess?” He asked. His deep, baritone voice was rumbling through her body.
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  The ride to his house was silent, only the sound of the cars engine softly purring was there. The ended up in some traffic and were in the cabin of the vehicle for more than an hour. The entire time he looked forward, and she rested in the seat. The sound of his breathing was the only comfort she had for a little while, and then even that sound was dulled by the silence. She waited until the door was opened to open her eyes, knowing that they were back at his house. He had opened the door and walked in back of the SUV to retrieve h
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 She blinked her eyes open and saw him in front of her. He looked worried as he stared at her. He was muttering to himself, “I knew this was a bad idea. Would she listen, no. Of course not. She probably thinks I am some dumb grunt who knows nothing. Well, I was right. This was not only a bad idea, but it was also a horrible one,” He hadn’t looked up from looking at the ground as he kicked the dirt with his foot, shuffling it around and creating a dirt cloud. “You’re right,” She said softly. He looked up and stared into her eyes. He was trying to gauge her at the moment, t
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  Kit stood there next to him at the computer as she completed his last words. He was focused on logging in to the website for the grocery store that he didn’t see her confusion. When he finally logged on, he looked up and grinned at her. He pulled her down to his lap again and tilted her head so he could see her face. “What?” he asked her as he looked closely, she wasn’t smiling, and she had a wrinkle in her brow.
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