Arranged marriage

Arranged marriage

By:  Owie oyindamola  Ongoing
Language: English
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Arranged marriage. Meet Kathie Williams a girl who lived with her parents. She is an epitome of beauty She has a boyfriend whom she love and would do anything for. . Meet Daniel Donald am arrogant cutie A flirt and a womaniser. He is never ready for love or commitment. He believes marriage sucks. What happened when he is forced to marry kathie? Will kathie agree to marry him? Will their marriage work out? Written by ️️ owie oyindamola. Drop you comments

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Eucharia Ifeoma Ede
its very refreshing and easy to read like the Author 's style of writing. excellent
2022-09-05 07:11:23
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Enjoyable book so far~ Do you perhaps have any social media that I can follow you on?
2021-07-15 13:42:16
user avatar
Fighting 😍
2021-01-08 20:41:29
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Desi Nurfitriani
2021-01-08 19:31:51
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BJ Steeves
A little slow but cute.
2020-12-03 12:04:33
user avatar
Anya Annette
great story line
2020-12-02 06:57:17
51 Chapters
Chapter 01
 ?Kathie POV ?Life has been so good to me. I mean I have a loving, caring infact the best parents in the whole world.Since am their only child, they will do anything to make me happy..they give me all what I want but am not a spoilt brat and I don't depend on my parents wealth.I have boyfriend whom I love so much and he loves me too.My life is just perfect and complete..What else do I need??I have a boyfriend and parents who will do anything to make me happy..Sorry I forgot to introduce myself am Kathie Williams, am caring, loving and also a friendly baby.Mummy and daddy pet.As time goes on you will know more about me.   ? Daniel Donald ?"Daniel..Daniel"Why is this man calling me?"What do you want dad?"Am talking to you, am sick and tired of your miserable you need to act as a responsible man" said dad"But dad am responsible" i told him.
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Chapter 02
   ?Daniel POV ?After dad left I sat down in my sitting room.My door bell rang.Is dad back again? I thought he just left now or did he have something else to say?Besides am not expecting any visitor today.My door bell rang againWell I don't think it is dad because he won't even knock before entering.I stood up and went to open the door.I was surprised when I saw Jessica because I wasn't even expecting her here today.Incase you are wondering who Jessica is, she is one of the fools throwing themselves at me just for my handsome face and my money.Just sex and nothing more even though she has been pestering me saying she loves me.Did she love me or my money?I let her in." Hi baby" she greeted hugging me."What's up"" As you can see am good" she replied."So why are you here because I did not remember calling you" i asked her."Come on baby
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Chapter 03
  ?Mr Donald POV ?I just left Daniel's house.. am sick and tired of his lifestyle. Am getting older each and everyday.I need him to be responsible so I will be rest assured to hand over the companies to him. No doubt he is my only biological son and the heir to all my companies. My best friend and business partner Williams has a daughter, she is his only child, a very well trained girl that makes her parents proud.She is managing one of her dad companies.Sometimes I regret ever having a male child as an heir.My wife had some complications after giving birth to Daniel.. the doctor said if she try getting pregnant again after Daniel birth she might die while giving birth to the child.We couldn't take such huge risk. We decided to take care of our only child Daniel.I just need him to change for the best and the only way I think he can be better is by getting married to a good and well matured woman
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Chapter 04
? Kathie POV ?After my morning routine which is waking up, brushing my teeth, sending morning text to John my boyfriend, taking my bath, dressing up and eating my breakfast.Am in my room going through my wardrobe. I need to trash out some clothes and get new ones.  I was busy doing that when my phone rang.I checked the caller it is my john.I smiled.Kathie ? my sweetheartJohn? hi babyKathie ? hi loveJohn ? my only princess, the only love of my life.I couldn't stop smiling he surely know how to make me smile.Kathie ? AwnnnnnnnJohn ? I bet you are blushing now so how are you doing baby?Kathie ? am fine and you?John ?am not fine.Kathie ? why? What happened to you? Is something wrong?I asked getting worried.John? babe, you are getting yourself worried, am not fine because am missing you.Kathie ? *smiling* come on baby, you should know am missing you too.John ? I k
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Chapter 05
?Arranged marriage ?        Episode five  ? Kathie POV ?I just texted John now to be here in the next 20 minutes. Am through with my wardrobe, just to change my dress, apply little make up and wait for John to show up.  By the time am through, am about taking my bag when his text came in. I smiled."Baby am here, please my lady kindly show up.. I love you" it reads.I took my bag, close my door, got to the sitting room but didn't see Dad well maybe he is in his room.. mom already went out to see her friend. I got outside, I smiled when I saw my darling standing beside his car and looking handsome as ever. His eyes met mine, he smiled and said" stop drooling darling" I smiled." Woah baby, you look extremely pretty, beautiful, gorgeous.. God took his time in creating a wonderful angel for me " he said.I smiled" thank you dear and you are looking
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Chapter 06
     ? Kathie POV ?The next morning, after my normal routine, I heard mom called my name, that means breakfast is ready.  I got down, I saw mum and dad at the dining.Ready to eat and probably waiting for me to join them. I greeted dad first." Good morning Dad" I said pecking his cheek." Good morning princess" he answered.I went over to mom." Good morning mum" i said pecking her cheek." Good morning darling, how was your night?? She asked. I sat down" It was fine mum, I guess yours and dad night was good too" I said." Of course" dad said." By the way, you look beautiful this morning" Dad added.I smiled* thank you Dad" I said" So darling start eating before it gets cold" mum said dishing the food.We all started eating.  After some minutes we finished eating, the maid cleared the dining table.We sat d
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Chapter 07
           ? Mr Williams POV ?Kathie is really a pretty young lady and the heir to all my properties since I don't have a male child or any other child.   My wife had a lot of miscarriage before she finally give birth to Kathie.She went through a lot while giving birth to Kathie, after kathie's birth her womb became weak to carry another child so we decided to put an end to child bearing because I can't bear to lose my wife.  I love Kathie so much and would do anything for her happiness.Am not getting any younger.. Kathie needs to get married. And I don't trust anyone.. if I had over the properties to her I want her to get married to someone I know, and whom I can trust Kathie with without any fear of her getting hurt.I don't want someone who will want to marry her because of her wealth. Some men out there cannot be trusted and can be deceptive.  Kat
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Chapter 08
    ? Daniel POV ? I got into my parents house, parked my car then went inside.I met the two of them sitted together probably discussing.  " Good day, mum, dad" I greeted them.Mum stood up coming towards me.She hugged me" how are you doing son" she asked smiling." Am fine mum" i answered smiling. She pinched my check" you are getting more handsome each and everyday" she said. I laughed" thank you mum.We got to where dad is." Good day dad" I greeted him" How are you doing today?? He asked." Am fine dad" I replied. I sat down with my mum." I guess if your mum didn't call you here, you won't bother coming" he said." Dad you know am always busy" I said." Busy sleeping around with ladies" he said." Dad.." I groaned." Donald" mum said." Daniel, I understand you are very busy but you shouldn't be too busy to come check up
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Chapter 09
? Arranged marriage ?      Episode nine.    ? Daniel POV ?It is Friday evening, I wish today never came.I have no other choice than to follow Dad to the Williams place if I don't want him to Carry out his threat.  I took my time to dress up, styled my hair.I mean I need to look handsome.I haven't gone home since the day mum invited me over.I have been going to work from my parents house, Dad suggested that and I can't disobey him.  " Daniel" mum yelled from the sitting room.I ignored her." Daniel, get down here now, we are running late" mum yelled again."Arrrhhh" i groaned." Am coming" i yelled from my room.    ? Kathie POV ?I was in my room dressing, today the Donald family are coming over for dinner here.Am sure their arrogant son too will be coming along with them. I really don't want to
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Chapter 10
    ? Mrs Donald POV ?I purposely said that to give Kathie and Daniel some time to talk to each other, it's been long they saw each other.  I followed Mrs Williams to the sitting room upstairs.We sat down.Our husbands are outside maybe in the garden discussing.I think this is the perfect opportunity to discuss my idea with her, if she agree then she will be able to convince her husband." Mrs Williams, how is Kathie doin?? I asked.'" she has been fine" she replied." Kathie has turn to a beautiful young lady" I said smiling.  She nodded her head smiling." Don't you think, Kathie is old enough to get married? I asked her." Why do you asked? She asked." What I mean is she is the only heir to all your properties, she will need a man in her life " i told her." Well I know but am worried about her I don't want her to get married t
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