The Love Triangle

The Love Triangle

By:  Precious354  Completed
Language: English
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"I loved you maxwell, I really did" I yelled at him as tears fell from my eyes " and I loved you too, I still do" he said as he moved closer. "Then why did you make me wait so much before admitting it to me?" I yelled at him. I watched him as he looked down " Max why?" I asked " Because I'm scared.. damn it!" he yelled ***** Scarlett is a normal high school student in her third year, she lives with her father and her younger brother, her mother left her father when she was ten years old and through the years her dad has been both a dad and a mum to she and her brother. with the help of Maxwell, Scarlett's childhood friend who is also her best friend, Scarlett learns how to break off her shell and she falls in love with her best friend who is oblivious of that fact. what will happen to those feelings now when a new guy suddenly appears next door and also in school, it feels magical as they both touch hands.. will Scarlett end up with maxwell or the new guy.

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I just started reading but it is indeed an amazing book. I found myself hooked from the very first chapter. Great job, author!
2023-09-02 02:41:59
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Favody Wrires
This is an interesting work of art and I can't wait to read more into the story. I believe everyone should add it to their library. it's a page turner.
2023-08-08 15:54:55
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This is a great book. The start got me hooked with the realistic pacing. I recommend to all.
2023-08-08 03:43:35
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This is an amazing work of art. I love how this is going. I can't wait to finish this...
2023-08-08 03:02:52
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I’m eager to see what happens between Scarlett and Xavier. Oh, and her best friend- Maxwell. Let the best man win.
2023-08-07 18:06:47
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Diana Matthew
I like the relationship Scarlet has with her father and brother, it's nice
2023-08-06 21:38:26
user avatar
Blessing Epelle
This book is going nicely so far. I can't wait for more.
2022-10-28 16:38:14
40 Chapters
SCARLETT:Daddy came out of the kitchen with an apron around his neck, I smiled as I watched him walk towards me, a warm smile on his face. He is my dad and also my mum. Mum left us when I was ten years old, that was seven years ago. Since then dad has been both our mum and also our dad. For Maxon and I. Maxon is my younger brother. Max has been a pain in the ass while we were growing up and he mostly got into fights or pranked a teacher or did something disgusting but dad raised us well by himself. I am Scarlett Victoria Evans." Dinner is ready honey" Dad said calmly as he got close to me and then he gave me a smile. I looked at him and beamed happily as I stood up from the couch. Dad makes the best anything, he is a really good cook so we are all always rooting for dad's dinner or lunch or breakfast. " What's for dinner dad? " I asked as I walked to the dinner table with him following " Meatball and sauce" he said rubbing his palms together. Did I mention that my dad is a great c
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" Scarlett get down or we will be late " Maxon yelled from the bottom of the stairs, I quickly grabbed my bag and my history assignment off the bed side table before shoving it into my school bag. I definitely don't want to see Mr Stuart's red eyes this morning for leaving my assignment home. And trust me getting detention on Monday morning will ruin the whole week." I'm coming ' I yelled as I picked my sweater up from the bed and tying it around my waist. I pull my sneakers out from under the bed and then I wore it hurriedly. With one look around my tidied room, I left for the stairs locking the door after me. I could see maxon downstairs glaring at me with an annoyed expression. He was shooting daggers out of his eyes. I rolled my eyes at him as he left the house." Bye dad " I called out as I left the house too." Bye honey.. Be home early " he yelled . " oh what am I kidding, they are gone" ...SCHOOL.. FIFTEEN MINUTES LATER:::Okay today has been a total bummer. After missing th
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" Miss Evans is my class boring you to sleep? " Mr Stuart asked me for the third time that morning. I kept dozing . I knew watching vampire diaries was a bad idea yesterday night but I still watched it. " No sir, you are not " I said again also for the third time." Then why do you keep falling asleep? " He asked again. Can't he just forget it and keep explaining because people are staring at me . its kind of creepy and weird too." I ... I'm sorry " I said politely . Mr Stuart sighs and motioned to me to take my seat, he was being really nice today because he would have given me detention or sent me out of class. Then he moved back to the center of the class as he continued his explanations again." Stupid dumb history " I muttered to myself as I tried not to fall asleep again, I really wanted to sleep but apparently it wasn't too easy to fall asleep since almost everyone in class was looking at me , as if waiting for me to doze off again so I can get detention.. Nah ah.. Not happen
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" Hey sis " Maxon said as he put his tray of food on the table we sit at lunch in school.. when I say we, I mean I and Maxwell .." Oh hi, why are you sitting here today? " I asked him frowning as I picked on my food." Hey Maxy " Maxon said to Maxwell, well its not new. He calls Maxwell Maxy. Well they both have Max in front of their names. At first watching them exchange nicknames felt kind of cliche and I almost thought they were gay partners but later on I just got used to the names." Hey xon" Maxwell said with a smile. I sighed again." So back to my question, why are you sitting at our table instead of yours? " I asked as I put a spoon of salad in my mouth." Dad said not to eat with food in your mouth " he started with a smirk. " Get out " I said and he chuckled putting his hands up in surrender." Okay so guess what! The hot girl goes to our school " he said smiling." You said guess!. plus you sound super disgusting . stop squeaking like a girl " I said." Stop squeaking li
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" Thanks " I muttered" Its okay, I wasn't watching where I was going either and the changing room is there " I said pointing ." Should I wait for you because I also have P.E class now " I said fumbling with my hands. " Yes please wait " he said then he walked pass me into the changing room . I didn't realize I was holding my breath the whole time till he left and I exhaled.. God!!!." Oh my God I thought I was going to die! He is so handsome " I whispered . maybe being around him wouldn't be so bad after all...FEW MINUTES LATER::::::" let's go " he said smiling as he came out of the dressing room. He wore sweat pants and a thick shirt revealing his arm muscles.I blinked again." Yummy.. I mean yeah " I said quietly and as if he caught me checking him out, he smirked at me." I didn't get a proper introduction in calculus class today " he said as we walked back into the hallways He remembers" I'm Scarlett " I said smiling as I held my hands out for an handshake." Xavier " he
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" Bye honey " dad said as he pecked me on the head. As soon as Maxon closed the door, I smiled..We have the house to ourselves." Isn't it great that we have the the house to ourselves " I asked both dork 1( Maxwell) and dork 2( Maxon)." It isn't exactly to ourselves... " Maxon said as he stood up quietly. I stared at him and I stood up too." Why?. What did you do.. You this idiot " I yelled as Maxon ran upstairs." Why you little rat.. I will kill you.. You are good as dead if I . " I was interrupted by the doorbell. As I moved to check who was there." Dad what did you for.. " I said and stopped as I stared at the blue eye balls staring back at me with the same puzzled look I had on my face.Why the hell do we always meet like this. " What are you. You doing here? " I asked as I kept on staring at him." Hi I'm Crystal " a chirpy tiny voice broke my trance. So I turned to stare at the girl beside him. She had exactly Xavier's eyes just that hers was deeper, you know like this b
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The next day, School periods went on so fast that now I was in the third period, literature class, my favourite. I frowned as Mr Henderson started talking about a drama play. Don't get me wrong I love literature but sometimes I love food more. Why can't we just do some class work. I mean I already have history project with Robbie, I have a calculus practical to submit next week and I'm sure Mr Hayward had already paired me with either Xavier or Maxwell. I just want to sleep or better still, eat lunch. When will the fucking bell ring!!!." Miss Evans " Dad had already packed lunch for me, peanut butter sand wish cut in different shapes. So cute!. I mean best dad right?" Miss Evans!! " Mr Henderson yelled and I looked up at him, I know where this is going and I hate it already." Yes? Mr Henderson" I managed to say . trust me I would have looked for pretty lots of excuses to get myself out of this tension but it doesn't help when all eyes were on me. I mean, how am I fucking suppos
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" Are you mad at me or something? " Maxwell asked that evening as he burst into my room..Don't be surprised. Yes I haven't spoken to him since Ava sat on his laps. Don't blame me I don't know what to say." Oh fuck!! Jesus! " I yelled then I saw Maxwell.." You scared me , didn't anyone teach you how to knock on doors? " I asked as I rolled my eyes. What the hell was he doing here. I'm sure as hell that I didn't invite him over. I didn't even call him, where is my phone?" Well you left during lunch.. Wait,let me rephrase that,you stomped out on me during lunch,didn't come to calculus class and you told Mr Hayward that you were sick, you were perfectly fine during lunch. I checked in with the nurse and she doesn't even know you. Then you and Maxon basically bailed on me after school. You don't even have a car so you guys either took the bus or walked home and I have been calling your cell since but you aren't picking nor were you replying my texts so here I am " he said frowning as
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As I walked into calculus class everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to me abruptly. Wow, thanks for the warm welcome." Miss Evans you are late " Mr Hayward said turning from the board to face me. What do I say? What do I say?." Miss Evans" he called again. Oh I hate my life." I had problems with my tampon " I said. Oh my God kill me on the spot. Did I just say tampons?.. Ahh God." That's a very personal word " he said and I could hear a few of the guys saying gross while the girls smiles at my embarrassment." But you asked what I was doing " I said frowning." Just take your seat Scarlett " he said before turning back to the board." Yes thank you " I said politely before staring at the class, looking for an empty seat.. One that I could disappear into like one that leads to mars or Venus. Anywhere but earth." Scarlett. Have your seat " Mr Hayward said again and I sighed. The only seats empty were three. One beside Maxwell where we usually sat and two by the back
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I wake up to the vibrating sound under my pillow. Was dad using the lawn mower again?. I told him not to. Wait, I can't be vibrating due to a lawn mower when my bedroom is upstairs.. It has to be something else. Maybe if I ignore it would go away. I close my eyes and pull the blanket over my head. Grrrrrrr Grrrrrrr." Why does the universe hate me! "I yelled as I pulled my pillow up. Oh it was my phone. I sat up from bed and picked it up, the first thing I saw was the time. 5:30pm, woah I slept far too long.Dad and maxon should be back now. I scroll through the phone, I see thirty five missed calls. Woah.. One from dad, two from maxon, five from one unknown number.. Who?. A lot from Maxwell. I ignore all and go straight to my messages.DadHoney, are you alright?.MaxyScar are you mad at me?.Did I do something? Do you want me to come over?.Are you unwell?.I'm confused You better be confused I'm freaking mad at you. I really should replace the love emoji with poop. I frown and
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