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Athena Jade Calderon, girlfriend of Gabriel Venturri, who died seven years ago for unreasonably cause of death. She was abused and gang raped by gangsters. She was able to survived in that rape incident but the marks of abused haunted her every night. She got her justice when the suspects were sentenced in life imprisonment. After that incident, Athena lost everything, her pride, dignity, and even her obsessed love for Emmerson Rafique. The love that she's fighting for, but the reason now living a hell of misery. Only Gabriel Venturri and Ysabelle Fernandez who were there besides her giving love and moral support. But Emmerson leaving her behind just to avoid the scandal. Out of depression, Athena committed suicide because she wanted to end the pain and sufferings. When Athena died, Gabriel Venturri, her devoted boyfriend, almost lost his senses. Out of love and hatred, he wanted to take revenge against Emmerson Rafique by all means. When Arthur James Fernandez, his mentor and guardian, died in a car accident, Gabriel inherited the family business and become the guardian of his cousin, Ysabelle. Finally, knowing the whereabouts of Emmerson Rafique, in Tagaytay Elite Club, as one of the powerful members there. With the help of Brandt James Salvatierra, his business partner, was his great edge to meet and encounter with Albie Salvatierra, the owner of Tagaytay Elite Club. Through their powerful partnership, it's an easy access to the real target. With the help of Ysabelle Fernandez and Dennise Althea Salcedo, his plans for revenge against Emmerson Rafique was successful but became complicated afterwards. So, he must be facing the consequences of all his actions and wrong decisions. Would he be ready to face LOVE again at the most unexpected moment? With the least woman, that he could felt love and desires.

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BEHIND THE UNREQUITED LOVE is a romance novel by GabYsaDen20 with themes of tragedy and unexpected love. Athena Jade Calderon's life is completely destroyed after she gets raped by gangsters. But even after her rapists are put in prison, she is hit by another tragedy when Emmerson Rafique, the man she loves, leaves her to avoid scandal, after which she commits suicide. After Athena's death, Gabriel Venturri, who was her boyfriend, decides to get revenge on Emmerson. Everything's going well until he finds unexpected love. Then his world turns upside down. Read the novel to learn more.

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When should love prevailed for both of them? At the moment of anger and revenge or when they're both pretending not to fall in love?"Don't you dare of fallin' in love with me, Den! You're already in trouble, because I'm not capable of loving anyone else."She's still smiling even if her heart was totally broken right after she heard Gabriel. "You're right, Gabby! I won't fall for you, over my beautiful and gorgeous body!"Not that I can't love you, Dennise but I'm just afraid to lose you again like Athena."That's my girl!" I smiled teasingly.
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This man is totally a jerk! He’s so disgusting, knowing that until now he's not yet over mourning for Athena. It’s been 7 years since she died and they suffered a lot in that painful and tragic death.  They have moved on already but Gabriel is still thinking of Athena that’s why his heart is full of hatred and revenge against Emmerson Rafique.  “Poor, guy! Because you’re the one who will suffer for kuya Gabriel’s sweet revenge. Don’t worry, time will come that we’ll cross our paths. So get ready for we are coming into your life very soon.“  She looked very sad while staring at the cover photo of the magazine featuring the popular couple of Tagaytay Elite Club, Mr. Emmerson and Mrs. Marish Rafique. “It’s a sad reality, I really don’t want to leave my Hi-So life and modelling career in Paris but no choice, you’re the most important to me kuya Gab and all I care is for your safety." "Well, blood is thicker than water. I
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Dennise, was shocked to the highest level after she heard about the story of Athena Jade Calderon. It’s unbelievable but that was the saddest part for Gabriel, seeing her woman die and being abused brutally by that evil gangsters.′′Ouch! It's really painful if you love the person so much but she just ended her life that way. I’m so sad for Gabby,“ she said while biting her lower lips.“You’re exactly right, friendship. That’s why I really can’t say NO to his favor.““Let’s just give our moral support to him and make sure that he’ll forget the past and even forgive Emmerson Rafique.““The parents of the suspects are very influential so they just paid the media to block-out the news and the trial of the case was not released by the media for public viewing. But justice still prevailed for Jade so the real culprits of raping her are imprisoned forever in jail. “′′I don't even know anything about what happened to Jade, I thought she just died by an accide
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"I’ll call Ysabelle to come with us. The more the merrier, isn’t it?“ she said with full excitement but Gabriel stopped her from doing it.“No need, Den!““But why?“ she's hesitant to ask Gabriel.“This is your moment to be with yourself, your time to relax and think for a better decision. At the same time your chance to be with me just for a night.“ he winked at her.“Oh, really? Wow! As in wow, Gabby! You’re the man bro, I felt embarrassed. I’m sorry though.“ she said with a sarcastic smile.“Tsk!“ he just let her do it until they arrived at the nearest beach side.She’s damn excited, and immediately got out in the car. Then hurriedly running to the seashore while screaming out loud.“Ahhhh!!! You’re fuckin’ bastard, Justin!!! Go to hell! I really hate you for doing this to me and I can’t even forgive you over my dead body!! You freaking bastard!! I hate you! I hate you! Ahhhhh..“ she’s starting to cry out loud.“Enough for your stup
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At the middle of the night, Ysabelle's beautiful sleep was disturbed by someone who screamed out loud and crashed some things on the floor. It seems familiar to her, the same voice of her friend, Dennise.“But it's late already, why did she's here? F*ckin’ Dennise! You truly disturb my beauty rest. Shit! Just be ready, I’ll surely pull out all your eyelashes then.“She immediately went out of her room but to her surprise, she saw in her own eyes that her Kuya Gabriel sneaked inside the guest room.“Omg!! Does he bring an escort girl inside our home? But it feels like the voice of Dennise? Or is it really my best friend? Hmmm.. I smell something fishy out there.“Well, everything was answered the moment she pushed him out from the guest room. “Confirmed! What’s the real score between the two of them? Hmmm.. you’re thrilling me off sissy, I will hardly pinch your groin, dear!“She smiled widely seeing his kuya Gab, get inside his own room. That’s the time
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I guess, it's just an hour before I fell asleep but Ysa bombarded into my room with all her nasty sermons.“Kuya Gab!!!“ Ysabelle shouts out loud to wake me up. "Oh no! Why are you still sleeping?!"“What the f*ck Ysa!“ yelling at her and covering my face with a blanket. "Hey! Kuya Gab, it's getting late already. We're ready now to go to the airport. Do you really want me to cancel this flight?" she grabbed my hands and pulled me up from bed. "It's all your fault, you're sleeping very late!" She even fixed my scattered things inside the luggage.“Will yo
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Right after our early dinner, I went out for a meeting with my business partner. I'm waiting for him at the Lobby Lounge, in order to unwind while Brandt James Salvatierra is not yet around. But in my silence a woman approached me, holding her own wine glass.Swaying her hips while walking like a wild cat towards my table, "Hi handsome! Can I join you here?"Before I answered her, I looked around but there's lot of vacant tables. So, definitely I said, "No!""But why? You're waiting for someone?" She asked teasingly."Yes! So better stay away from me or else—"
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Atlast, this is a chance to roam around the elite club and to spy all the activities of his target, the Rafique couple. Brandt sent an invitation for him to visit inside the Tagaytay Elite Club. An exclusive riding club and horse sanctuary in the Philippines. This is owned and managed by the famous Salvatierra twins, the ultimate bachelors and business tycoons in the country. A great honor for him, to visit the riding club and do business deals with some of the Elite members, more specifically to Brandt James Salvatierra, owner and founder of B•A•A•S Construction and Engineering firm. It stands for Brandt•Albie•Ayden•Salvatierra.Brandt is hands on for managing their firm while Albie Salvatierra focused on managing the riding club.
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The moment I left the Cafè, I called my old friend, Dave Alcantara for an urgent meeting. He's going to be my accessory for the planned revenge against Emmerson Rafique. We ended the call, with the proper agreement to where and when we should meet each other. This is the right time to start the first part of my revenge. The attack for Marish Rafique, Emmerson's beloved wife. Now that you're away from her, I can surely furnish the plan without flaws. "I'm sorry, Mrs. Rafique. But you're the right person to start with." I saw Marish from afar, and she
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It's been two weeks since they moved to Tagaytay Elite Club as special guests of the elite club. Since they still don't have a job, they just enjoyed their stay. Ysabelle and Dennise are both prominent models in Paris but they just left their limelight in favor of me and with my plans. And now they’re too busy looking for a temporary or permanent job in modelling world aside from their job as my corporate partners.Temporarily, they're invited as in-house guest speakers or hosts, if there are big events within the club. Because of that, they're discovered by Hadjie Villarin, the owner of big Manufacturing Company of Elite Organic & Botanical Shampoo with Conditioner, as their product endorser and Brand Ambassador.It's just a dream fo
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