Shattered Heart: My Ex-Husband Wants Me Back

Shattered Heart: My Ex-Husband Wants Me Back

By:  Coral Levia  Completed
Language: English
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Talentless and lackluster in academics, Christen McGuire is nothing more than a disappointment in her family’s eyes. As the youngest daughter of McGuire Lighting, she married Forrest Riverdale, billionaire and owner of one of the top corporations in the world, and the only man who accepted her as a person. Or so she had thought, when upon marrying him, noticed they rarely did anything a normal couple would, and tried to change herself for the better. Thankfully, Forrest never showed any interest in women; it was only a matter of time until she finally wins his heart over. Until one day, she caught sight of him getting along with another woman. Looking content with that person, showing much emotions Christen never knew he could make. Adding the divorce on top of that? It was a punch in the face for Christen, as she gave in to fate. Tearful and disheartened, she signed the agreement, and left. *** Elated to be out of the marriage with who may as well be the most useless woman on the planet, words cannot express the joy Forrest felt to be with his true love once more. After he had gotten exiled out of his pack on false accusations, he worked his way up to success in the human world, and became a fitting man and werewolf to be with his mate. And yet, despite finally having it all, something still seemed to be missing in his life. Coming to realize the one thing that was missing- she who had actually become an important part of his life, more than the mate he thought he loved- Forrest sought to have Christen back. Will the werewolf find the human he pushed away? Will he be able to mend the heart he shattered?

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Anne Remm
The story is sad at the beginning, the middle, and the end. The main character never gets any relief. I was shocked when I saw that the book was marked completed.
2024-03-05 10:33:53
default avatar
A really good read. Please let us know where part two is.
2024-03-03 14:18:54
user avatar
Edna Mode
wow this book is really sad
2024-03-02 04:25:38
112 Chapters
Need to Talk
"Thank you for your patronage." Christen nodded at the cashier’s gratitude, as she walked out of the supermarket, a bag of groceries in hand. Once she was out of the store, she pulled her phone out and checked to see if she had received any new messages, only to sigh upon seeing none. ‘Still no response,’ she thought in gloom, as she put her phone away. Christen was hoping to get a response from her husband about dinner tonight. Specifically, if he was going to be home tonight. Sadly, she didn’t get any response from him, as was the apparent norms between them. They had been married for three years now. Rather than a couple of any kind, the two may as well be strangers, with how little they interact. It was not as though she liked this lack of interaction- if anything, she wanted to get close to him- but so as to not be a bother to him, Christen decided to respect his privacy. Besides, given his occupation as owner of Riverdale Corp- one of the largest and top corporations in the
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Divorce Paper
"Sit." Christen sat on a small sofa in the living room upon Forrest’s insistence, curious and worried about what it was he wanted to talk to her about. She may not know what the topic will be about, but for some reason, something in her told her that it wasn’t anything good. Especially not with the tone he had used earlier. “Okay. What did you want to talk about?” she hesitantly asked, deciding to put her trust her husband. In the one man who accepted her as a person. Forrest let out a sigh at the question, and pinched the bridge of his nose. “You know… I was actually hoping I would think of something to say this in a lighter tone, but in the end, it has to be blunt,” he spoke, bringing upon more worries to his wife. “Firstly, I want to be sure of one thing. Christen. Do you love me, truly?” Christen became more worried than she was confused by the sudden inquiry. Her dislike at the situation steadily growing. “Of course I love you. So much, I’d do anything for you. I have always
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Great Despair
"Hello. Is Forrest Riverdale here?" Christen's eyes widened at the question that came out of this visitor's mouth. Who was this person? Why was she here at her doorway? She certainly didn't look like an advertiser with the fancy clothes she was wearing. More importantly, why was she asking about Forrest? No, even more so... Who was she to just call him by his given name? "Um... Did I ask a bit too low or something?" she asked, snapping Christen out of her thoughts. "S-Sorry, uh... Who are you?" she asked. "Kiara," came a response. Not from the visitor, but from Forrest, who followed Christen to see who was at the door. Christen was quite shocked to see her husband out in the halls, but not as much as she was to hear him call this visitor's name... and see a smile on his face. Forrest was never one to show any sort of emotion before. Not on the day of their wedding, nor on any of their 'outings'. Why, she's never even seen him have a neutral smile on his face when speaking to his
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In the Years that Passed
"That concludes today’s meeting. If anyone has further concerns about what was talked about today, this is your only chance to speak now,” Forrest said, meeting with his employees of Riverdale Corp’s Advertisement Division about creating an ad for one of their business partner’s new product. Finding no one speaking up, he then said, “Very well. Then meeting adjourned.”The crowd dispersed at his call, returning to their usual business or getting started on ideas for the advertisement. One man, however, approached Forrest. “Excuse me, Mr. Riverdale.”“I believe I called the meeting adjourned, Mason,” Forrest interrupted.“Yes, I understand, but-”“I also already gave you the chance to speak earlier. In the world of business, you cannot hesitate to take whatever chance you get. Otherwise, it will slip by, and you may as well be faced with nothing but regret.”“It’s not about the meeting.” Forrest sighed then and finally turned to Mason with his hands up, fingers intertwining each other,
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Thinking About Her
After a pleasant time with Kiara- who left to return to her father’s company- Forrest has spent the rest of the day tending to his own company’s business. Be it to fill out some forms, look over his employee’s works, and speaking to his many clients. As he worked throughout the rest of the day, he could not understand why, but that nagging feeling of incompleteness still had its hold on him. Truth be told, he had been getting this odd feeling for the past few years now. At first, he thought it was because he was in disbelief that he was finally together with Kiara, without having to keep up the whole ‘married’ act with the human he bought. If not that, then perhaps there was something in that roast beef the human made that had a funny side effect, but that couldn’t be possible. For after all, as a werewolf, he would’ve sniffed something out if she had smeared it with anything suspicious. But it truly tasted like a good roast beef- the best he’s had, if he would dare say it. Even Kiar
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The Call
After spending hours in bed relishing in Kiara’s body, Forrest and his mate both lied in his bed, panting in exhaustion, but not tired enough to be lulled to sleep. While Forrest was trying to gradually let sleep overtake him, for Kiara, she was more bothered to be put to sleep, even after what they did. “Forrest. Is something wrong?" she dared ask. Forrest took a moment to take an a breath and exhale, answering, "Nothing. Nothing at all.” Kiara turned to her side, facing her mate, and propped up on an elbow. “Forrest. I'm a werewolf, just like you are. You know how sharp our hearing is. Or did you really think hours of sex was enough to mask your problem?” While Forrest would normally not like to be questioned for his actions, if it was his beloved mate asking, who was he to deny her a response? "A thought has been plaguing my mind all day today. Been trying to push it away, but it kept persisting.” Kiara raised a brow at the response. “Is that really it?” Confused by the quest
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Terrible Mistake
"’Christen’? That little bitch? Sure. I’ll let you speak to her. If that piece of shit of a bitch ever comes back!"Forrest thought he was shocked enough by how kindly Kiara was seeing humans these days. Upon hearing the retort given to his request, he was left even more baffled."What do you mean by that, Michael?” he questioned.“Gee, I don't know. How ‘bout the fact that the useless girl never came home after you broke off our contract? Not that she is allowed back to start with, if she did anything to upset you. Clearly she's outlived her usefulness! Least she was smart enough to stay out of our home. Her being here is nothing but a waste of space!" Michael harshly answered, increasing Forrest’s bafflement even further, in which the werewolf hid.“She’s your daughter, isn’t she? What right do you have as her father to say such a thing?” he carefully questioned.“Daughter?! Pah! That thing may have my blood, but she's a mistake! She should be old enough to make her decisions! And o
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In the Years that Passed Pt. 2
Her body felt heavy, tired in exhaustion. The hands that gripped her lower half released their hold on her at last. A sigh was heard from above, and a weight moved away from her body.“… pleasant as… usual…” she could faintly hear, her mind distorted from what she went through. Both physically, and mentally.Christen managed to force her eyes open, watching a man- her customer- dress himself and leave a few bills on the table. ‘Payment', to he exact. An amount far too little for what they did.She opened her mouth, trying to let out a word of protest at the amount left there, when the man turned to her with a glare. “What? You feel it’s too much for what we did? I thought the amount is perfect,” he spoke in slight mockery. “Besides, I already paid for the service upfront. This is all the spare change I have. Or is there a problem with this?”Christen knew he was lying. Though he did pay for the room, the ‘service’ was different. It doesn’t come with the room; it had its own fee, and h
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The Search for Her
"You still haven’t found her?” Forrest asked, as he was getting his tie tied by Kiara.“My men are doing everything they can, just as much as yours are. Unfortunately, it’s like she disappeared from the face of the earth,” she informed, finishing her work on her mate’s tie.Her response did not please Forrest one bit. If anything, it brought down much of his mood, as it had been lately.A few months passed since the call he made to the McGuire’s, and learned what became of Christen. Since then, Kiara had sent her pack wolves who have already blended in with the humans to try and find the missing human. Thankfully, Kiara still had the handmade handkerchief Christen once made for Forrest on her person, finding it too valuable in its own way to toss away. Sadly, in the time that passed, Christen’s scent on it had been fading away, making it far too difficult for the wolves to get a good whiff on it, and properly search for the missing human. Even Forrest, who had used some of his time t
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Her Scent
As soon as he sniffed out Christen’s scent amongst the many people in the party, Forrest’s mood had changed drastically. Something in which only Kiara took notice of, since everyone else was far too busy trying to get either his or her favor in business assistance.Once they finally got a bit of time away from the people, getting a bit of refreshments for themselves, Kiara turned to Forrest. “Is something wrong, Forrest? You seem a bit off since we entered.”“I smelled her,” Forrest bluntly answered, to her slight surprise. “‘Her’? Do you mean…?”“I smell her, but I don’t see her. I’m looked around- even tried to use my nose to locate her- but I can’t find her anywhere.”This confused Kiara so. How could a werewolf smell someone out, but can’t see them? It was not as though this was a masquerade party, and there were not that many people in here to not notice anyone who may be out of place. Why, even the servers look nicely dressed and noticeable. So how was it possible that they can
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